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Candidate Barmore gets ‘things done’

November 1, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: The people of Chautauqua County have to make an important decision on who will lead the County Clerk’s office in the coming years. more »»

Population must stick together

November 1, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: Economic inflation is the constant problem facing Chautauqua County’s ever-expanding senior citizen population. more »»

Candidate Barmore has backed tax hikes

October 30, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: I have followed the county clerk’s race with interest and find it puzzling why Larry Barmore talks about saving taxpayers money, but then has a history in voting for tax increases... more »»

Shipwreck series is appreciated

October 28, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: I have found it very interesting reading “Shipwrecks on Lake Eri. more »»

A second for Fredonia

October 27, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: I noticed the second letter (Oct. 20) by Charles Loveland regarding merging the Brocton school system. more »»

Improvement needed in Perrysburg

October 26, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: Connie Johnson is on the ballot for the Nov. 5 election. We need her to take an active role on the Perrysburg Town Board. more »»

Grid’s ‘deception’ keeps NRG on hold

October 25, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: What’s with the holdup on the repowering of the Dunkirk NRG power plant? National Grid is a major part of the problem with their own “money” interests and their pushing of their... more »»

Retired FBI agent backs Hanover candidate

October 24, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: I confidently recommend Edward Schintzius for the office of town justice in Hanover. I am a retired FBI special agent. more »»

Area is ‘doomed’ by lack of views

October 23, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: We do need outsider’s ideas. Last month, a speaker from the Sierra Club gave a talk before the League of Women Voters and their guests. more »»

Fair taxation option is on table

October 22, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: It is time for sensible tax reform and an alternative to federal taxes based on income. more »»

Local choice best for county

October 21, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: Ron Johnson is my recommendation for Chautauqua County executive as he resides in the north county and is more aware of our needs. more »»

A poem worth a cheer

October 21, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: I wrote this poem for my son, Scott. “Touchdown” I played midget football when I was 10. more »»

Appreciation sorely lacking

October 20, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: My mother, Crescence Ehmke Graham, taught English for the Silver Creek Central School system. She touched the lives of many student. more »»

An opportunity to stay local

October 18, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: In my opinion, if the taxpayers of Chautauqua County are paying the bill, whether it’s providing tax incentives to businesses, or paving our roads, we owe it to them to keep our... more »»

There’s humor in leadership

October 17, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: With the government shut down, I thought we could use some presidential humor. “My esteem in this country has gone up substantially. more »»

Plenty of topics for city officials

October 16, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: I have several comments for the Dunkirk Common Council. This council made remarks over the radio that they have no opposition for this election because they must be doing a good job. more »»

Court case not ‘real news’

October 15, 2013 Court case not ‘real news’ Editor, OBSERVER: A recent Page 1 headline regarding a Fredonia trustee’s court case moving to Stockton (Oct. 2) was just nonsense. more »»

Is flu vaccine safe for all?

October 14, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: Barbara Skurnowicz, a researcher of vaccines, discovered that “multi-dose vials of vaccine contain 25 micrograms of dangerous neurotoxic mercury. more »»

All to blame in shutdown

October 13, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: It is too bad that the government is experiencing a shutdown, but it cannot be blamed on conservative Republican. more »»

The power, ‘beauty’ of fall season

October 10, 2013 Editor, OBSERVER: This is not new, but one of my favorites: “Beauty of Autumn” God gave us this season, To enjoy as it comes our way. He must have had a reason. So his animals can dance and p. more »»



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