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An assault on prosperity

April 13, 2015 The federal government is spending money we don’t have and borrowing money we can’t pay back. more »»

Throwing in towel with email, Barbie

April 12, 2015 It’s that golden time of the month again when we review the important news stories that are shaking the world. So strap yourself in. Here we go. more »»

Teachers a part of learning process

April 12, 2015 Editor’s note: This is the first of two parts. By TIMOTHY MAJKA Let’s start off with an icebreaker. I am proposing a new political reform. A “Legislator Evaluation process. more »»

Water woes have plagued village

April 12, 2015 By AGNES “PAT” PFLEUGER The village of Silver Creek, situated on the flat shore of Lake Erie and surrounded by higher elevations, has down through history often been subjected to disaster floods. more »»

The culture of a new health kick

April 12, 2015 We all know people who have had heart attacks. Every 34 seconds someone in the United States has a heart attack. more »»

Celebrating Easter and family

April 11, 2015 Did you have a Happy Easter? I did. We are blessed in my church to have Marc Guy as the music director. He is also a music professor at the college. He plays piano, organ and trombone in church. more »»

Public schools are losing power

April 11, 2015 The Education, Labor, and Family Assistance bill passed April 1 by the state Legislature is an unjustly harmful and injurious piece of legislation that negatively impacts both the providers and... more »»

Musings from the Hill

April 10, 2015 April! Spring! I heard somewhere that this season (when it does finally appear) is God’s way of showing He hasn’t forgotten us. I tend to see that reminder everywhere I look. New season. New birth. more »»

Most shootings have big downside

April 9, 2015 The gun industry faces a dilemma. Unlike other consumer items that need to be purchased regularly, a gun can last forever. more »»

Change may be in the wind

April 8, 2015 Renewable energy is a popular concern of consumers, business leaders, developers and all who are proponents of clean energy and moving us from the perils of fossil fuel. more »»

Who controls you?

April 7, 2015 I am ignorant in many areas, but one that is especially elusive, is the control of our minds and bodies. I sing in a quartet of four-part harmony. Note accuracy is very important. more »»

Land purchase will increase parking for fishermen

April 7, 2015 Editor, OBSERVER: Recently the Westfield Town Board completed the purchase of a piece of land at the entry by Chautauqua Creek and Route . more »»

Self-enforcing discrimination

April 7, 2015 Black politicians, civil rights organizations and others who say they are concerned with the welfare of poor black people often support harmful measures. more »»

No plan for illegal immigrants

April 6, 2015 The front page of the OBSERVER dated March 23, read, and I quote, “Medicaid projected to rise $700 million annually.” Assemblyman Andy Goodell called this mess a double whammy. more »»

Commentary: Congress, President and Iran

April 5, 2015 “Has Congress gone Crazy?” asks the Louisville Courier Journal regarding the recent letter penned by freshman Sen Tom Cotton from Arkansas to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Ira. more »»

Sunday voices: A scribbling woman’s Limbo

April 5, 2015 I’m lying on the floor of my new living room, staring at the pinewood ceiling, finding pictures and creating stories with the wood’s knots. more »»

Thoughts about Easter and the Holy Spirit

April 4, 2015 Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. How are you going to celebrate? What does this mean to you? Is it Easter eggs, straw baskets and chocolate Easter bunnies? I hope not! Forty days of Lent are over. more »»

Embrace getting old

April 4, 2015 If you believe some of the scientific community and more particularly the producers of anti-aging commercials on TV, means of arresting the aging process are just around the corner or already here. more »»

The everlasting gift of freedom

April 3, 2015 By LINDA DUNN Commencing today at sundown, Jews around the world will begin the observance of the Passover holiday. more »»

It’s hardly common to me

April 3, 2015 As I research more information on the Common Goldeneye, I’m setting aside for the moment my beloved “Birds of America. more »»



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