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I have a lot to say

April 19, 2014 Happy Easter! I have a lot to say today and we’ll start with Easter. Someone asked me, “What’s the big deal about Easter?” I couldn’t believe my ears. Easter is all about Chris. more »»

Admiration for the Hell-diver

April 18, 2014 I love April for it brings the promise (if not the actuality) of spring. As the snows fade (yet again), one does sense that its ultimate disappearance won’t be too long in coming. more »»

Holder’s race card

April 17, 2014 Last week, the president’s lap dog blew his dog whistle. more »»

Longing for entertainment of the past

April 17, 2014 Now that nostalgia has entered the light of scientific acceptability, I must confess to regular bouts of longing for the television shows and movies of yesteryear. more »»

Memories of meaningless

April 15, 2014 People want to give their lives meaning. more »»

Climbing every mountain

April 14, 2014 Most steep hills, tops of cliffs and even mountain tops are within reach, but you need to keep climbing, step by step. more »»

Attack by dog wrecks bike ride

April 13, 2014 By RALPH BURKE On Tuesday, April 1, April Fools’ Day, the temperature was in the lower 60s and quite welcome after months of cold and snow. It was a good day for a bike ride. more »»

Ripley’s ‘Top Ten’ made their mark

April 13, 2014 A classmate of my mother’s, Charles Carris, passed away recently. more »»

Creativity, passion drive education

April 13, 2014 By LAUREN ORMSBY and KAREN KONDRICK As students enter the classroom, they begin to discuss the learning targets displayed on the Smartboard. more »»

Criticism in life is to be expected

April 12, 2014 Tomorrow is Palm Sunday. When I think of the welcome Jesus had on Sunday and the same crowd was yelling, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!” on Friday, I think of my father. more »»

Illegal insults are kicked around by NFL

April 12, 2014 There are a couple stories in recent news that caught my attention. The first attraction deals with enlightened minds who are running the NFL. more »»

A haunting folly in Forestville

April 11, 2014 On Friday, March 28, the village of Forestville took over the top half of our newspaper with an eye-catching, unthinkable headline. It also was the most read story on our Web site that day. more »»

Bidding Bill a farewell

April 11, 2014 This time I went looking for him. more »»

New beginnings ... except in our back yard

April 9, 2014 Spring is a time for new beginnings. A time for new life to spring forward and the remnants of winter to be raked away and relegated to the mulch pile. more »»

Feeling the heat ... and the cold

April 8, 2014 Editor’s note: This is a series of columns by John Malcolm on his “50 years at Fredonia.” Retired, he is a professor emeritus at Fredonia State. more »»

$1,000 and no local programming

April 7, 2014 Ever since new people have taken over Access 12 TV and have been receiving $1,000 a month of taxpayers’ money, viewers have been watching less. more »»

Congress must help Alzheimer’s victims

April 7, 2014 On Wednesday, more than 800 people living with Alzheimer’s, caregivers and advocates from across the nation will gather in Washington, D.C., for the 26th annual Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum. more »»

State missing economic boom

April 6, 2014 Yes, I am amazed. It’s like an oxymoron. more »»

Mother is my Wonder Woman

April 6, 2014 I stopped aging at 27. I’m not sure why. It’s a mental thing. Whenever someone asks how old I am, 27 is my go-to response. And then I think about it: “Wait, that’s not righ. more »»

Hollywood liberties overflow in ‘Noah’

April 6, 2014 The Bible says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” The movie, “Noah,” said, “In the beginning, there was nothing.” Hollywood couldn’t get it right even from the star. more »»



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