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Trump bandwagon too close to home

September 13, 2016 The Trump train is roaring down the tracks and one of the first Republicans to join the conductor and get his ticket punched is — you guessed it, our state’s 23rd District Representative Tom Reed. more »»

Brilliance in Electoral College

September 12, 2016 “The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice President ... more »»

Growing minds, aging populations

September 11, 2016 Here are some news stories that you may have missed while you were being trained by the Athenex Co. to make pills. Oops, sorry, I forgot, that may not happen. Gee what a surprise. more »»

Your decision counts

September 11, 2016 In the aftermath of the United States’ 2000 contested presidential election, the U.S. more »»

Town neglects prominent natives

September 11, 2016 In my opinion, granting that the statue in front of the town hall of Brad Anderson looks very nice — and his is probably one of the most recognized names in the town of Portlan. more »»

History provides plenty of family stories for column

September 10, 2016 It’s that day again. What can I write about? When nobody comes, what can I write about? I guess I’ll have to write about the past. Everybody tells me they love to hear about the old day. more »»

Athenex stuck in state scheme

September 10, 2016 In February it was announced that Athenex was coming to Dunkirk and, with the assistance of a $200 million state economic development package, would eventually provide hundreds of local jobs. more »»

Founders were worried about Trump

September 10, 2016 Let’s count the ways in which the Republican Party’s nominee for president, Donald Trump, runs afoul of the expectations of our 18th century Founders. more »»

Trapped with the raccoons

September 9, 2016 I absolutely adore country life. Never a city gal (beyond occasional — very brief — imaginings), I grew up and was generally quite content in smallish towns. more »»

We can’t keep our hands off them

September 8, 2016 Pope Francis, the outspoken spiritual leader of the Catholic church, recently spoke of a subject near and dear to many parents. more »»

County not sinking ... yet

September 7, 2016 On any given day we are faced with issues and problems that we would prefer not dealing with. more »»

School’s open! Police will be watching

September 6, 2016 Summer vacation has ended and school will be starting today for students. more »»


September 6, 2016 Twenty years ago — 1996 Cassadaga native Warren Fredrickson has worked at the same place since high school in 1953. Now known as Cassadaga Designs, M. more »»

Look how far we have come

September 6, 2016 The temperature was close to 90. I was cruising down the Thruway at about 70 mph. The highway was so smooth, and my car was comfortable. more »»

Trying times for the U.S. worker

September 5, 2016 The American self-image rests on pride in entrepreneurial achievement. more »»

Player sits, reaps spoils of freedom

September 5, 2016 Another spoiled UnAmerican bites the dust. This time, it is a football player playing a game without any type of responsibilities, only to himself. more »»

Area native proves courageous heart

September 4, 2016 Once in awhile someone amazing comes along and it was you, Jenn Suhr. more »»

Improvements aim to enhance Fredonia

September 4, 2016 The recent comments and opinions regarding the Barker Commons Project are interesting, but seem to be resistive to effect positive changes in the village of Fredonia. more »»

Turbines may overtake nature

September 4, 2016 By RICH CATALANO Living in Chautauqua County for most of my life has been a wonderful experience. more »»

Nothing new with costs for getting old

September 4, 2016 The costs of caring for the elderly are rapidly increasing, and it is not simply because baby-boomers are aging. The average cost of individual care is much higher than it has ever been. more »»



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