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Cuomo started state downward

February 7, 2015 I was interested to read Norm Green’s commentary in the Sunday OBSERVER (Jan. 4), where he reminisced about the late Gov. Mario Cuomo and his career. Mr. more »»

Why would a woodchuck chuck?

February 6, 2015 A few years ago I wrote about the woodchuck, calling it “Cutie in A Treetop” for that’s where I got the closest ever to a live one in the yard. But we don’t talk of “Woodchuck Day” (wonder why?. more »»

Brightening our seasonal spirits

February 5, 2015 The Biblical phrase “to everything there is a season” gives elegant expression to the idea that life’s great moments are assigned equal positions on a cycle of time. more »»

In defense of the rich

February 4, 2015 For President Barack Obama and the left, class warfare never ends. more »»

Seeing, not believing, in Reed

February 3, 2015 Since the mid-term elections have come and gone, keeping track of how the big campaign donations have fueled the decisions made on Capitol Hill can be considered a full-time job. more »»

A hazardous, amazing ride home

February 2, 2015 This is an event I shall never forget. Some have called it a miracle. But then … you decide for yourself. It was late January some years ago and I was teaching my graduate class at SUNY Fredoni. more »»

A conundrum facing some cat lovers

February 1, 2015 A pack of coyotes resided in Eden the summer I was 8. Night after night, the sound of their baying would send me shivering under the blankets. more »»

City repair shop keeps motoring

February 1, 2015 A new year is the time of year to assess one’s assets and be grateful for friends and family, having just celebrated the holiday season. more »»

Plan to ‘protect’ has pain

February 1, 2015 I am writing in response to Rep. Reed’s recent press release published in this paper headlined, “Congressman Reed co-sponsors amendment to protect Social Security. more »»

‘Mesmerizing’ sights attract many to park

February 1, 2015 Editor’s note: This is the 10th in a series of articles. This week I will focus on Yellowstone’s thermal features. more »»

Today’s society lacks consequences

January 31, 2015 A writer’s opinion started my new year. It discussed thoughts about the responsibility of parents for their students. Parents do have the responsibility for their kid’s actions. more »»

Society’s big step backward

January 31, 2015 The recent The Post-Journal article (Ja. more »»

Getting our slice of the billion

January 30, 2015 Dave Wilkinson made a statement that many other Chautauqua County leaders have had cross their mind in recent years. more »»

Just following directions

January 30, 2015 “Go stare at a leaf. You can draw molecular charts, you can talk about photosynthesis or decomposition. But just staring at it is such a treat. more »»

Another shot at religious values

January 29, 2015 This letter is in response to the commentary “Military is part of America’s diversity” (Jan. 8). First to the writer, Jason Torpy, I thank you for your service in protecting our country. more »»

Chiefs agree it’s time for shared facility

January 28, 2015 After meeting with various public officials, I am convinced that it is time for a shared safety complex in our area. more »»

America’s dangerous path

January 27, 2015 I’m sometimes tempted to write about political arguments, but my two cents added to the overflowing barrel of murky, accusing arguments that fill the TV screens and newspapers wouldn’t mean muc. more »»

Campaigns aim to confuse the voters

January 26, 2015 Well, it looks like the election year propaganda and the armchair strategists have already arrived. They are people who think they are the experts of the politics of this country. more »»

State embraces new energy

January 25, 2015 The decision to prohibit “fracking” in New York state has produced the expected responses. Some criticize it for being anti-business and anti-jobs. Others support it for being pro-environment. more »»

Not all blame for tax increase falls on Sheridan

January 25, 2015 How easily opinions manipulate facts, especially when inciting language is used. It is time to stop picking on small governments attempting to do what is best for their municipalities. more »»



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