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Here come the birds of summer - Part II

June 13, 2009 In last week’s article I mentioned five species of birds that breed in our county during the summer months. more »»

Green architecture with a green mascot

June 5, 2009 Pine Junction is a restaurant on Bailey Hill Road in Mina, near route 430. The owners are Lonnie and Shirley Pound. Their daughters are also very active in the business. more »»

Animals that children enjoy - Part II

May 31, 2009 In last week’s column I discussed some of the animals that are enjoyed by children, whether they are in their backyard, the wild, the zoo, or reading their favorite book. more »»

Star Watch: The June skies

May 31, 2009 It may be possible to spot Mercury very low along the eastern horizon before sunrise during the last two weeks in Jun. more »»

Blooming with possibilities

May 30, 2009 My routine to wind down from a day at work is to wander around my one acre and check on my plants. Some of them I nurture, all of them I care for. more »»

For the love of birds

May 23, 2009 The morning was misty, that morning fog that envelops the trees, and lies across the water like a down comforter. more »»

Think spring, think butterflies

May 9, 2009 This article is going to continue discussing those butterflies in our area, what they use as host and nectar plants, and in what habitats you can find them. more »»

Here Come the Flycatchers - Part I

April 26, 2009 A group of birds that is quite common in our county, but not as well known to most people such as other birds like robins, woodpeckers, and sparrows, are the flycatcher. more »»

The Mammals of Chautauqua County - Part II

April 19, 2009 Last week we discussed some of the mammals that can be found in our count. more »»

The Mammals of Chautauqua County

April 12, 2009 I cannot think of another group of animals that fascinates children and adults more than this one. more »»

Audubon seeks volunteers

April 4, 2009 Each year, Audubon sees more than 5,000 children at the Center. Most of them come between mid-April and mid-June with their school classes for a Discovery Walk. more »»

The long-legged waders

March 29, 2009 Probably one group of birds that excite and entertain us from time to time is the group referred to as the long-legged waders. These are among some of the largest birds we see in our county. more »»

Birds that eat their own feathers

March 21, 2009 Grebes are some of my favorite waterfowl. However, they’re not necessarily easy to identify. I might be with friends and say “There’s a Pied-billed Grebe.” They’ll say “Where?” I’ll say, “Uh-oh. more »»

Insects in spring

March 21, 2009 Spring season normally starts at this time of year on what is known as the Vernal Equinox, (or near March 21 in the northern hemisphere). This is when night and day are both nearly the same length. more »»

Spring migration and its history

March 15, 2009 As we approach the end of the winter season, we excitedly wait for the start of the spring migration season to commence. more »»

Celebrating nature all around

March 15, 2009 By SARAH HATFIELD Special to the OBSERVER I just spent a week in Alabam. more »»

The winter mammals of Chautauqua County

March 7, 2009 This week’s article will focus on the mammals observed in the county during the winter season; however, before proceeding, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you for the... more »»

Think spring, think butterflies, get out your catalogs Part I

March 7, 2009 The sun is beginning to shine again — at least some days. I need to order new plant species to attract butterflies. more »»

The final results of the Allen Benton Feeder Survey

February 28, 2009 This column concludes the final report of the annual Allen Benton Bird Feeder count. more »»

Frogs make music to nature lover’s ears

February 28, 2009 The storm came and went like a nightmare. Wind tore its way through tree branches and battered my homemade birdfeeder against my fourth-floor window. more »»



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