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Blame won’t fix problem

January 7, 2013

Pointing a finger and assigning blame to a problem, accomplishes very little and may even hinder advancement. You know, a little common sense goes a long way....

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Mar-02-13 1:19 PM

With all due respect to Bob, there is a difference between blame and determining responsibility. The line is sometimes very thin, however. And that should give us reason to be more thoughtful. For example, if a child (or others who deserve our protection) has easy access to guns, to alcohol, to drugs, who is responsible? Is not society, in the long run, responsible, for what happens on its watch, and for the corresponding need to do something about it? We have laws (speeding, against theft) that regulate our society. Why, when new laws are decided on (by democratic processes) is there an outcry? Remember when people got all bent out of shape about seat belt laws? As though the Constitution, on that one cause, was being trashed. How many were saved? The Constitution makes possible a reasoned (although not always agreeable: e.g., prohibition) way of deciding such matters in the common good. Blame is often irresponsible: but occasions of it are often a sign of need for concern.

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Mar-01-13 12:49 PM

Are you kidding: Fox news is the source of authenticated facts about the Clinton administration? We never had it so good. Not just a balanced budget, but a surplus, and good standing in the world. The surplus and the good standing both went the way of two ill-conceived wars, and of GOP fervor for deregulation of big banks and financial markets that went crazy in 2008--not to mention the tax cuts on the rich. No, even Fox cannot reorder the facts: this all happened on the Bush time in office. Look at the economic stats, for example, that compare his 8 years with Bush. Not even close. Why am I arguing with someone who relies on Fox news as though an encyclopedia of recent economic developments. The burden of proof, sir, is on you and your Fox sources (we've seen in the UK how much we should respect Rupert Murdock. I'll bet you'll have to research the name on Google. Good luck. Not a pretty picture. And he's not even an American, not that it matters to him.

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Feb-26-13 2:38 PM

Mike Davis; I was wrong. I thought you might a share a beer and conversations. But this comment shows your one-sided of hatred oaf what the American people over-overwhelmingly approved in the election Isn't that the American way? Sure, the American way is forged on dialog and debate (including your disagreement) , but your presentation isn't like to appeal to most voters; it seems intended for the choir, or the echo chamber of such in your mind. I'm disappointed. I thought you might be above such lowly tactics. Cancel our beer date.

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Jan-11-13 5:54 PM

Keep up with the changes folks. There is no black on white hate crimes, there is no need for transparency with this administration, and there is no need for the US Congress. Well, they are there for the ring kissing ceremonies. Obama can issue executive orders and over ride those troubling checks and balances. That piece of paper that Obama and the liberals like to scoff at, the US Constitution, doesn't need to be followed anymore. If Obama had a son, would his name be Mohammed?

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Jan-11-13 12:29 PM


You mean as opposed to ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/PMSNBC and the current administration blaming anything bad that's happened in the last four years on Bush?

When news broke that Bin Laden was killed I literally turned to my wife and said "Thank goodness, at least now Obama will take credit for something that's happened since he took office!" lol!

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Jan-10-13 7:41 AM

All of our problems can be attributed to Bill Clinton. Do your research folks, or just listen to Fox News. Clinton is evil to the bone.

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