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What other rights are next?

January 20, 2013

By SANDI LANDRICH There is a reason for the resistance of gun owners to allow the government to restrict the types of weapons and magazines they can own....

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Jan-20-13 8:35 AM

You'd better read The Homeland Security Act, ALL of it! They already search without warrants. On a smaller scale, read your local police reports. You'll see illegal searches of cars and people every week. Nobody seems to care. Most DWI policing involves VERY "sketchy" procedures relative to the 4th Amendment. Nobody cares, too many drunks on the road (true, actually, but not the point) Corporations are people, Government regulates everything by abusing it's rights to regulate "Interstate Commerce", and "Gerrymandering" is now legal.I could go on and on, and can only wish all the 2nd Amendment supporters showed as much concern for the rest of the Constitution. In fact, many gun people are the same "law and order" types who support the other violations. That's a fact.

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Jan-20-13 9:09 AM

Coming to get all your guns?

Time to turn off Beck, Rush, Hannity, Alex Jones, and gang.

No one is coming to get your guns. Only restrictions on the type of weapons and ammo you can have.

I wonder if there was this much fear when we made machine guns illegal for the public?

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Jan-20-13 10:08 AM

sandy sandy sandy.....the paranoia of the right is simply amazing. I support the right of citizens to own guns. I do not support the so called right of citizens to own assault weapons. I suppose you are one of the zealots that are saying the recent massacre was a hoax? How far will the crazy religous right go, how far will the NRA go? revolution? And at the same time they have the nerve to call themselves Patriots....shame

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Jan-20-13 10:09 AM

judeye, I swear I heard on TV a local politician saying there was talk of confiscating guns. You need to stop mocking Fox News types and think. hey tannerite is available. judeye, please tell us there is no reason to have that too. Chrsitopher, the rest of the constitution ? There is only one amendment for the libs, the first one. We have had stupid liberals with gun free zones and other wacky ideas for a long time. Concealed weapons will stop this. If corporations are not people are unions not people too ? Paul, you have no conception of a achieving mind at all. How are those dwindling union membership numbers coming ? Paul , certain classes of people do the vast majority of crime in this country, ie minorities. A fact Paul. How this escapes the libs is amazing. The cops know this.What is next to ban libs ?

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Jan-20-13 10:18 AM

hey robert, the ar 15 was not used at Sandy per msnbc, not fox news libs . Obama is using kids as human shields. lets be blunt here. Noone cared about the shootings of minorities at all, like in Philly, chicago and the major cities. Only when white folks got killed did Obama act. His kind has been shooting themselves like an orgy. I have seen blackleaders on tv saying to the single black women that there is a shortage of black males because they are either dead or in jail. we have slick racism here by Obama. It is not the NRA or right wing that is at fault here.

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Jan-20-13 10:43 AM

Christopher is spot-on, slam dunk. In all of the examples he cited -- and hundreds more like them -- I didn't see any of you self-proclaimed, guardians-against-government-intrusion, tyranny-fighting 2nd Amendment vigilantes readily brandishing your guns, ready to fight against the erosion of these liberties and rights.

I mean, seriously -- either the government quakes in their boots as they chip away at your civil rights because of the threat of the 2nd amendment and your guns -- or they don't.

The naked, skyscaper sized truth is: they don't. Period. Your "vigilance" don't even enter their thoughts. In fact, they ignore you because you guardians-against-government-intrusion, tyranny-fighting 2nd Amendment vigilantes are impotent delusional nobodies.

Impotent. Delusional. Nobodies.

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Jan-20-13 10:54 AM

Judeye, you're absolutely correct when you say not to listen to Beck, Rush or Hannity. Rather, listen to the words of your own governor when he mentioned of a possible gun confiscation.

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Jan-20-13 11:58 AM

What an OUTSTANDING letter Sandi !!!!

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Jan-20-13 12:51 PM

Robert, I'd rather be known as a patriot than a coward. You think you are correct, that "iron clad" gun laws are the answer. Ask Chicago how that is working out for them. You are so afraid of having to stand up for something you wont stand for anything, whatever the government and dear leader say is fine. America is lucky the population of men wasn't dominated by you and your fellow liberals during WWII. We would be speaking German and the Constitution would be a footnote in a histoy book. I know you and your dear leader are trying to accomplish that, but there are people at least willing to stand up and say it's wrong.

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Jan-20-13 1:06 PM

DCronlg, not impotent, not until the weapons are taken "for the public safety." Then the citizens are impotent. Delusional? Yes there is a significant segment of this society that is delusional. They think an inanimate object can kill. They think that taking them from law abiding citizens will make them safer. Look into the crime statistics of cities and states that have the strictest guns laws. They are not the safest, by far not the safest. And I don't know what the real story is in Sandy Hook. It's a national tragedy, but I don't know who did what. I have the official story and a lot of wierd things also on the web. But please, don't look for any truths, just trust the governement. History has shown governements are only out for the common mans best interests, haven't they. Russia under Stalin, Germany under Hitler, Cambodia under Pol Pot, Uganda under Idi Amin, Irag under Saddam Hussein. Stellar examples of governments keeping weapons out of the citizens hands for their

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Jan-20-13 1:07 PM


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Jan-20-13 1:20 PM

Well written letter. It's funny that the people who scream the most that it's "to save children" are also the ones who scream for the right to murder millions of unborn children each year. Hypocritical ignorance at it's finest.

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Jan-20-13 3:17 PM

paul that is why you hire a lawyer so you can beat the rap and walk away scott free. You are only counting the arrest record not the outcome of the case. If what you say is true the lawyers should have a field day.

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Jan-20-13 4:48 PM

Davis: By justifying your laughable 2nd amendment vigilantism with equally beyond-offbase examples of "Russia under Stalin, Germany under Hitler, Cambodia under Pol Pot, Uganda under Idi Amin, Irag under Saddam Hussein"...shows how out-of-touch you are.

Wow, its amazing how secure I feel with the likes of you "Wolverines" insuring that the US doesn't turn into a Russia-Germany-Cambodia-Uganda-Iraq-"Red Dawn" on account of your puny .22 squirrel gun.

Impotent. Delusional. Nobodies.

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Jan-20-13 6:19 PM

Dcronig, how are those examples off base? Every one of them happened in the 20th century and many less than 50 years ago. Do you somehow feel that you or Americans are racially superior to these other peoples and it can never happen here? What would happen if there were an economic collapse in this country? Argentina had one less than 15 years ago. You might want to read up on what happened to the people there and how they were left on their own. When there’s no money to pay law enforcement or the military, bad things start to happen to those who aren’t prepared. Good thing you didn’t live in rural Louisiana or Mississippi in the aftermath of Katrina because bud, you would have been on your own and defenseless.

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Jan-20-13 6:28 PM

Concerned, you're assuming everyone that's charged can afford a lawyer (No way!!) and that those who can't will get anything but a plea bargain from your average Public Defender. (You won't!) Add in "testilying" ie: "I smelled something", and that's that. Happens all the time.That's just ONE small example.

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Jan-20-13 7:50 PM

Stang, it doesn't take a weather event to set the nut jobs loose either. Dcronig and friends forget the Rodney King cops verdict 20 years ago. Riots in several cities, residents left to defend themselves. I was in SoCal at the time, and will never forget the footage of business owners trapped in the insanity doing all they could to defend themselves, and their livelihoods from hordes of opportunistic thieves, looting "in the name of outrage at the Rodney King verdict". Pure, unadulterated Bulls--t.

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Jan-20-13 7:56 PM

So, if these drunk checks are classified as "registration / inspection checks", is that ok? I'm all against unlawful stops / searches, but it's hard to avoid a drunk check when the poice smell alcohol on your breath. True you could do those same checks with windows closed, but then you'll have groups like MADD on your case, since they're the ones that gave police the opportunity to not only "get drunks off the road", but also opened the door for governments to fine you into oblivion.

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Jan-20-13 8:05 PM

I have to agree with Sandi on all points of her article. There is a creeping facist movement in this country and the only way it can be successful is by attacking and elimination of the 2nd amendment. These gun grabbers won,t stop with 7rd mags and registration. I was watching Prince Andrew's face during the state of the state address, he is definatly a madman who wants control of everything.

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Jan-20-13 10:01 PM

The riots after the Rodney King incident may have been major overkill, but you're picking a really bad example there. The frustration of blacks in LA was very understandable. The LA cops beat the living*****out of that guy, were heard on radio calling him a "Gorilla", and the LA cops in general are one of the most corrupt and abusive pack of Nazi's in the world. Look it up. They routinely beat people up, have planted evidence, even killed people. The only police forces I know that have documented abuse as bad or worse as the LAPD is New Orleans and maybe Oakland. As for the Constitution, how about the "stop and frisks" in NYC? 4th Amendment issue there ya think?

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Jan-20-13 10:17 PM

Stangv8, Apparently having an "open mind" to a liberal is to agree with them and think of new ways to hurry the demise of the Constitution and America. Then one isn't considered paranoid, ignorant, or delusional. At least in dcronlg's world. I would feel sorry for them but I'm busy taking care of my family. Teaching them to only take a helping hand when it is absolutely needed, not every time it's offered. And that it is not a lifestyle, it's being worthless to society, to be on welfare when you can do anyhting else. That the proper thing to do, if you ever have to use it, is to fight to stop taking it as soon as possible. Keep taking the freedoms someone else fought to give you dcronlg, I know you don't have the backbone to have served this country. You are to intellectual to lower yourself to defend anything.

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Jan-20-13 10:47 PM

Yes, Christopher, and I vividly remember the riots after the Reginald Denny acquittal, when his Attackers were let off. Bulls--t. Bulls--t, bulls--t, bulls--t. For your information, the people raiding the stores/malls during the Rodney King riots were not all black! Far from it, dude. And WTF does a new tv have to do with being oppressed? Not a god---med thing, except for a result of someone's idea of inciting a free-for-all.

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Jan-20-13 11:23 PM

Again, Christopher, are you saying that cops in several cities across the nation were taking part in the same evidence-planting, name-calling, beat down tactics that the LAPD partook in (btw, know how I know you've never been to a real gangland?)? What a brown crock of s--t.

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Jan-20-13 11:28 PM

"The riots after the Rodney King incident may have been major overkill, but you're picking a really bad example there. ".

Right, like there's zero chance of that ever happening again.

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Jan-21-13 7:22 AM

Localresident, I'd reply if I had a clue what you were talking about. Calm down, "speak" slowly, take a deep breath first. Now then, just for your infornation, ALL riots deteriorate to basically anarchy. That's why they call them riots and not demonstrations. Bad things always happen in riiots. That beiong siad, many times there are deep seated issues boiling beneath the surface that lead to these explosions of anger. The Rodney King trial was the reason for that one, and the routine abuse of citizens by the LA police. You don't have to like what I say, but even a little research will prove me right. The LA police are NOT model citizens and never have been. Again, read a bit more, and expand your sources.

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