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Changes? They are a coming

Another voice

January 30, 2013

The news has been all over the place lately. We saw the official swearing in of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday, and then we got to see the public swearing in on Monday....

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Jan-30-13 6:29 AM

Geeze, nice column Vicki, but I thought we were all supposed to be writing about LOCAL ISSUES!!?

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Jan-30-13 7:21 AM

Nice article! I agree with most of it, especially the need for immigration reform (yea for the senators who are coming together with a real plan) and limitations on some kinds of weapons and some kinds of ammo.

In the entitlements, they include social security and medicare, two programs that most of us have paid into our entire working lives. I heard the President offer a plan by which the income level for ss taxes would be raised. Right now I believe that it is around $110,000 the highest amount for this tax. Now we all know that many people are making more than that in paychecks these days (look at see thru ny if you dont believe me..and that is just what we pay, not private sector). So why not raise the threshold? To me an easy, simple solution. Of course most of us also know that ss does not contribute to the deficit at all and that it is fully funded for the next decade.

Thanks for a good article!

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Jan-30-13 8:31 AM

Vicki, excellent article. You prove my point that activist women are feebleminded.Gays to marry ? that love thing again. never mind that boys raised in gay households with a lack of a good father figure will turn violent. Love conquers all says Vicki. Gun confiscation moronic ? legally owned guns wont be she saids. The key is what legal is and I saw on tv talk of confiscation. Our great leaders are testing the waters to see how far they can go. millions of guns and we have an uproar over a handfull of shootings. Cant get away from gun talk? Just like that endless abortion going back to back alley stuff. baby steps ? your mommy instincts are showing.Vicki , you are taking your mommy skills and trying to apply them to a nation. It wont work, but you activist mommies just dont see it.the govt is a mommy now. thanks gals !

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Jan-30-13 9:17 AM

As usual, the misogynist Steiner speaks. Any view spoken by a woman is unacceptable to him. By the way, if we paid attention to more mommy's our world would be a much better place. An excellent article, Vicki.

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Jan-30-13 9:21 AM

Disagree on immigration reform,send all illegals back.Now those low paying jobs can be taken by those on welfare who couldn't/wouldn't find a job(after a physical by an HONEST Doctor).Gun laws?National Concealed Carry,if I'm going to New York City or D.C. I don't want to leave home without it.It sounds like these ARE locaj issues(they are happening here.

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Jan-30-13 9:47 AM

Steinerdzzzz...seems like Mommy Government is going to send you your welfare check in a couple of know, the one you receive every month where you receive hundreds more than you paid into (assuming you paid into it...).

Nice Mommy Government -- keeps spending money on you every month and for medical care and she doesn't care how ungrateful you are...

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Jan-30-13 9:55 AM

Good article Vicki-- these changes are coming and there are more on the way. Oh, and these are local issues because this county will be forever impacted by them, and yet, most of the populace will be, as they are now, either behind the times as the world has past them by or unable to accept/adapt the fact that these changes are permanent/irrevocable.

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Jan-30-13 10:09 AM

1Laona- sending illegal immigrants back is the least cost-effective way to handle the problem. I'm sure you're not happy with the way our gov't wastes money and the debt we've incurred. What you are proposing would be a huge cost and what would prevent them from coming back over? We need a comprehensive plan to give them citizenship. It is what's best for our country. Most of the Latino people are hard working. I live in a southern city that has not been hit too hard by the economy and building has been rapid and enormous. The Latinos were responsible for all the new construction. They are good people with a great work ethic, much better than Americans' work ethic. They are Christian people and really are emblamatic of the American Way.

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Jan-30-13 10:31 AM

DC REALLY? "these changes are coming and there are more on the way. Oh, and these are local issues because this county will be forever impacted by them, and yet, most of the populace will be, as they are now, either behind the times as the world has past them by or unable to accept/adapt the fact that these changes are permanent/irrevocable." Yet the Constitution is a changeable document? Like most of your statements this shows you want your cake and to eat it too. You're the self confessed math whiz. How does the country pay for all the wonderful changes you are giddily waiting to have enacted? Just print some more money and hand it out, like the free phones? I don't have an issue with legal. What I have is an issue with is a person here illegally, you want to invite to stay, with no repercussions. And a weapon I legally own, you want to ban. And if I don't agree with you I get called names and mocked. Your tolerance is stunning, as is your logic.

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Jan-30-13 10:44 AM

Did we really need this book report?? I sure hope Hillary runs and wins so Steiner can have a fit that may send him to some other planet!!!!

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Jan-30-13 10:53 AM


The SS issue, as I see it, is that what you get back is based on what you put in and both are currently capped and if you raise the cap on what people pay in, without doing the same for what it pays out then you change it's entire nature and instead of it being, in effect, an insurance policy for retirement funds it would simply because just another entitlement since we can just "soak the rich" for even more wealth redistribution.

As for immigration reform I oppose anything that gives current lawbreakers any form of amnesty as if puts lawbreakers ahead of those who obey the law.

With immigration what you need to remember is that each year the US does a calculation and comes up with the number of people who will be allowed to legally immigrate to the US from various regions/countries. Illegally immigration figures into this calculation so basically those entering illegally keep others from being allowed to enter legally, so again we shouldn't reward lawbreaking.

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Jan-30-13 11:05 AM

Finally, I bought my first AR-15 when I was 16 and over the next 33 years I managed to never go on shooting spree and actually not one of my weapons have been used illegally since I got them.

This latest round of frezied panic over the so called assault weapons started because the the Newtown school shooter had an AR-15, but the anti-gun people refuse to acknowledge the truth that the FBI has stated the AR-15 was in the trunk of his car and never was taken in the school and instead four handguns were used.

This doesn't promote the anti-gun peoples agenda they have no problem using lies and distortions, or even standing on the graves of dead children to push their agenda.

To quote Rahm Emanuel,

"You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."

It's pathetic and disgusting, but of course the left will never stand up and oppose it since it's basically just business as usual for them

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Jan-30-13 11:44 AM

Steiner you write such idiotic crap. Arent you glad you live in a country that allows you to do so? Great article, Mrs. Westling. There are a lot of things being brought to the forefront by President Obama and it's time. We MUST make changes and this last election, I believe, made it clear to the republican leadership "the people" want change and we want it now. Let's open our minds and hearts.

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Jan-30-13 1:05 PM

AnnetteVick, one small correction. Some of the people want change. A 5% swing in the votes and it's a different administration. That is not a great majority either way. Which is showing up yet again in congress with their ability to get things done. And I really don't think people are as heartless as you think, but a great deal of working class folks are more concerned with making their bills rather than opening their wallets even more for social programs.

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Jan-30-13 1:12 PM

3 people agreed with Steiners comment, which began with the statement that "activist women are feebleminded"!!? 3 people!!!? You've GOT to be kidding. I don't care if you agreed with any other statement he made, by clicking "agree" you're agreeing with his entire statement!! I didn't think we had that many other people in the area that deranged!! Unbelievable!!

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Jan-30-13 4:56 PM

DarkStar...have to think about the ss cap. I know that many, like Sen Sanders advocates the increase in the cap. I will have to read more to see how it affects just what you pointed out.

Just curious, why did you want that type of gun? They made it specifically for combat in Viet Nam. So why would a 15 yr kid want a combat weapon. Is it for collection? or the novelty? I am just curious. As I have stated many times I have NO problem with guns per se. I just am trying to understand why anyone would want a weapon that powerful. thanks

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Jan-30-13 5:27 PM

I can't stand this administration or this article. More work and money out of the people that produce for the "greater good". Blah.

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Jan-30-13 7:44 PM

Nathan, I feel your pain. I think one of misconceptions here is that Judeye and a few others lump the CEO's and banksters in with conservatives. It creates an us vs. them mentality. The middle class and upper middle class conservatives are struggling to only lose a little of their standard of living (just like the liberals in those classes) while not defaulting on houses that are under-water and paying for the excess credit card spending ways of the past. Not exactly as dire straights as a minimum wage earner but a stressful time, none the less. The problem arises when the income of that class is considered rich and fair game for the talking heads to rant on and on about. It's funny that Romney is obscenely rich to the left, but Gore (with MORE money) is considered a good democrat. Flying his personal jet around the world to warn of pollution and global warming. Along with billionaire Bloomberg telling people what to drink, as a good "leader" will.

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Jan-30-13 7:50 PM

Darkstar, I believe we already are soaking the rich. A 60% total tax burden is just a tad high, wouldn't you think? According to the yahoo article on Michelson that was his effective tax burden. What would you say to that being your "contributions" to the cause?

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Jan-30-13 8:19 PM

Judeye, a 30-06 is leaps and bounds more powerful than an AR-15. Just because it looks like a militray weapon does not mean it is the most powerful thing out there. They were built with a budget and multi-use in kind, don't forget.

As far as immigration is concerned, Darkstar is right. Amnesty is a slap in the face to all the doctors, techies and other professionals coming here using the right channels. Why is it that an engineer trying to become a citizen takes 4 years, thousands of dollars, and a company willimg to vouch for them, but someone with no skills is able to walk through the front door unimpeded and for free? In Canada, if you are a professional of any sort, nurse, doctor, technician, etc. The process takes mere weeks, like less than two months. Here, it takes 24 times that? Let the pros get in on an Express Lane, make them feel wanted, too. They can be useful here.

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Jan-30-13 9:22 PM

Vicki, don't forget to add Cuomo's late-term abortions to that list of changes, if he has his way.

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Jan-30-13 9:38 PM

MDavis -- I don't mind than you own a gun -- I never have. In fact, I have two myself. You and I have a right to bear arms: to hunt and to defend -- But we don't have a right to bear an arsenal and IMO any semi-auto and any clip with greater than 5-6 rounds is an arsenal. I also don't like the this "2nd amendment protects our freedom from govt tyranny" crap. Nope, it doesnt -- its gunowners' narcissistic John Wayne-seque BS.

Illegal immigrants are about 3% of our population. A measly 3% -- if you believe a measly 3% will ruin the other 97%, then you're hopeless. Who going to pay for it? We all are. Our defense budget -- greater than the next 57 countries combined -- is wholly unsustainable. Corporate welfare is another and are many others. And we will have to have a national sales/consumption tax

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Jan-30-13 10:26 PM

Agree with localres regarding immigration. I work with a lot of foreign-born professionals who are are highly educated but on "the slow track" for permanent residency. They shouldn't be shunted aside in favor of all the illegal aliens...

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Jan-31-13 8:58 AM

Thanks for touching on the issue of mental illness and the consequences of guns in the mix. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" is absolutely true but "people" do not need to have an arsenal, including assault weapons, in their homes. Further, if a parent is aware that his/her child is mentally disturbed, it's never a good idea to put guns within reach-to teach the child to use them. i.e. the mother of the Sandy Hook Elem. shooter. I myself have battled severe depression most of my adult life and have many times wondered what I would do if I had a gun in my home. Would I hurt myself or someone else? hmm

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Jan-31-13 9:06 AM

I have no problem with people who legally immigrate to this country. I do, however, have a big problem with those who work here, claim many many dependents so they don't have much taken in taxes from their pay, and then send most of their $ to their home country (Mexico). I know this happens; I've worked in an industry that employs many illegals and have actually been told by a few of them that this is a common practice. How about assimilation; how about spending more of your $ here in this country?

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