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Will immigrants learn English?

February 4, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: Who is going to teach these immigrants when they come to America the language so they can contribute to the U.....

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Feb-04-13 9:31 AM

Who you ask.....taxpayers or no one. If they are in school they will have a special teacher to interpret while they really don't want to learn. At the welfare office another interpreter. They don't want to learn or contribute to the economy and they don't have to.

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Feb-04-13 9:32 AM

I no puede hablar ingles

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Feb-04-13 9:54 AM

Oh you mean like all the Polish immigrants that my husband's grandfather would interpret for? Many older people around here told me stories of 'the judge' as they called my husband's grandfather..and how he would translate into Polish for them.. especially in they would understand what was going on and not be taken advantage of.

Good grief..

Every group of immigrants has been discriminated against called names and made out to be low life. Isn't it time we stop all the insults and prejudice?

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Feb-04-13 9:59 AM

The one difference, Judeye? None of those earlier groups of non-English speaking immigrants were granted special status, provided with interpreters or any of that. As you stated, usually one or more people in their own neighborhood provided translations when necessary. My Aunt at 9 years old did that when her parents bought a house. Nobody at the bank provided any Italian speaking staff. Neither did the schools. And that's why so many get angry over this subject.

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Feb-04-13 11:00 AM

When I purchased a home built in 1913 on Taft Place, I noticed a clause in the deed which read "this property shall not be sold, leased or otherwise occupied by anyone of Italian decent". The search also revealed that my grandfather, Philip DeForte, a pure Italian, was one of the developers of the property. He was able to develop the property but not able to live there. Discrimination is nothing new. The only thing new is a government that allows for immigrants to become freeloaders and burdens on society. There certainly are many good immigrants who come here for the opportunity our country offers. However, too many of today's immigrants have a different objective and I blame government for allowing it to happen. There should be no public assistance for anyone who can't speak English!

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Feb-04-13 11:11 AM

Judeye, the Polish and Italian immigrants took care of each other. My grandmother was an interpreter for Italian immigrants. These immigrants learned English and ensured their children spoke English as well.

Can someone explain this to me. Being able to speak and write English is a requirement for citizenship in the United States. If you have to be a citizen to vote, why do they print ballots in foreign languages?

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Feb-04-13 11:14 AM

Phil, I think you're describing the difference between an immigrant and an illegal immigrant.

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Feb-04-13 1:11 PM

Be serious, many of the immigrants who came during the 1900s-1960s never learned English. My grandfather was Italian and learned little English, yet he became a citizen. And I remember the Polish nuns who taught us all had Polish accents that were difficult to understand, yet they were mostly American born. By the 2nd-3rd generation all learned English. And everything you are saying about them being freeloaders was said back then. Remember no Irish, Italians, Polish need apply. And it is no more true of the current immigrants, who come here to work.

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Feb-04-13 2:24 PM

Marcia, I agree there were hardships for the immigrants of that time period. But they did not get automatic health care, special help in their free education, nor fly a foreign flag. They were proud of their heritage, as anyone should be. But they were fiercely loyal to America. One land, one people. This fragmentation of American society with the different titles (blank hyphen American) is a major problem for a feeling of one America. Flying a foreign flag in any other country will get you, at the very least, a chat with local law enforcement. Here they have the audacity to fly whatever flag they want. Sometimes above the US flag, not only disrespectful but also illegal. And yet the same people whine they are being singled out because they want to be a US citizen. Either become an American, without a hyphen, or consider the hyphen a minus sign and call yourself what you are. Not an American but whatever nationality you associate yourself to be.

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Feb-04-13 5:11 PM

Stang, Phil, Mike--Time marches on. So we have hyphens now to delineate identities? Much ado about nothing.

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Feb-04-13 5:11 PM

Commentor--Gross exaggeration based on nothing.

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Feb-04-13 7:16 PM

Early immigrants did not have special instructions printed for them in their native language now we must cater to them and take care of them from craddle to grave!

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Feb-04-13 9:48 PM

Back in the day of the Polish, Irish and Italian immigrants when you went to the grocery store the back of the box was the same language as the front of the box......English!!!! TV programs were in English. Telephone did not have push 1 for English and 2 for something else. Everything everywhere was English. I REST MY CASE!!!!

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Feb-05-13 8:24 AM

PhilJulian...that is very sad Phil. Yes I have heard of much discrimination right here in our area.

Now, saying that someone who cannot speak English should not get pa...what will we do with the PR who speak Spanish as one of their official languages? We all know PR is part of the USA

Or how about those living in New Mexico where Spanish is one of the two official languages of that state?

We do not have an official language in the USA.

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Feb-05-13 8:28 AM

stangv8..because citizens of PR can vote and Spanish is one of their official languages. Citizens of New Mexico can vote as well. That is why, I think, that they must have ballots in both English and Spanish.

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Feb-05-13 8:35 AM

MikeDavis...are you talking about the Confederate flag?

It is the flag of another country. Which is why my brother in law who is from the South explained to me why it was the War Between the States and not a civil war. They had seceded from the Union and created their own country.

So you want to restrict all of those who fly this flag? Maybe starting with the state house in S. Carolina.

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Feb-05-13 10:21 AM

"what will we do with the PR who speak Spanish as one of their official languages?" Learn English or stay home. Very simple concept. In fact one of the requirements for becoming a citizen of this nation if you are an immigrant is having to learn to read and speak English. You can't do that you should not get a free pass just because some people want the votes it will generate. Follow the same protocol as all other legal immigrants have had to over the years. Any other course of action is not only wrong but illegal also.

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Feb-05-13 10:23 AM

The Confederate flag is fine as long as it is flown LOWER then the flag of the United States of America. As a veteran that our flag has a lot of meaning to me. A lot of people have served and many have died for that flag and to dishonor it is wrong.

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Feb-05-13 10:26 AM

We can not be ONE NATION as long as we divide ourselves by putting a hyphen BEFORE American. You either are an American or your not. You may be descended from other nationalities but if you are a citizen here then you are an American.

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Feb-05-13 10:39 AM

JUDEYE - four years ago at a Democratic presidential debate, there were eight candidates on stage and they were all asked to respond to this question: Do you think English should be designated as the official language in The United States? Seven of the eight candidates said "no" while the eigth said he was not sure. Obviously they were afraid of losing the minority vote but there was no concern for the majority vote! Immigrants should have rights but they should also have responsibilities. I would favor a requirement that all children be enrolled in intense english training before being mainstreamed into regular classroom activities. How can you learn history and math if you can't understand english? I would also not allow any immigrant into this country without proof of financial self-sustainability. This should not be the country to get a free ride but we should welcome those who want to contribute to society.

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Feb-05-13 11:15 AM

Judeye, no I don't take offense to flying a flag from a dead country, as I don't take offense when someone flys the jolly roger on their boat at a lake. I don't hear the cries of any illegal confederates for special treatment either. Or is there a movement I haven't heard about to teach southern as a second language? I would definitly like it, the confederate falg, taken off any government building of any state in this nation. And I would prefer charges be filed against anyone that placed it, or any other, flag above the Stars and Stripes.

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Feb-05-13 12:41 PM

I am more offended by the confederate flag being flown than by my Irish neighbors flying the Irish flag on St Patrick's Day. None of those countries were terrorists who tried to destroy our country. To think it's OK to fly the flag of traitors is abhorrent.

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Feb-05-13 12:42 PM

And talking about hyphenated, almost everyone in this area refer to themselves as Irish, Italian, Polish, etc. And yet we all are also Americans. Apparently you are only offended when they are Hispanic. And remember, most of our grandparents never learned English.

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Feb-05-13 1:14 PM

No Marcia I am offended by anyone that uses a hyphen in front of American. You either are an American or your not. If you are a legal citizen of the United States of America then you have no need for that hyphen. Anything else is un-American. Plain and simple for you and others who find it hard to understand.

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Feb-05-13 1:21 PM

I'm not offended by the confederate flag nor the St patty one. But I am offended by those who dishonor the American flag by flying it upside down(except in the case of an emergency) or those who fly a foreign flag above or along side the American flag. They should all be flown lower the our flag. Now having said that I will fight for their right to do that as that is what America is about. Freedoms. Does that mean I agree with the lowlifes that do these things, not on your life. My personal opinion is drag them, hang them, whatever it takes to get the job done to show them they are wrong. Respect the fact that you are an American and honor the flag you live under.

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