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Edwards named as possible gubernatorial candidate

February 9, 2013

Could the next New York state governor come from Chautauqua County? Recently, County Executive Greg Edwards’ name was brought up as a potential candidate to run against Democrat Gov....

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Feb-10-13 5:12 PM

This country has beem hemoraging private sector jobs for decades, and Phil admits only 6% of them are unionized. Yet, he still maintains unions are the cause of all of our economic issues! Which "public sector" unios are the issue here, Phil? The Police have the best benefits and pay. Fireman, especially in larger municipalities, are much the same. So, I'd guess they're at the top of your "hit list"? If they're not, you're a hypocrite of huge proportions. Let's see, if we get rid of the unions, what changes, Phil? Retirements? Poor old folks become dependent on government services, a classic robbing of Peter to pay Paul. Look around, Phil, without the anti-Union blinders on. The issues are a lot bigger than unions, which by your own admission do not represent 65% of public employees and 94% of private employees.

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Feb-10-13 10:43 AM

Only about 6% of private sector jobs are union. In the public sector about 45% are unionized. Therein lies the real problem as it relates to excessive taxation. We can stick our heads in the sand but it won't solve the problem. Mr. Edwards has failed to deal with the issue of excessive government costs and the related union issues.

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Feb-10-13 9:10 AM

Surprise, surprise, Phil thinks taking on the unions is all that's required. Not reducing taxes, fees, red tape, pork spending,fraud, unfunded mandates, none of that, just those pesky old unions again.

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Feb-10-13 8:06 AM

And of course we will still be paying his salary while he spends his time campaigning again....Let him resign if this is his decision and get someone in office to help us not someone appointed by him..

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Feb-09-13 7:50 PM

What happens when ?Edwards loses the race for County Executive this year? People don't know it but the Edwards group is jeopardizing a 100 million dollar economic development project. Trying to play hardball, but the company is about ready to walk away thanks to Bill Daly

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Feb-09-13 7:40 PM

In order to be a viable candidate for governor Mr. Edwards would have to follow the lead of Governor Walker of Wisconsin. Unions have to be stripped of their power and a serious effort must be made to reduce the size and cost of government. That can only be done through consolidation and mergers of government functions in upstate New York. Anything short of that and Mr. Edwards should just stay in Mayville.

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Feb-09-13 7:18 PM

"I counted it as a real compliment that he included my name in with the list of some very talented leaders," Edwards told the OBSERVER,"

I think Christopher's response to this article said it perfectly, and is an accurate analysis of why Edwards is even being considered.

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Feb-09-13 3:46 PM

yes haha must be the joke of the day! Who would vote for him anyway? Keep your job as county exec, the state is ****ed up enough with Cuomo.

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Feb-09-13 2:31 PM

Oh boy,he's about as exciting as watching paint dry!! I don't like Cuomo,but i would never vote for Edwards!! We need jobs for Chautauqua County,any new ones coming?

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Feb-09-13 1:04 PM

Haven't heard the rumors you posted, Machine, but it doesn't surprise me. Unfortunately, many people who want CCH sold would willingly accept such tactics w/o objection UNTIL the same method is used to defeat a different issue that they may support. The obvious purpose of a super majority is to limit the political power of the simple majority.

I "presume" state lawmakers would deny such a request by simply recommending the matter be decided by a voter referendum, but then again, pols are notorious whores, and would sell their own mothers if Silver ordered them to, so anything is possible.

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Feb-09-13 11:15 AM

You people want to be heard without voting?.Dont buy from any business in this County that supports Edwards or any of his banditos!.

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Feb-09-13 11:10 AM

Heres another for you.Rumor has it Barmore and Edwards are lobbying Legislators to change the super majority vote to a simple majority.Just so the County Home can be sold.Thats dirty politics.Changing the rules as the game goes on.Pathetic!.

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Feb-09-13 11:01 AM

You got to be kidding!.He is a loser and will never come close to winning.I hear there is an effort to try and have him removed from office by calling for a recall vote.Any one else hear this?.

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Feb-09-13 9:49 AM

Edwards' philosophy on how to govern: reduce spending by privatizing govt services thru the sale of public assets, assets that were built & paid for by taxpayers. He'd then use the proceeds to help pay for future public employee gains, thus buying their support (votes). A typical self-absorbed pol.

His style would bode well in Albany if any such upset ever happened.

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Feb-09-13 8:38 AM

Ha, ha, ha, ha this must be the joke of the day. He's done such a bang up job in Chautauqua County I'm sure everyone from here will vote for him. I don't like Cuomo but I would never vote for Edwards.

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Feb-09-13 7:55 AM

Heard this in an interview on Channel 8 and almost fell over. Of course why should I be surprised..he did after all run with Lazzio last time in the primary.

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Feb-09-13 6:07 AM

Oh would this be something. As much as I want Mr. Edwards gone from Chautauqua County he does't have a change if Cuomo runs again. I don't think he would have very much support from this area. Good luck chuck

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Feb-09-13 5:33 AM

It shows the desperation of the Republican Party in New York to at least attempt fielding a candidate, any candidate.

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