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An unhealthy tipping of scales

February 13, 2013

There has been much talk lately about the girth of the New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Well, he’s not alone....

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Feb-16-13 5:36 PM

It isn't the government, its the parents. In the 50's and 60's kids didn't sit inside all day playing video games and watching television - parents were in charge and the kids were outside playing - liberals and conservatives alike.

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Feb-15-13 9:16 PM

Regelski, allow me. What has caused the obesity? Not marketing, social or traditional. It's the ingredients and hormones injected (and fed) to the food supply of America. In the 50 and into the 60's the obesity rate was considerably lower than todays rates, as well as the rates of cancers. As each newly developed food additive was added to the supply, the rate of both disease and obesity has increased. And nice dig on Mitt, way to pack your political agenda in there...The fact is the FDA isn't looking out for the comsumer anymore. Going to argue with me on that? How many drugs are on the market in record time and then within a year or two pulled with class action lawsuits to follow? Which federal agency allowed genetically modified corn into the American food supply, while Europe and Asia said no?

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Feb-15-13 1:06 PM

Food is among the essentials of life. As such, it is among the aspects of life that is most susceptible to the corruptions of taken for granted market capitalism (as opposed to "social market theory" (see Google) which protects against the downside of capitalism). An example: Recently, Twinkies went out of business (for good reason) but the label and the product have been picked up by venture capitalists (think Mitt Romney) who are pouring billions into the Twinkies revival. Apologies to Twinkies lovers, but the 'food' is deadly! We are all too often influenced by 'the market' that creates needs that otherwise are neither needed or good for us. Government regulation of such foods (etc.: cigarettes) is not the answer: an educated buyer, user, is. Food can kill, as is witnessed by the epidemic of obesity in the US. I saw not one obese person on a recent trip to Japan.

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Feb-14-13 10:30 AM

Look up the correlation to obesity and a myriad of other health problems statistical rise since the FDA approved the genetically modified food into America's supply. European studies showed rats developed tumors in over half the test subjects. But it was quashed fast, after all Monsanto's study showed the FDA this stuff was safe. Who is making the billions of dollars with the GM food again? Oh that's right Monsanto. What possible reason could they have to lie to us?

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Feb-13-13 8:27 PM

High fructose corn syrup in everything doesn't help. Look up what it does to your liver some time, not to mention the effects Vicki has laid out here, and its combination with her list of baddies. There are reasons we're all getting weighed down, and it's a whole combination. I read once that if a package lists more than 5 ingredients, it's not food.

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Feb-13-13 4:27 PM

Actually staples, such as beans and rice are fairly cheap if you shop smartly.

For example you can buy a large variety of bulk beans cheaply and make a large variety of items from them. Sure it's not as easy as ripping open a package and pouring it's contents directly into your mouth but it's cheaper and far healthier.

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Feb-13-13 3:14 PM

totally agree. However, why didn't Mrs. Westling touch on the issue of poverty and its contribution to obesity? Many folks cannot afford to consume healthy foods; they are only able to afford processed, fatty foods that are so much more affordable. I've even heard negative comments from people on the street about obese, and obviously poor persons. "Wow, she hasn't missed any meals." Hey, maybe not, but maybe her meals consisted mostly of simple carbs and fatty meat, you know, the "cheap" stuff. Yes, we are a fat nation; but, more importantly, we are a nation with many low-income families who just cannot afford to take too many trips down the produce aisle.

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Feb-13-13 2:33 PM


Don't waste your breath, personally I wish we could consign Steiner and Dcronig to their own little comment section where they could spit venom at each other all they wanted without the rest of us having to be exposed to their constant hatred and namecalling.

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Feb-13-13 9:48 AM

Steiner: Ms. Westling gives her opinion and it is obvious she is not Liberal. She is middle of the road who leans right. I agree with most of her points, and I respectfully disgree with some. She writes respectfully and from the heart. She does not deserve to be treated the way you treat her or to be an object of your name calling. Why is everything you comment about a right-left issue? Come on man, get a handle on your hatred!

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Feb-13-13 8:37 AM

Steinerdzzz...when you are sick and dying from being fat due to your unhealthy lifestyle, the GOP healthcare answer for the past six years was: go ahead and die -- we don't care and certainly don't want to pay for it.

Even for you, as ungrateful as you are for all the liberal benefits you have enjoyed throughout your life, liberals and democrats make sure that doesn't happen to you, as you are no less worthy than a fat rich guy.

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Feb-13-13 8:06 AM

Is there no end to nanny madness ? When a large actress was called fat by a reviewer, he was told he lacked sensitivity. Christie gets grief for his weight and it is ok. I guess it is ok for repub men but not anyone else. Lets see, the libs want our guns, trans fats, large sodas, tobacco, cars (have to be green) and now our total diet. wow, i am sure glad the libs dont force their religion down our throats like the repubs do ! LOL.

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