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Area elected officials react to State of the Union

February 13, 2013

Many watched President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night. Elected officials weighed in with their reactions....

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Feb-23-13 11:54 AM

A local bus(Dunkirk/Fredonia area)will be going to the protest against the NEW YORK SAFE ACT in Albany on 2/28/13.Price is $55 a seat-call 672-6210 for details.

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Feb-14-13 3:27 PM

Climate change is not the most important issue facing this nation... alternative energies have always been something that we have been striving for and I will not use a theory to further that position. The administration has taken this issue to use as a leverage point to further their policies and the public needs to understand that they are being manipulated. "Cheaper" alternative energies have been taken away from us and the poor will be the ones that suffer the most in the short term. If Obama would allow for the public sector to continue to advance it without political agenda/interference, he would find that they can be successful.

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Feb-14-13 12:47 PM

Nathan.....don't bother to try and convince Judeye of anything. She thinks a well will save the County Home. She is a know all tell all. Closed minded and why stupid decisions are made.

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Feb-14-13 12:38 PM

It may also pain you to know that I worked as an environmental scientist with the insurance industry. They are pushing for better understandings of the issues, and will be a better driver for those technologies than Owl Gore.

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Feb-14-13 12:35 PM

Judeye... I am a scientist, yes. And there is a theory that climate change is occurring. We have evidence through our technologies to help support that it is occurring and wee have evidence that this has occurred before during years were we could not measure data. There are beliefs, that humans have help contribute to it. We do not have a full understanding of the cause or effect of climate change. It is no different than the theory of evolution or the theory of plate tectonics... they are theories. We have an idea, but we don't have all of the understanding. As a scientist, I know that being an alarmist is not something that is good for the cause. It makes us appear as a zealous, over-righteous, one-sided person which brings into question the very reason we are so adamant about a problem that we do not fully understand.

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Feb-14-13 8:28 AM

I love how as I posted actual sites where you could go and read something called FACTS on climate change, people disagreed.

I know it is sometimes difficult to accept FACTS that are based on real evidence. Especially when it indicates that our entire planet is at great risk. Easier just to push the disagree button...close your eyes..and put your head in the sand. Hope and Pray it all will just go away.

Meanwhile, some of us who do read real facts, who can understand science, are doing everything in our power to try to slow climate change down..and make adjustments to how it will affect all of us living on this planet.

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Feb-14-13 8:24 AM

Nathan..HA HA HA you a scientist? and yet deny climate change?

Get serious.

Site any scientific study Nathan..any..that uses the scientific method that would support that climate change is NOT happening and that humans do not have some impact on it.

I will read it as soon as you post it.

I see your citing of the UN was a bit off base.

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Feb-13-13 10:44 PM

Oh, I didn't know that the climate change debate came over here instead of the last area... oh goodie. Now... back off man, I'm a scientist.

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Feb-13-13 8:19 PM

Newt, any scientist would agree with you about the cyclic nature of climate changes. Judeye would agree with you too. As would I. It's the "but also" that troubles us. It's the extra and accelerated changing that is problematic. It's knowing that we can take measures to prevent damage but don't.

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Feb-13-13 8:17 PM

Climate change is scientifically measurable fact. Wishing it away (why? So billionaire CEOs' companies can pollute with abandon?) don't make it so.

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Feb-13-13 8:16 PM

No, Reed did not hear the speech, Judeye. He talked the usual belligerent, uncooperative talking points. I didn't hear Obama speak of growing the nanny state.

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Feb-13-13 5:58 PM

rdnewt...are you willing to read some SCIENTIFIC FACTS rather than just opinions of people who have no education in science, particularly climate?

If so...

climate dot nasa dot gov "The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is very likely human-induced and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented in the past 1,300 years."

Union for concerned Scientists "There is no longer any doubt in the expert scientific community that the Earth is warming—and it’s now clear that human activity has a significant part in it."

skepticscience dot com "So we see a direct line of evidence that we're causing global warming"

American Meterological Society

"It is clear from extensive scientific evidence that the dominant cause of the rapid change in climate of the past half century is human-induced increases in the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), chlorofluorocarbons, methane, and nitrous oxi

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Feb-13-13 3:31 PM

Uncle Fester Reed is full of imagination like his tea party friends: Obama is for infrastructure and public safety investment. He even shrunk the federal workforce by 2.6% -- better than (gasp!) Mr. Anti-Big-Govt Reagan ever did.

What Obama doesn't want to do is keep wasting money on national defense, like wasting $3B on 2,000 M1 Abrams tanks, which the Army says it doesn't need, just sitting in a Nevada desert.

Uncle Fester Reed: very short on factual specifics, very large in mass.

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Feb-13-13 3:09 PM

According to Judeye " I loved the fact that he brought up ideas of improving our infrastructure while at the same time creating jobs."

Wasn't this supposed to be accomplished with his first 900 Billion dollar stimulus with the so-called "shovel ready jobs"?

Instead it went for paybacks to unions and other assorted left wing groups who elected him. Jobs are of NO concern to obama

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Feb-13-13 3:00 PM

Judi, wake up. Climate change happens with or without us. It is a natural effect, and it happens every several thousand years. There have been countless cooling and warming trends over the course of the history of the planet. If you actually think that you have a personal effect on Mother Nature, you are sadly over rating yourself. What we need to do is learn how to adapt, which means to be free thinkers, and people who learn to act and work to come up with ideas, not sit back and collect benefits paid for by productive members of society.

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Feb-13-13 12:45 PM

"Climate change" = another way to put fear into the public when the old term didn't do it very well. Climate change != global warming.

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Feb-13-13 11:28 AM

commentor..I am NOT on welfare and in all my years never have been. I do not get anything for Free

Yet I thought his speech was outstanding. I loved the fact that he brought up ideas of improving our infrastructure while at the same time creating jobs. I loved the high tech spots he created like the one near Youngstown. I LOVE the idea of universal pre school for ALL children. I loved that he brought up Climate Change as one of our most serious issues (nothing else can trump planet do you really care how large the deficit is?)

He presented great ideas. The most important...time for congress to put our country before politics. Most of us could not agree more..

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Feb-13-13 11:24 AM

FredoniaFred..actually glad you is called the JOBS BILL..and it is EXCELLENT.

Now ask Congress why they have REFUSED to permit this bill to even come to the floor for debate???

Turning their backs on the american people....

We all should be furious over this.

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Feb-13-13 10:17 AM

His speech was just more of the same. When you re-elected him you got more of the same. Anyone that thinks this is a good economy and getting better is on welfare and getting all the freebies. The working stiff's economy is not good and getting better.

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Feb-13-13 9:51 AM

A year and a half ago the president put forth a jobs act that economists said would create over a million jobs. How's that working out for us Judeye?

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Feb-13-13 8:45 AM

Yeah, right, the same people farming all of the jobs in this country over seas, yep, they'll save us!!

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Feb-13-13 7:52 AM

judeye, Reed heard it loud and clear. It's representatives like Reed and Collins that will help get this country on the right track...not BO and people underneath him that have not worked, and have been successful, in the private sector.

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Feb-13-13 7:31 AM

"But unlike the President, I believe taxpayer dollars should be spent on investing in infrastructure, public safety, national security and economic development" Rep Reed

" Our first priority is making America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing. ...A year and a half ago, I put forward an American Jobs Act that independent economists said would create more than one million new jobs. ...Now is our best chance for bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform that encourages job creation and helps bring down the deficit. Tonight, I propose a “Fix-It-First” program to put people to work as soon as possible on our most urgent repairs, like the nearly 70,000 structurally deficient bridges across the country. And to make sure taxpayers don’t shoulder the whole burden, I’m also proposing a Partnership to Rebuild America that attracts private capital to upgrade what our businesses need most: modern ports to move our goods" Pres Obama

Did Reed hear the speech?

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