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God is love and love is giving

February 14, 2013

Thomas Merton, the respected spiritual teacher and prolific author, once observed that even in his monastery he felt like a “duck in a chicken coop....

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Feb-14-13 9:29 AM

As a former educator and current therapist, I have witnessed people so miserable the only way they could attain any semblance of happiness was to self-medicate with alcohol and/or drugs. I have also witnessed these same people finding happiness. It has never been through money, fame, or fortune. It has always been through helping others. By doing for others even the most selfish, hardened, callous people found happiness and the ability to leave the chemicals behind. I enjoy your columns Father, and this one is right on the money (or off the money)and teaches us a valuable lesson that has rung true through time and continues to ring true today.

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Feb-14-13 9:46 AM

Marx said religion was the opiate of the masses. i would rank love as the number two opiate. It reminds me of the 60's and those great hippies. It is a great catch all answer, love ! I would say some of the great robber barons, i greatly admire them, found love thru money . the libs do also as they always want a tax increase, so they can help people with money the libs did not earn. now that is love , eh ? I blame the Apostle Paul severely for throwing humans a curve or great diversion with his love epistles. The planet does not run on love.It looks that way, like the earth looks flat, but that aint it. I have read other therapists say that unless a relationship is a two way exchange, that relationship is doomed. . Or better, take the money out or reduce it and its divorce time. Aint the love concept grand ? Its like flowers at a funeral.

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Feb-14-13 1:22 PM

Holy Love Boat, Batman!

Are YOU taking opiates?


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Feb-15-13 12:55 PM

With all due respect to the author (a former colleague, of sorts) but aside from the Biblical allusions (that too many take as the "word of God," not noticing that it was translated and filtered by generations of religious gatekeepers who, for example, excluded other Gospels)I'm troubled by "We should regard our spouse or partner as someone to please and make happy, not as someone who is there to make us happy." That seems contradictory. Yes, our partnership should be 'pleasing' (whatever that means), but when that fails--as so often is the case (read the stats on divorce) what goes wrong? Recourse to nice-sounding words is not comforting to those who have gone from 'pleasing' to 'enmity'. I would prefer to be spared the platitudes for the reality: "love" is a tough issue, not the least love of God. It needs not to be assumed but to be investigated, analyzed, doubted, and--on such bases--renewed (if that is possible). I'm not much given to preaching

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Feb-16-13 8:48 AM

Dk goofs it again. An emotional answer, the only kind libs know. Even atheists have a good point. If god is love, then why do we have so much war and suffering ? The planet runs on stupidity. Kim Jong types, Hugo chavez, khmer rouge, hitler, mussolini, etc. we could hardly call them sane and they do have most of the power and control. So dk, you and all the other libs who just say emotional responses here prove my point over and over. Libs have no critical thinking skills. Emotions are their best weapon.

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Feb-16-13 8:59 AM

Hey regelski, you give the bible keepers much less credit than they deserve. Bible scholars will say that the bible is written in a form of double speak, a double dialectic made famous by hegel and heraclitus. This holds true from genesis to revelation. Thousands of years here. It is an advanced form of communication where printing and writing is scarce.Since most people cannot comprehend what is really said, the bible is scorned. They throw away a treasure along with all the other ancient writings with this approach. Now the posters here will scorn this as just steiner, but it is not as bible scholars and philosophers say the same thing.

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Feb-16-13 1:09 PM

Steiner: Your post is the kind of obfuscation that is associated with so-called postmodernism (since you mentioned Hegel I assume you have some familiarity with this, not that most reader care). Your name calling of "libs" is not exactly communicative, other than of your ideology. Somehow you fail to see in your own rantings (they certainly are not logically communicative)examples of the excesses you proclaim. By your own example, you are the problem! Don't pass the buck. That's not cool, and you seem to think of yourself as extremely 'cool' in your lighthearted, but deeply felt, alienation. Why not admit to it, and not bother the rest of the world.

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Feb-17-13 11:52 AM

Regelski, you are a man of intelligence and your writing ability enables you to communicate that intelligence. I enjoy what you have to say and can't help but think that your style, substance, and communicative acumen makes you what Steiner longs to be. Sadly, he is smart enough to know he is not as able a writer/communicator as you, hence the anger the seems to dominate his haughty comments.

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