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‘Frightening’ events are happening

February 21, 2013

As I watched the news this Feb.9, a report came across stating that the U.S. Navy can’t send out another aircraft carrier because of lack of funds....

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Feb-27-13 8:12 PM

There is not the slightest reason from the Prophecy of St Malachy to identify Peter The Roman with the antiChrist. In fact there are good reasons not to. The Pope who is to be last shares the name of the first who was the first of the Apostles. He cares for his sheep amidst persecution. It's more than clear that Petrus Romanus, Peter the Roman, will be a good man of outstanding qualities as we would expect of one who is to lead The Church through its final persecution.

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Feb-25-13 1:24 PM

This is the most entertaining post I have seen in a long time. But, Mike Davis, the video you suggested is off. Not paying the bills (or even threatening to not pay them, which happened last time) lowers our country's rating. And, they were right about one thing, i.e. raising their income. Closing tax loopholes and payments to big oil companies and farmers to not grow anything would be a good start.

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Feb-24-13 7:38 AM

I'm not quite sure why there were so many unrelated posts on here, but clearly looking at Steiners last 2, he and Mr. Kubera must be related, or at the very least suffer from the same, exact mental defect. Just as clearly, neither of their meds are working very well.

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Feb-23-13 12:12 PM

There is a local(D&F area)bus going to the protest against the NY SAFE ACT in Albany on 2/28/13 at a cost of $55 a seat.Call 672-6210 for details.

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Feb-23-13 10:17 AM

Since the events we see were made by people with very strange abilities, this is meant for the gals, as we are all in this together. Tesla, radio and electric guy, grandfather of high energy physics had visions, von neumann had dreams as a solution to math problems. Outside of joan of Arc,I know of no other modern woman with this ability.On TV, the leroy HS gals were noted. The female dr said women were highly prone to conversion disorders, nervous problems. Habers wife, in a conversion disorder , unconverts, suicides as result of her hubbys poison gas warfare.The dems pooh pooh all of this as they do not believe in mental phenomena, only govt programs and unions.Tax increases too. Even saddam hussein had a learned spiritual advisor, shaping policy. The world is a strange place made by people with strange abilities.

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Feb-23-13 8:43 AM

hey libs, i quoted a mess of facts here and you did not mock them ! The facts were what the leaders believed and set govt policy on ! were they stupid ? Right wing, Fox news ? More for you ! that is how we got the mideast set up . Churchill and friends drew lines in the sand , at least in part to set up something for the returning Christ . Israel formed as bulwark for jihadist attacks. All of this , learned posters would go back to Alexander the great, Aristotle ,Haroun al Raschid and his counselor. All known to leaders in Europe, believe it or not. Yes, some policy makers go back that far to set policy . History is much stranger and interesting than given credit for on the news.

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Feb-22-13 3:33 PM


That is awesome, and so very accurate!

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Feb-22-13 3:24 PM

I couldn't figure out where to put this. Watch this video on the national explains it very well.


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Feb-22-13 11:37 AM

Right on Tom! People can mock you but they won't escape judgement! In the end all we can do is pray for them.

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Feb-22-13 9:58 AM


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Feb-22-13 8:28 AM

More for you to mock libs. key nazis were mystics. Even some of the Soviet leaders believed in the occult, godless as they were presented to the world. They had hoped to raise lenin fron the dead with advanced science. Now lets hear about greedy repubs, global warming, fracking, free speech eroded by the supreme court citizen decision, voting rights in jeopardy in the south, to send chills up our spine was the phrase, contaminated water, air, keystone pipeline killing nature, tar shale bad, etc. All topics for the end of the world for libs. they have had articles printed in this paper describibng these horrors. That is all I can think of the liberal horrors, wait, the children are in jepoardy . Increase school funding !Come on libs, just when is the end of the wporld in your "scientific " view ? And gun owners are nuts ?

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Feb-22-13 8:17 AM

Our learned posters are at it again. even judeye is worried about planet death due to fracking , global warming etc. Algore is too. No mocks there libs. What would Churchill and Balfour say of current events. The end of the world would be the end of materialism. Balfour said that electricity ws the first clue that the world was made out of something not material. It has a non material part. Darwin came and put a millstone on that for awhile. Till radioactivity and the end of the unchangeable atom. So learned posters fail again here as usual. Stick to mocking, it is the thing you do best. Now here is something for you to mock more. The european leaders believed in the occult and reincarnation. They had a list of all the famous people and who they reincarnated into. Darwin was viewed as the reincarnation of Gibbar al tarek. They viewed islamic wars as something more deeply running than our leders due today. Start the mocking learned posters !

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Feb-22-13 7:54 AM


I've got room for them in my storage locker since it's only about half full from the 1984, 1988, and Y2K end of the world stuff.

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Feb-21-13 5:36 PM

Geeeez, just what am I gonna do now with all my Mayan "end of the world" party favors?


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Feb-21-13 5:13 PM

I don't think I've ever found the posts as humorous as this one. Christopher, Greg, DKex, DarkStar, very funny. DCron made me laugh out loud. However, Mike Davis put it all in perspective. Thanks to all; I really enjoyed this on a cold, rainy afternoon.

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Feb-21-13 4:12 PM

Mr. Kubera hit the nail on the head. Get your heads out of the sand and look around. Been to the gas pumps lately? How about Tops. Wake up folks before it is to late.

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Feb-21-13 4:09 PM

My friend this did happen in the 1930's a man you may of heard of him Hitler did such a thing. They say history repeats itself. Well I am afraid it is happening at this very moment all across America.

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Feb-21-13 2:54 PM

MikeDavis hit the nail on the head, since people began some of them have thought they were living in the end times.

"And Steinerdzzz... congratulations, your separated-at-birth twin has just been located. "

Okay, I have to admit Dcronlg had me laughing with that one. lol!

Although to be honest, the writer seems more on the ball then Steiner, if only because he sticks to a topic. Steiner on the otherhand will go to a story about teachers and start complaining about green energy, or go to one on green energy and rant and rave about teacher's unions, KKK or some other off the wall subject.

While I think the write is wrong, and more then a little paranoid, at least he has a train of thought, but Steiner's train derailed year ago and hasn't been on track since.

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Feb-21-13 2:00 PM

If I use Magic marker to put that 666 on my forehead, does it have to be with permanent marker, or is the washable kind ok? If I can wash it off after work, will I still go to hell, or only if I die before bathing? I'm also a little curious why the anti-Christ would come as the new Pope. I mean, it's not like the Catholics have their own armies anymore. If I were the anti-Christ, I think I'd come back as a Conservative/Republican.

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Feb-21-13 12:01 PM

Dude, go refill your Prozac script.

And Steinerdzzz... congratulations, your separated-at-birth twin has just been located.

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Feb-21-13 11:16 AM

People being afraid of the end of the world have been around as long as, well, people have been around. Enjoy the time you have on this earth, be kind to the each other, and most of all laugh. No one gets out of this alive, so why run frantically in a circle worrying?

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Feb-21-13 9:41 AM


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Feb-21-13 8:48 AM

"Are you friends with Steiner by any chance?"

Paul, didn't ya jes' know he'd show up for this one?


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Feb-21-13 8:34 AM

The libs are at it again here. If we substitute global warming and gun control , we would see written here, great article ! Look at the rash of pro gun gun control articles printed by the Observer and all the great article comments we have seen. Short a carrier for the Gulf ? Green energy will fill the void. The libs fear planetary death and we dare not mock that. that is the best the libs can do .

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Feb-21-13 8:24 AM

Um...forget the 2nd Amendment for a minute - - maybe we need background checks before people can write letters to the Observer. :-)

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