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NRG project: State seems in the dark

February 25, 2013

Despite the efforts of outreach by our local officials, you really have to wonder how “in touch” Albany is with the NRG Energy Inc. proposal to convert the plant from coal to natural gas....

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Mar-05-13 4:41 PM

Hey..Albany cares. The Gov was just here....errr well at least he sent someone who had nothing to do that day. His talk was nothing also.

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Mar-05-13 4:41 PM

Hey..Albany cares. The Gov was just here....errr well at least he sent someone who had nothing to do that day. His talk was nothing also.

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Mar-01-13 3:25 PM

The NRG plant is gonna close down...everyone knows it. To bad...

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Feb-28-13 9:49 AM

I think before people post comments on this topic they should learn something about gas and coal power, peaking and baseload plants and the electric industry in NY in general rather than recycling what's printed in the disturber. Competing with Niagara Falls Phil, Really? That power's sold by NYPA in sweetheart contracts all around the state, its fuel cost is free and always available so NOBODY is competing with niagara falls. Power prices in the northeast, are and have for some time been dictated by the cost of natural gas. NRG simply needs to sell thier product at or below the cost of other natural gas plants, seems pretty easy with a new high efficiency facility doesnt it?. Also you may learn the number of employees is innacurate and on the low side compared to peer plants of similar size and nobody's even mentioned the roughly 700-1000 construction jobs and the revenue those workers may bring into town. Most importantly this project would retain the counties largest taxpayer.

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Feb-26-13 8:31 AM

The other day they talked about decisions made but making people go through the motions. I believe it was referring to Dunkirk Carriage House and Petri. That is what NRG is getting from Albany. It will never happen. No gas at NRG unless whoever remains at that plant has eaten a lot of beans....

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Feb-25-13 4:18 PM

This is for the honking Dc, who knows very little. Who spends millions on few jobs ? Obama and his green energy friends . Natural gas is the cheapest way to make electricity, the Falls is running but not at capacity. the coal plants do the base line. if this was green energy , the politicians would be all over it. So our politicians are going down the wrong path as usual. Importing power from Canada.They continue the policy of dumbocrat wilson, who thought the world would run out of hydrocarbons, honk ! . Hoover and melon became friends with Frank Holmes, father of arabian oil. Thank god they did as american oil supplied the brits in WW1 , but arabian oil lifted the world out of ww2's depths. Our dumbocrats keep ticking away to the wrong answer. And they think gun owners are nuts ! Even the HSBC tower is empty now a great statement to a democratic union state, eh christopher ?

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Feb-25-13 1:31 PM

The investment of $700 million is significant but NRG will have to prove that they can produce energy at a cost that is competitive with the Niagara Power project and other producers. It all gets back to cost of production and price of product to the consumer.

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Feb-25-13 1:21 PM

So right you are Christopher.

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Feb-25-13 9:53 AM

Time to get your heads out of the sand. Albany could care less about Dunkirk and the NRG plant. Sure young and others have come down made speeches but all they care about is the votes these visits will get them come election time. We here in Dunkirk with our 12,000 people are insignificant to the powers in Albany. Let's face fact the only thing that matters in New York State is New York city. So plan for the best but expect the worst. With the problems in the county and in the city nothing is going to happen. And that;s a fact.

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Feb-25-13 9:15 AM

Hey DC, when you get past the church gaggle stuff, democratic detroit spent 1.5 billion on a movie project in an abandoned car maker site. Many jobs were promised but 20 ish is what they got. Albany has written us off. We will become a detroit for sure.

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Feb-25-13 9:04 AM

...and with that, its obvious the clueless, gaggle of church lady geese OBSERVER board has neither read nor comprehended the WNY Regional Economic Development Council strategy document, as well as the subsequent update reports.

Had they done so, at least they would have had a semblance of Cuomo/Albany's breath-taking fresh air strategic approach to local economic development.

Rather, they just waddle around going "HONK-HONK...$500+ million for 22 jobs makes sense...HONK-HONK...its a good plan...HONK-HONK...they're out of touch...HONK-HONK...woe is us....HONK-HONK..."

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Feb-25-13 8:56 AM

As far as the governor and Albany are concerned, any one spending over a half billion dollars to net only 22 long term full time jobs is gob-smacking economics.

Besides, undisclosed in their press releases, NRG has probably already approached Cuomo/Albany and asked for a myriad of economic aid, incentives and breaks. No doubt, Cuomo/Albany probably said, "Whaaat...???".

Who could blame them when through their Regional Economic Development Councils, Cuomo/Albany net more new, full time jobs with only 2/100ths of the NRG investment amount?

Christopher, do yourself a favor worthy of your respect -- google "WNY Regional Economic Development Council" and read their 60+ page strategy document. Under Cuomo, Albany doesn't view upstate as it used to, with economic development.

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Feb-25-13 7:20 AM

This is a surprise? Hoyt is nothing but a very small bone thrown to "upstate" by the VERY NYC oriented Governor. I placed the word "upstate" in quotes because in NYC, "upstate" actually ends at the Hudson River, in Albany. They couldn't find anything West of there without a GPS.

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