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Hanover questions Silver Creek DPW compliance

February 27, 2013

HANOVER — There have been many pitfalls for the village of Silver Creek in moving its department of public works building to the Bentges Distributing building on Route 5/20....

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Feb-28-13 9:29 AM

Hey OUR, sounds like you should run for election. I've read your posts, past and present, bashing the board for their efforts. And even though I agree with most of them, if you're not part of the solution, then YOU are part of the problem. Stop complaining about what other people are doing to "your hometown," step up and do something about it.

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Feb-28-13 4:20 AM

Until local business find some sort of moral, honest, and loyal ground no village will ever be good. Do you support local? Rite aid and Tops don't count. I am getting off track because I am ****** about what these people, past and present, have done to my hometown. But you see, I am not a drinking buddy and I am not push over. Nor am I, as you put it, a fireman. I would say there is an election coming up, but why bother? You have 1 man running for mayor and it won't matter who is elected trustee.

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Feb-28-13 4:12 AM

Hey bob1957, you must have some issues with the fire department based on you comments. Rightly so, but Todd has been more to the village than a fire department flunkie that it appears to seam you couldn't be. You seam to be missing my point or maybe I is not wryteing it currectly for ewe. So let me try again. There is something wrong with the village koolaid. It seams that when our elected "popular" folks get into office they seam to think much like you spell and totally miss the point that Silver Creek in no way is ever going to be bigger than itself. Those of you who think a joint Seneca/Borello waterpark/mall will revive the village are in for a disappointment. For years the old school has sat, a number of bids have come and gone to fix or demo it, but no we can and should get more. I don't agree with the greedy nature of either Bentges or the old car lot, but people were willing to take the tax hit for a "new" public works/firehouse building at the car lot.

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Feb-28-13 2:53 AM

Residents had NO say in this sale. A few corrupt reps chose to abuse the public's trust by secretly agreeing to buy the Bentges bldg. The village DOES NOT deserve this!

The mayor and his dishonest cohorts should be in jail for this, or at least publicly ridiculed and run out of town.

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Feb-27-13 8:50 PM

Here's the facts; the Village was "offered" the old car lot on Rt.5 at approximately DOUBLE it's value! They declined, though it was in the Village limits. Then they made a VERY short sighted decision to buy a building outside the Village limits which was also offered at an inflated price, but outside the Village limits. Clearly political and personal issues were allowed to enter into the decisions made, decisions BARELY legal and without written guarantees of FEMA funding, and now the bill is coming due. The Village deserves what it's getting from all parties over this. And, with the highest taxes in the county, the taxpayers deserve better.

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Feb-27-13 7:20 PM

Cut 'em some slack! Can't both sides work out their differences instead of using threats? The SC board has taken a LOT of heat for buying the Bentges bldg for DOUBLE what it's worth, and rightfully so, but some current trustees weren't involved in that scheme to pilfer taxpayer $$$.

So now what...if the Town revokes the special use permit, the village is then stuck with a bldg it can't use for the DPW? Be serious.

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Feb-27-13 3:45 PM

Hey Bob, next time you want to sound impressive, get your dictionary out first. Not only is your grammar and punctuation atrocious, but it's "canard", not "cunnard" (Cunard IS a cruise line though)and to speak in soliloquies is not the same as soloquail, which is not a word at all. Nice try there though, you get an "E" for effort. Just so you know, I don't normally pay much attention to a commenters punctuation or grammar and spelling, but when someone is clearly TRYING to sound smarter than they are, I just can't stop myself. The first comment here is correct relative to the article. The village has been a mess for years now, and the DPW situation is ridiculous.

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Feb-27-13 7:35 AM

I agree.. Tear right into them as far as the law allows, no letting them slid because of who they think they are. They have ignored and twisted every item that was asked them not only bt the Town but especially FEMA!!!! Now poor village will have to start paying for what and with out what they have. Here's another Told you so story..

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Feb-27-13 6:31 AM

lil Toddy knows all. The SCFD is not the alpha and omega of the village unless of course you are amember then its is everything in the village. What a rediciouls comment "tear em a new hole" how mature. How child like youve done more for the village than the board members combined. The FD rules right, how old are you, 2.

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Feb-27-13 4:27 AM

Tear them a new a-hole Todd. You personally have done more for the village of Silver Creek over the years than it's board members combined. The DPW was never meant to be out of the village in the first place and if they keep on believing that FEMA will fork over money after they totally disreguarded what the people asked for and were willing to pay extra for with building a new DPW because of "personal" issues with the seller, well too bad..

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