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Dunkirk man faces Leandra’s Law charge

February 27, 2013

A Dunkirk man has been charged following an accident Monday evening on Central Avenue. Dunkirk Police responded to the accident at 7:18 p.m. on Central Avenue near Bataan Avenue....

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Feb-28-13 6:12 PM

Well Drunk is drunk, So if you drink and drive you should get arrested , Drunk drivers kill people, my friend in Texas 16 year old daughter was killed cause a drunk ran into her car, he had his wife and baby in the car. Grow up people be responsible

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Feb-28-13 4:01 PM


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Feb-28-13 3:48 PM

@Christopher. If you would of read my original post here & then read the response Deloniak wrote you might understand the entire picture before you put your foot in your mouth.Look at what you wrote-Look at my original 1st comment>> they are similar>> so why do you continue to make snotty remarks to me.What makes your response any better or any different than yours? Other ppl commented with similar posts why don't you harass them or make both direct & indirect comments to them as you do to me? I wrote publically in one of my posts that I would act like if your posts were non-existant if you just left me alone & stopped with the remarks.I never claimed to know everything about the law.But I have studied it for 3 yrs/worked as a paralegal until my many illnesses took a toll on my body/and I've lived it>I have walked-crawled in many situations that I comment on & not by choice but by abuses/force that started at age 5 up til 4 yrs ago.

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Feb-28-13 9:03 AM

Darkstar..I agree with you 100%. These laws passed due to some tragedy that do nothing but add confusion or penalties to existing laws are just stupid and/or Politically motivated.

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Feb-28-13 8:53 AM


Well my issue is simply, that when get got into the car drunk and/or on drugs he put everyone, adult and child, on or near the road at risk, so what is so special about a criminals child that endangering them as well as everyone else requires a harsher penalty?

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Feb-28-13 8:03 AM

A) NEVER argue with Keepinitreal on any local criminal issues, she KNOWS!!! B) Deloniak, you've GOT to be kidding me about the beer cans and such, lol! I suppose the coke fell out of his shopping cart as well? I do disagree with all of the "feel good" laws passed for purely political reasons that add extra penalties for other crimes. We already have drunk driving laws, drug laws and endangering the welfare of a minor laws that OUGHT to cover this situation without adding whatever penalties dictated by "Leandra's Law". I feel the same way about "Hate crimes", etc., etc.

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Feb-28-13 6:02 AM

@DELONIAK I have been on the flip side & I was one that spent time in prison for inconsistencies with the good ol Dunkirk PD. I have put that out on here time & again especially when I was knocking the legal system. So don't you tell me about anything cuz if I didn't go through shyt or learn **** about the law I would not write it. And I come back to my posts & make it known when I'm wrong-I apologize publically when & if I make a mistake in reading a article & comment wrong or if I'm flat out wrong or an ass.I don't care if I have to come back & ask ppl for forgiveness. I have a backbone.I am human.And if you lives 1/2 the abusive-horrific life I have since the age of 5 you just might understand as to why I am the way I am at times by commenting so harsh.For yrs I had no voice.I was a shell of a person.When I found my voice & was able to come out of the shell & not get abused in any kind of way I say what I say. And if it comes across mean or wrong I'm

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Feb-27-13 10:17 PM

hope the family is letting him sit at the "mayville hilton" to ponder his problem and not just bail his butt out.and when he is released help him find some much needed help.he needs a prayer and a program. his family must be heartbroken.

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Feb-27-13 9:08 PM

@keepingitreal exactly what he was doing. I get all of your insecurities in the system. I get the myths that you buy into of fairness, equality and justice...just acknowledge it when someone calls you on you BS stances.

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Feb-27-13 9:07 PM

@Keepingitreal...first I didn't say that the cans WERE empty beer cans...I said in a plausible situation where you were returning cans for deposit a beer can rolls don't see get pulled over..Does that constitute an open the eyes of the law...yes. Second..I most law enforcement agencies do preliminary field tests on drugs at the scene. Did the cops test it at the scene? If were they able to confirm it was coke? I get that you all have been indoctrinated that crimes involving children are heinous...which in many aspect they are. But how do you reconcile your beliefs with inconsistencies with inadequate legal principles. Pretend there was a case for something horrific that happens every day. Lets say a crime against a young teen..lets say an adult molests a young teen? Horrific..yes. By law a teen can't consent to sex until 18. But if that same young teen killed and every prosecutor would be saying...that teen knew

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Feb-27-13 5:55 PM

@Deloniak: Wow I can't believe my eyes!! That the cans possibly could of been empty cans that fell out of a bag that were being returned to a store at an earlier time!!! Yeah OK & the coke was from a person he gave a ride to -hmmm must of fell out of his jacket pocket..It's no big deal he was driving without a license either. RIGHT? DELONIAK!! WHAT'S DISGUSTING HERE IS THAT YOU MAKE EXCUSES FOR A GROWN MAN WHO KNOWS RIGHT FROM WRONG & YOU COMPLETELY DISREGARD THE FACT THAT A INNOCENT CHILDS LIFE WAS IN DANGER FROM THE MOMENT HE WAS PUT IN THE CAR.

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Feb-27-13 4:50 PM

Deloni-crack....and maybe this, and maybe that, excuses,excuses,and MAYBE if the dog didnt stop to poop, MAYBE he would of caught the rabbit. what an idiot.

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Feb-27-13 11:10 AM


Wow, got an ax to grind or what?

Most times a drunk gets behind the wheel they make it where they are going without incident, but does that mean that they shouldn't be busted when caught?

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Feb-27-13 11:04 AM

Deloniak: Ive never ever seen such a display of anger against "the system." You blame the Observer for a police report? Or do you blame the police? Driving while intoxicated, cocaine, opened alcohol, and all at risk of a 2 year old. What's wrong with you? Why defend such actions? It appears you have an axe to grind with the police and courts. Care to tell us of it?

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Feb-27-13 10:20 AM

My only question is why should this low life get a stiffer sentence for endangering his own child as opposed to endangering every other child?

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Feb-27-13 6:49 AM

Deloidoit... And maybe.......he just happened to have a bag of coke in the car.... I hate it when that happens.

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Feb-27-13 6:34 AM

Drunk is drunk, and coke, give me a break what kind of parent drive with a child in car when you are drunk and have drugs???? he needs to be in jail

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Feb-27-13 6:19 AM

Another POS article by the Observer. First, have you ever returned cans to Walmart or Tops for the deposit...have a bag of cans...they roll around in the back of your car...maybe one or two get left behind. Now imagine one of those cans is a can a beer...maybe you don't notice it...maybe it rolls under or on the side of the seat and you don't see it...maybe you get pulled over...and the cops sees it...guess what...that is considered open container....

I like how everything was fine until the wheel fell off his if the wheel would have stayed on...the accident never would have happend. I don't what really happend is accurately portrayed in this article or the police report...just another disgusting article by the Observer.

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Feb-27-13 5:07 AM

1ST of all he should not of been allowed to take the child in the car in that condition to begin with!! I don't care what the situation was. If ya needed to work & he was the childs father so ya left the child in his care.SHAME ON YOU> I WOULD OF CALLED IN. Thank God this child did not get seriously hurt or die due to the carelessness of this man.Hopefully he is sitting in Mayville jail feeling like the huge as- he is.Just goes to show how some ppl take life for granted & they don't really think anything can or will happen to them or their loved ones.Oh how wrong they are cuz in a blink of an eye their/our whole world can come crumbling down due to acts that could/should of been avoided from the start.

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