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Rothner purchase offer off the table

March 3, 2013

Chautauqua County won’t have William (Avi) Rothner to kick around anymore....

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Mar-04-13 6:25 PM

Who's feet we talkin' about? And who are the leeches?

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Mar-04-13 8:57 AM


Sorry but I'm not ready to kiss their feet because they give us back a every shrinking portion of the money they leech from the taxypayers.

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Mar-03-13 7:08 PM

Where do you get your information....both Medicare and Medicaid pay for rehab at skilled nursing facilities.

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Mar-03-13 7:01 PM

Machine Head-if the Observer is so biased I ask you how the commentary "beaten to the finish line" made it in today's edition by an Observer staff member???? Another issue is using the two legislators names in the manner you did diminishes your credibility. That was uncalled for!

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Mar-03-13 5:44 PM

FredoniaFred...You aint Fred Cosbutt by any chance are you?....Just asking because there is definitely at least 2 legislators posting in here disguising themselves...One is Georgeb67,Borrelo..The other one is Larry Barwhore..Thats pretty low!..

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Mar-03-13 5:40 PM

Captain...This reporter is a rabblerouser and biased just like the owner of this newspaper!!..This newspaper is King Edwards tool to distort the truth!!..

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Mar-03-13 5:38 PM

CadeFoster....Expand the Re-Hab unit..Re-Hab patients pay with private pay insurance,not Medicare/Medicaid..The unit is always full,Excess patients go to other facilities..Extra beds means more up front money!!..

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Mar-03-13 5:29 PM

On 9/2/12, the J'mstwn Post Journal reported:

"From '07 to '11, CCH would've faced an annual deficit of $1.6M WITHOUT county and federal assistance. With IGT, however, CCH earned an AVG surplus (profit) of $656,000 per/yr."

During this 5 yr span, the JPJ also reported that CCH received a total of $14.9M in IGT funds, while the county's total subsidy was $6.6M, or $1.3M AVG per/yr. If the figures reported by JPJ are accurate, half of EACH contribution the county gave to CCH was RETURNED.

At such a relatively low cost to county taxpayers, I'd say the CCH is one of the most worthwile expenses of ALL county services! So please, stop saying it's "losing" money and must be sold. Doing so would have absolutely no real impact on the county's overall annual budget.

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Mar-03-13 4:32 PM


I told me legislator that I was particularly concerned as the report stated we,...the public...were being misled.

Now we can have different views..opinions..but not different FACTS.

Thanks Captain..for showing how this clearly was in the report...

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Mar-03-13 4:30 PM the legislation meeting the CEO of the Chamber used the exact same figure. Stated the HOME was losing $9,000 a day.

So I called him the next day to ask where he was getting this figure as I have reviewed the budget and read the CGR report and could not find it anywhere.

Surprise ....he never returned my call.

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Mar-03-13 4:28 PM

rosebud..I heard that as well..not sure if it is true.

So then the County SELLS the gas..yes there is a hook up right across the street. Uses the money they match for IGT funds.

What about that idea!!

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Mar-03-13 2:00 PM

The article states the sale to rothner has been rejected not the sale of the home stay tuned for chapter two.

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Mar-03-13 1:24 PM

(cont), The following is a direct excerpt from the CGR report, issued in Aug, 2012:

"...the CCH generated an overall 5-year SURPLUS (profit) of about $560,000, an AVG of about $110,000 per year."

This is what judeye has been echoing since the findings were released last yr. The ALLEGED $9000/day loss being repeated by those who favor selling CCH is a PROJECTED loss, which in all fairness, is also contained in this report.

Whether such projections come true remains to be seen, but the fact is, it HASN'T happened yet. Another point worth noting is the county's subsidy to help operate CCH is a relatively small pct of the county's total annual budget, therefore, it'd be more accurate to describe this small subsidy as worthwhile OPERATING expenses, NOT daily losses.

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Mar-03-13 1:23 PM

Ms. Skoczylas: Was the Nixonesque opening line of this article meant to be funny? Your biased writing skills may be encouraged by JD, but I doubt such bad habits will help further your career.

According to Edwards, CCH is losing $9000/day, which is a clear & deliberate distortion of the truth. Last summer, the CCLeg agreed to allocate $1.3M of county funds in order to secure $3.8M in IGT. It should be noted that this action was applauded by Edwards, who said: "it was a smart business move."

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Mar-03-13 1:03 PM

What makes you think that CSEA workers are still willing to negotiate. Now that they don't have to they will not. I didn't hear Edwards say anything about CSEA workers taking cuts.

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Mar-03-13 12:58 PM

The whiney CSEA thinks they have won. NOBODY WON! The next offer will not contain the protections for employees and residents that Rothner's offer contained. The CCH WILL be sold.

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Mar-03-13 11:35 AM

Was losing $9ooo a day, now with the 1/2 mill a year savings it should only be losing $7630 a day. Now what is cut next ? everyones pay takes a $1.00 and hour hit. how much would that save a day , maybe $2000 a day, down to losing $5630.00 a day , bring gas well on line ?? save another $630 ? a day. Down to losing only $5000 a day, better than $9000. Let hear some ideas people. Yea $1.00 an hour is a lot, but it a whole lot more than unemployment checks would be with out a job and not long term income either. And with Petri and Carriage house going away and Cott slowly dying, we need to get ideas from everyone who lives in this county. Let here some ideas.

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Mar-03-13 10:37 AM

The CSEA has spoken, they would rather see the home closed than sold. I say we should accommodate them, CLOSE THE HOME.

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Mar-03-13 9:59 AM

King Edward continues to lie!!..The gas well still sits there rusting,and the union contract that contains concessions has not been settled..Also the idea of expanding the Re-Hab unit has not been looked into..Re-Hab patients are private insurance payers,Not Medicare/Medicaid!!..

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Mar-03-13 9:54 AM

bronski....You are absolutely correct!!..6 years of savings for the Home down the drain,Because King Longshanks Edwards decided to sabotage the Home!!..He has squandered taxpayers money and should be removed from office!!..

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Mar-03-13 9:17 AM

I think I read some place that, If the Gas Well is used for income, the Home would get the same amount LESS from the State"..So we would be no farther ahead..Don't you think that it would be used if it could be, bronski ???

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Mar-03-13 8:16 AM

Laugh now cry later. Big mistake!! The other thing Edwards needs to do is get rid of Tim and get someone capable of managing the place.

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Mar-03-13 6:53 AM

Hurray, Edwards finally did something right. These changes should have been made 6 years ago when he took office. We would not going through all this for months wasting time and money. Now if connects the gas well watch out. Something is better than nothing instead of something sitting idol. Thank you to the legislators that step in and did the right thing. Now lets move forward and do something to change the way this county is going.

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