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'Exciting opportunity' for districts

Dunkirk, Fredonia schools to combine their pre-k programs

March 6, 2013

A new educational collaboration will benefit pre-school children in the Dunkirk and Fredonia school communities....

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Mar-07-13 7:49 AM

It use to be if your child went to pre-k it was paid for by you. Then the freeloaders said my kid should have that and then tax payers were paying for it. I think it's now called an entitlement.

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Mar-07-13 6:31 AM

To those of you who call this "babysitting" CLEARLY know nothing about today's educational requirements.Since the Common Core Learning Standards have been crammed down our throats, even pre-k has a curriculum to prepare students for kindergarten. Sad, but true. If Dunkirk and Fredonia ignore pre-k, the hopes of their students meeting the ridiculously challenging requirements of CCLS is gone. It ain't your momma's school anymore, friends.

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Mar-06-13 4:57 PM

Phil, you always point out how expensive it is to educate a student in Dunkirk. Why on earth would Fredonia residents ever want to take on that financial burden???? Same goes for your consolidated DK/Fred police force. Don't force me to pay for your bloated budgets.

Chris, Racism????? Scumbags come in all colors. That's why I got the heck out of Dunkirk. If you keep your property neat and clean I'll be your best friend. The moment you let it go to h e l l, then we have a problem no matter what color you are.

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Mar-06-13 4:52 PM

Here I am. Wouldn't want to disappoint you. Why should I be excited about this. It's just another free loader perk. It certainly won't lower my taxes or yours. The other thing is I am not with Phil and looking for Dk and Fredonia to merge on anything. I'm not saying there is not too much govt and I think Chaut Cty should be one school district. I am saying Fredonia doesn't need to take on Dk's mess. If you partner with someone you look for someone that is not going down the drain.

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Mar-06-13 2:28 PM

Of course it’s taxpayer subsidized baby sitting. And it’s probably paid for by people who can’t afford to use it, and used by those that don’t pay for it.

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Mar-06-13 2:14 PM

I totally agree w/ Phil on the babysitting. I think a much more important issue in schools, if it applies to WNY, is physical education. All the complaining about overweight kids, and school diets and they have basically cut way back on phys-Ed and instead offer all day babysitting. Sad!

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Mar-06-13 1:14 PM

I applaud any effort to combine forces in the Dunkirk and Fredonia communities. In the final analysis we need only one school district to serve both communities. At some point, when the3 taxpayers have suffered enough, there will be pressures to merge both school districts, not because we want to but because we have to. As for pre-k (also known as nursery school) maybe I am old fashioned but I still see it as taxpayer subsidized baby sitting.

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Mar-06-13 12:34 PM

Where are Phil and Commentor, They should be all over this. This is what they have been looking for. I'm sure it won't be good enough. Good going both Dunkirk and Fredonia Schools, great start, keep it up. Your looking out for both the children and the tax payers, Thank You both.

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Mar-06-13 10:54 AM

I am thrilled for the Pre-K students in both Fredonia and Dunkirk. However, the article mis-stated that the playground problem was resolved to the youngest students attending Fredonia. The Kindergarteners at the Main campus still need an age appropriate playground!

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Mar-06-13 10:42 AM

I'd argue that point, Baseball. Yes, there are many Fredonia bashers, but I'd bet Dunkirk bashers outnumber them at least 2 to 1. And I hate to point it out, but the majority of Dunkirk bashing has at least an element of racism involved. Be that as it may, this is one heck of a good start at MAYBE getting past at least SOME of that.

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Mar-06-13 9:48 AM

Rumblefish, you forgot all the Fredonia bashers, just as many of those as Dunkirk bashers!

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Mar-06-13 9:48 AM

RED LETTER DAY!!!! Fredonia and Dunkirk cooperating on something? Wow! Great news, all sarcasm aside. Could it be a trend?

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Mar-06-13 9:40 AM

This is a good idea

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Mar-06-13 9:27 AM

well lookie here,the Hatfield's and McCoys can work together when they try,I just can't wait for all the Dunkirk bashes to take issue with this...

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