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State: Lawsuit adds to cycle

March 8, 2013

If you can’t beat ’em, sue ’em. Apparently that is the reaction of the New York State United Teachers, which filed a lawsuit last month against New York state for its 2 percent tax cap....

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Mar-16-13 1:50 PM

WAH! We can't increase taxes each year by more than the average cost-of-living salary increase percentage. WAAAAAH! Let's sue so we can circumvent restrictions that were implemented so tax increases don't run amok!

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Mar-16-13 12:41 PM

RipleyResident, I guess he doesn't agree with you that we do.

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Mar-11-13 12:11 PM

Regalski - You cry about others arguments being hate filled and unfounded. You point to name calling and insults. I just re-read the 4 posts that you have on this thread, and you do nothing but attempt to discredit those who have different views than you. Not one fact. No direct insults, but some certainly implied. I'm disappointed.

For the record, you have a right to your opinion, do you not agree that the rest of us do too?

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Mar-11-13 8:00 AM

Tom, your many rants (of people being against America) fail to see the one fact that is common to all. We love our country. We just have very little (if any) trust that the politicians are doing anything for our best interests, hence the complete distrust of the "government". As they consistently have shown, their interest lies in only getting re-elected to keep the taxpayer paid credit cards and the ability to do things that would get you and I thrown in jail. Keep telling yourself that it's "Of, For, and By the People". They are above the law, which makes them even more dangerous and less trust worthy. Don't think so? Try to make a million dollars on an insider trading deal and see how fast your in prison. But it's business as usual to the politicians. So, here we are back to the "Animal Farm" analogy. Some people are more "equal" than others. But that is just fine in your view?

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Mar-11-13 1:55 AM

The far left like reggie want to bring down America as we know and love it and he thinks I'm dangerous. WOW

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Mar-10-13 10:46 PM

Tom, so now disagreement with you is "hatred"? Wait, you may be onto something there, I have never heard that anywhere before. Until people started asking questions about Obama. Then any question asked was (of could it not be?) racist and full of hatred. Try a different tack Tom, I have to much respect for your intellect to believe you have resorted to this.

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Mar-10-13 7:53 PM

I have asked you what part of your 1st Amendment right to free speech you are willing to give up along with the 2nd amendment rights. Other then the ones clinton, bush and obama already have taken. Especially bush and Obama with the non-Patriot Act.

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Mar-10-13 7:50 PM

" You must live an unfortunately unhappy life: everyone is wrong" No not everyone is wrong. There are many that have it right and some of them are even democrats. Your just not one of them. Sorry but your views really are far left wing and this great nation doesn't need that thinking to stay great.

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Mar-10-13 1:09 PM

American: you credit me with "liberal hate and garbage. How would you describe your views: fascist hate an garbage? Would that insult (which I don't actually mean) help anything? Sticks and stones . . . and all that I thought was resolved on the play ground. Yet you resort to this kind of flimflam when you don't actually have an argument based on evidence or reason. Perhaps that's too much to assume, since I take it that you're not exactly well-informed except about what you hate. You must live an unfortunately unhappy life: everyone is wrong (except your small echo-chamber) and you're views will save us from . . . . democracy, which is based on dialogue and reasonable debate. I doubt your credentials: you are so consumed with the slogans about the 2nd amendment that you show no understanding of the rest of the Constitution. Instead, you carry on in your 1st Amendment rights, despite any degree of an attempt to communicate anything except your hate for our system. Really

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Mar-10-13 12:58 PM

Mike: I have no intention of pugilistic anything. The point is that the kinds of insults you (and others in these forums) make you apparently aren't willing to do face-to-face (in person) in a public forum moderated (and I stress "moderated") by someone who might actually point us in the right direction. It is irresponsible and cowardly to insult someone repeatedly, because you are not subject to their immediate response, in person. I once thought you might be reasonable; now I know that no amount of reason will temper your hatred. If anyone still reads this forum, after all the blather you've spilled, I hope they might agree that you're a dangerous person to the American way.

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Mar-10-13 12:53 PM

Steiner: I won't waste words on you. Either you can't spell or you're so emotional in your rants that you don't care, but your reply--if that's what it is--is so obviously hate filled that you can't convince readers who don't already agree with you, that you're a reasonable person and good citizen. I should ignore you but I'm amused at the repetition of slogans and insults that you think makes a case--to whom, your buddies at the local bar? Are you sober when you write this tripe?

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Mar-09-13 8:37 AM

All of you posters missed what the teachers union is doing ! especially Dc who cant get past church lady gaggle.Where do state taxes come from DC ? The teachers union is trying to overt turn a law duly passed. This is out an out greed by those beloved teachers. NY spends a lot on education, with poor results. hey posters, how come ya missed this. Was it due to global warming ?From the posters like regelski and dc we see the usual lib answer, compromise, agree with the lib position or you are hate filled. This is mental illlness folks.Anti socuial regelski ? have you seen the teachers union and other union people behave on TV ? They are the anti social ones, not me. You and dc are confused libs.

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Mar-09-13 12:11 AM

"For those who follow these forums, you would expect from" Regelski you know he spouts liberal hate and garbage. Thank you MikeDavis for all you great contributions.

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Mar-09-13 12:08 AM

Wah wah wah it's for the children ya right!

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Mar-08-13 9:55 PM

Dc? Without trying to sound condescending...did you learn a new word on Jeopardy? You sure like to say "gaggle" alot. Along with your intensly juvenile word smithing. Oh, wait a gosh, I think I may have it! Are you on your parents computer, without permission at that? You better get to bed, you know how cranky you get when you don't get your way. How much longer before they allow you back into Chuck E. Cheese's again, after the last tantrum?

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Mar-08-13 9:47 PM

Tom, I just re-read your post. Are you saying you would resort to (possibly) pugilistic activity because of some words I spoke you didn't like? Why, next you'll be saying it's ok to kill American citizens with drone strikes because the President says it's okay. The heck with that large. learned brain of yours to reason with..and the heck with that old moth eaten piece of paper (the U.S. Constitution) and due process. I would account very well for my stated opinion, with my voice. I've found it saves a lot of pain and anguish if I talk excited people until they calm down. I wouldn't want anyone having a coronary event because of adrenalin and misplaced bravado.

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Mar-08-13 7:38 PM

Oh Dc your cleverness is only surpassed by your bloated ego. Maybe in a ten years you'll hit puberty and learn how to talk like an adult. Tom, I am stating what has happened here after the last five ballot measures were presented to the voters to increase the taxes for the schools. Always the chant it's for the children and within two weeks of each passing the lying cockroaches were on strike for more money. The net effect was a big fat zero went to the children. The admin and union divided up the increased budget. So no, I don't trust a teacher when they say that inane statement. 80% of kids in one recent survey graduated high school and could NOT read. Some great job by the professionals there.

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Mar-08-13 6:17 PM

judeye, when you do, write a letter to the editor, and maybe JD will print it.

[back on topic] - If it's truly "all about the children," the teachers union should SUPPORT consolidation and reduction of overhead so tax dollars can be spent on the curriculum rather than on layer upon layer of administration!

Who really needs a "soup to nuts" bureaucracy, all the way up to superintendent, for just 300-400 students?

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Mar-08-13 5:12 PM

DKexpat...not on topic at all. Just wanted to let you know..I finally made it down to go through the file on the gas well at the county home. I have lots of info that I got..much is confusing..and I am still trying to sort it all out.

Will try to keep all to what I can sort out...thanks for your help in helping me use the FOIA

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Mar-08-13 4:05 PM

" wouldn't know a good deal if it sat in your lap and wiggled."

This comment quickly reminded me of a statement recently made by an Indonesian Judge, who was quoted as saying: "...victims of rape and the rapist might have enjoyed their intercourse together..."

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Mar-08-13 2:09 PM

“Inequities and poverty are a product of high taxes…” Where’d that come from? What’s the basis in fact? I do, however, agree with the last part “…a lack of consolidation by both the schools and municipalities.”

Phil and I keep beatin’ the drum for consolidated districts – it sure works here in VA! Although homes are far more expensive here, my total tax rate – property and school – is $1.23/thousand and has DECREASED over the past four years due to fiscal prudence by my county legislature (which also must approve the school budget).

My consolidated district has 70,000+ students – and just 1 superintendent (and 3 asst. supers for curriculum, facilities and personnel). That, alone, is $3 million less than Chau Cty taxpayers spend – EVERY year – for all their supers!

Think 1 purchasing dept., 1 IT department, 1 payroll dept., 1 maintenance dept., etc. have a lower administrative burden than, what, 17 of them?

The NYS Legislature needs to wake up and incent districts to merge.

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Mar-08-13 12:34 PM

dcronlg - so where does the rest of the money come from? Obama? It is all tax money, from one source or another, sometimes offset by some lotto money but not so much in NY.

Paying teachers is not anything like buying a car. Nice try though.

And good insult, way to make a point.

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Mar-08-13 12:01 PM

Regelski: on a prior discussion, MikeyD was clearly Deficient In Cervix Knowledge. He also is clearly a Totally Out Of Loop on complex applications of constitutional matters.

I now know why. His ranting hostility towards teachers is a glaring public self admission on his militant ignorance.

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Mar-08-13 11:53 AM

Ripley -- Breaking down teacher cost down to cost per child as a unit cost is the exact same process used in determining the cost of a car --the summation of costs of all car components. Its Accounting 101. Its not silly -- its even how your productivity (or not in your case) is determined.

State taxes: Ripley gets over 75% of its school budget from state taxes. This county is 9% of that amount. So, add the less than 25% you pay plus 6.7% (.75 x.09)'re not even close to paying for over two-thirds of Ripley's school budget.

Sounds like you wouldn't know a good deal if it sat in your lap and wiggled.

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Mar-08-13 11:19 AM

Declining enrollment, and state mandates, and union contracts. That pretty much sums up the issue in entirety. There really is not a lot of discretionary spending in schools.

They get grants, that have specific use restrictions.

When they have enough, they can add programs, but it is more difficult to remove those programs when enrollment declines.

State mandates, salaries, insurances, retirement programs, not a lot of flexibility there.

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