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Why our military can survive cuts

March 11, 2013

I wonder if any cuts will ever be proposed for the military that won’t be met with arguments of them placing our soldiers in danger and/or weakening our “Military Preparedness” or something along......

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Mar-14-13 10:39 PM

In the coming weeks or months when North Korea invades South Korea military spending will go through the roof. Not only will America come to the aid of the South buut many young men and women will die. And for what? It has been 60 years since the Korean conflict and we still continue to send men and women to their deaths. Time for America to get its head out of its ass and start spending money on roads bridges. But this will never happen as it is the intention of all politicians to make the world follow the lead of America. And I do not need to tell you in which direction we are heading.

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Mar-14-13 5:03 PM

Phil-the Women,children,and older men in halabja were not caused by WMD? What the heck do you call that stuff,channel #5?Have you seen the grotesque pictures of those women and little kids? If not,let me know,I have them!

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Mar-14-13 9:23 AM

Joew - flawed intelligence? The united Nations inspectors completed a thorough investigation of WMD in Iraq and they concluded that there were NONE! Don't be fooled - Bush knew exactly what he was doing and as a result of his stupidity thousands of Americans lost their lives along with $12-15 billion poer month. I continue to believe that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfield all belong in jail for their crimes against humanity.

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Mar-13-13 8:34 PM

Judeye-how is it that you know "THEY KNEW"? More insider info? Saddam did possess WMD"s by the way. WMD's do not have to be nuclear. Witness the massacre in Halabja.

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Mar-13-13 7:18 PM

joew...THEY KNEW. They knew the information was a forgery. They knew there were no wmd. They knew that is clear.

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Mar-13-13 7:16 PM

American..exactly and that is what MUST change.

the tax code which allows millionaires to pay lower tax rates than middle class.

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Mar-13-13 6:45 PM

Judeye-the President has yet to release his budget so how are you able to tell us about the "cuts"??? He won't release it until April 8th which is over two months late in violation of the law. Do you have some sort of crystal ball or do you have a "inside" source? President Bush did not lie Judeye,he was provided with flawed intelligence just like some on your side of the aisle were when they supported his decision. This President has added more to the national debt than all other Presidents combined.

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Mar-13-13 11:15 AM

"Why should I pay a higher tax rate than someone like Mitt Romney?" Same reason you pay a higher tax rate then obama,reid, pelosi etc. You don't make enough money to use the loopholes they do.

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Mar-13-13 9:06 AM

joew...go to the White House web site for the actual plan..which shows in detail the planned cuts.

Oh yes there is a plan to make cuts. Some of the proposed cuts many in his base (like ME) oppose. Yet he still has offered cuts...and wants increase in revenues as well.

What has the gop offered to increase in revenues?

Oh, if you want more information on how we the people of this country were lied to so we could invade Iraq I would suggest just google it.

Here ya start... "Amid questions about prewar intelligence, the White House is acknowledging that President Bush was incorrect when he said in his State of the Union address that Iraq recently had sought significant quantities of uranium in Africa...The president's statement in the State of the Union was incorrect because it was based on forged documents from the African nation of Niger"

And they KNEW it was a lie...yet said it anyway.

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Mar-13-13 8:49 AM

stangv8... James Clapper Nat Intelligence Director "Let me now be blunt for you and for the American people," he said. "Sequestration forces the intelligence community to reduce all intelligence activities and functions without regard to impact on our mission.... sequestration jeopardizes our nation's safety and security, and this jeopardy will increase over time," and then he goes on "I'm very concerned about the actions of the new young leader — very belligerent — and the rhetoric that has been emanating from the North Korean regime," he said. "The rhetoric, while it is propaganda-laced, is also an indicator of their attitude and perhaps their intent."

Oh yes, now is NOT the time to reduce our Nat security..including threats via cyberattacks.

Not a hawk..but not a fool either. We need a strong nat security..especially right now with a new leader on the scene who might think he has to prove himself.

Hope you are right re China...but stil

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Mar-13-13 8:43 AM

stangv8...I would LOVE that if we can include all the capital gains, estate, money put in Cayman Islands and other offshore places, stop the subsidies to companies who do not need them.

Let them pay the same tax rate as I do, with NO tax loopholes for them to slide through.

Why should I pay a higher tax rate than someone like Mitt Romney?

Oh, by the way..have you heard this one..."In December, U.S. Justice Department officials announced that HSBC, Europe’s largest bank, would pay a $1.92 billion fine after laundering $881 million for drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia. At the time, the Justice Department disputed accusations that it views some banks as too big to prosecute."

Why, as Sen Warren has asked, if you get caught with cocaine you go to jail..but if you get caught laudering big bucks you only pay a fine and get to go home?


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Mar-13-13 7:40 AM

Phil-but we need to send that 20 million to Morocco to teach pottery making don't we? Oh and the 1.5 million to the MA hospital to study why lesbian women are obese but gay men aren't? Yep we need mote revenue!

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Mar-12-13 7:58 PM

Amazing that under squester we are threatened with cuts to meat inspectors, air traffic controlers, education and even tours of the White House. Has anyone noticed that cuts to foreign aid appears to be off the table? Do you think we are being hood-winked again? Maybe sequester is just what the doctor ordered but the cuts should have been 20% not 2.5%.

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Mar-12-13 5:16 PM

StangV8-are you kidding me? You mean everybody paying their fair share? Why that's outrageous!! You did well in life through hard work and darn it you need to pay more. Sorry got carried away!

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Mar-12-13 4:29 PM

Judeye, how about for once we all are Americans in this together? Just for once, how about thinking of us as a nation instead of different classes? If we get rid of the Bush tax cuts for one group because we feel they have enough, let’s get rid of those tax cuts for everybody. How about we, as a nation, share the tax burden equally instead of having a small percentage paying the lion’s share of taxes. I think a flat tax rate of, say, 7% for every American to include that 47% who pay no federal income taxes would be fair. This way, each and every one of us Americans has the same percentage of skin in the game. Both is us will pay 7% of whatever income we get to federal taxes. Just think, you and Mitt, the Kennedys, Bill Gates, and others will be on the same footing when it comes to shared sacrifice

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Mar-12-13 4:20 PM

Here is a question - when they are making these cuts, why is the education assistance being cut for new recruits, yet we can offer tuition assistance to illegal aliens? This is the administration's problem, my friends - Obama is more concerned with catering to people here illegally - and you can rest assured that during his remaining time in office, he will make sure we descend to third world country status, and will try to remove us as the #1 super power in the world. He is no better than the terrorists he claims to want annihilated - he is just approaching it in a different way.

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Mar-12-13 4:19 PM

Judeye, I agree with you on the North Koreans. With them developing nuclear capability, they are dangerous. The good thing is the Chinese are starting to get concerned and hopefully, they cool the young hothead running North Korea down. If he were to launch a nuclear strike against the US or South Korea, it will be met by an immediate response bu us and the Chinese don't want that on their border.

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Mar-12-13 9:11 AM

Christopher and the libs have problems with MAD, mutual assured destruction. It led to large nubers of warheads and did work.I think von Neumann was the major author of this. Large number of rounds always frighten a liberal.SAFE act .They adopted a MAD proposal of their own. Aborting babies. Hey judeye, was LBJ prosecuted for gulf of tonkin ? I think not. Obama toppled qaddafy. Was that OK ? How about the war on poverty, trillions spent with more on food stamps than ever. A true democratic success .

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Mar-12-13 9:09 AM

Judeye-the President got revenue increases in a deal reached last month-remember? Now please show me one thing,just one thing the President has agreed to cut. He has not Judeye but he sure wants more of my money to fuel the out of control spending. How many more billions for the expanded head-start program that his own HHS study says is worthless once children reach third grade! The problem is spending,not revenue!

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Mar-12-13 9:02 AM

judeye, do you ever stop asking for taxes from other people ? i remember you said you could not afford a tax increase, but you believe others should. wow, how fair of you ? war in Iraq and destruction there ? who cares ? it is just the replay of the same west /east going on for a 1000 years. Plus, iraq does have a lot of oil. You do know about oil judeye , right ? Green energy is a dud. So Iraq is a continuation of Churchils work, plain and simple. read history judeye. Churchill made iraq. Supergiant oil fields. we should prosecute the democrats for being so stupid.

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Mar-12-13 9:01 AM

Judeye-great idea about arresting and prosecuting those that lied. Who lied by the way. If someone did lie can we have the bunch that lied to us about Benghazi brought up on charges as well?

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Mar-12-13 7:55 AM

Cuts Cuts Cuts

but where are the revenue increases? to let the Bush tax breaks for those making more than $400,000 a year that is enough revenues? $2.50 in spending cuts for every $1 in revenue.

We need a balanced approach.

Cuts AND increase in revenues.

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Mar-12-13 7:44 AM

stangv8...not sure about them..but N Korea is the one who makes me nervous.

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Mar-12-13 7:39 AM


I just wonder why we did not arrest and prosecute those who knowingly lied to us to get us to invade another country. Killing thousands of our troops, harming families, causing injuries that may never heal, displacing entire towns, destroying the cities, etc. Oh I know the reasons..but do not like them at all...

War is to be a LAST resort and never preemptive. By the way, what were the names of the hijackers from Iraq? Oh yes that is right...NONE.

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Mar-11-13 12:13 PM

It's interesting that the usual liberal answer for a problem is to be throw more money at it. But in this case the answer is to take money away. That said, I do think the money could be accounted for a helluva lot better than it currently is, as well as an "across the board" cut of ten per cent. The issue with any and all cuts are they aren't used to lower the deficit, they are used to start more federal programs. The US needs to stop spending and start paying down the darned thing.

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