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Kiyak squares off with former councilman

March 20, 2013

Sometimes a seemingly simple question can just cause a problem....

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Mar-20-13 6:53 AM

BS decision on the part of Ms. Kiyak. It was a simple question and should have been answered.

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Mar-20-13 7:49 AM

The fact here is James was the FORMER councilman. He doesn't run the meetings anymore! That is why we have elected officials. Funny thing is he wouldn't have done any different if he was in charge.

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Mar-20-13 8:20 AM

Council at large has the right to run the meeting the way she sees fit to run it. Muscato doesn't run the council anymore and Kiyak slapped his hand when he tried to take control. In the end Muscato got his question answered.....on Kiyak's terms, not his own. Good for you Stephanie.

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Mar-20-13 9:11 AM

what's being missed is the elephant in the room,all these projects for clean up started with the DLDC,the DEC gets involved and in the end the Dunkirk Taxpayer will foot the bill, we hear that the city and the DLDC are separate,yet when it comes to site clean up they appear to be joined at the hip? DLDC spills their milk and the city cleans it up,just another example of the taxpayer getting shafted again...

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Mar-20-13 9:22 AM

Is this all that happened at the council meeting the admonishment of Mr. Muscato. What I and taxpayers would like to know who is going to pick up the tab for the police and fire protection requested for the Junnteenth festival? Why should the taxpayer foot the bill for a festival that is being held on city property? Will the city provide police protection for my birthday party at the point if I request it? The High school pays for police overtime at high school functions. Are the organizers going to foot the bill for Juneteenth? What is the answer Mr. Mayor and council?

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Mar-20-13 9:26 AM

The Al Tech property has been vacant for how many decades? Why now is it going to be cleaned up? Who in their right mind would locate a business in Dunkirk utilizing this site. It has to be obvious the site does not pose a clear and present danger so why pay the money to have it cleaned up? Think about this, then ask yourself why is Dunkirk in the shape it is in? I will leave the rest to you.

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Mar-20-13 10:04 AM

Hadenough, you need to direct those questions about Al Tech and other development questions to James Muscato. I think he has been on the planning board for over 10 years. He SHOULD know everything that has been going on.

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Mar-20-13 10:51 AM

Mr. Muscato may have an issue with not being in charge, or having any official status, but it would have been easy enough to answer a simple question. The guy only has 3 minutes on the floor, he couldn't take over the meeting.

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Mar-20-13 11:23 AM

rumblefish - The City & DLDC seem to be tied together in the Bertges cleanup, but the DLDC is in no way involved in the Al Tech site cleanup or the Marina clean up.

If there is a problem with the relationship between the DLDC and City, remember that Muscato is on the board of directors. He should know what's going on.

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Mar-20-13 11:23 AM

Mr. Christopher, I have been to many a meeting where a simple question leads to a heated debate lasting longer then 3 minutes. That is why there are rules.

More importantly the public comment time is for people who have FOILed their request, done their homework, been given information and then can comment on their findings.

Allowing someone to start asking questions opens up public comment to a FOIL request session where non-stop people can start asking all kinds of questions. Would it really be fair to allow one type question but not another type question?

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Mar-20-13 11:43 AM

if the DLDC is not involved with the AL TECK clean up then why is there a steering committee being formed to plan the clean up,don't believe that its true check the current article about it in this paper, the mayor and the head of the DLDC has publicly asked for volunteers to join it

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Mar-20-13 11:45 AM

well luckally for mr. muscato.he is up the creek without a kiyak on this one...

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Mar-20-13 11:52 AM

"Because this is my meeting and I'm allowing the mayor to speak to you," Kiyak said.....EXCUSE ME? She can run the meeting but as it being HER is everyones meeting!! A person has a right to ask any question of their elected officials....they may not get an answer but still have the right to ask the questions. How about Snyder doing the investigative work instead of pursuing why Kiyak did what she did!For a person who's only lived here a short period of time and one who has touted transparency she sure has been giving the impression she knows everything about everything.It was a simple question and the point Muscato was inherently making was...he may be on these Boards and they may suggest one thing or agree on something else...BUT as we all know, the City always seems to do whatever they want. Say what you will, disagree or not..Jim knows his stuff and is not dumb by a long shot

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Mar-20-13 12:02 PM

[Santora added] I forgot to add in my comment how I wished Bill Dill was still around for the Observer. We'd have a "digger" and maybe understand a lot more of City workings.

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Mar-20-13 1:14 PM

teacher teacher FYI. Mr. Muscato no longer holds a position of authority in the city. These questions are the business of the sitting Mayor and council. It seems to this reader that no one not the mayor or the council know what the*****is going on in this city. As for deferring the question to a subordinate this is proof enough that the elected body of the city has no clue. Also, for the Observer to dedicate an entire article to this subject kinds tells me he Observer is in need of an overhaul.

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Mar-20-13 1:18 PM

it not a secret that Ms. Kiyak has a real dislike for the former council-person at large, still being snippy is no excuse for a public official to act

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Mar-20-13 1:52 PM

Santora, you are dead wrong. The Councilwoman at Large DOES run the meeting. Seems like you boys don't like the idea of a woman telling you what to do. Hahaha. Public comment time is not a question and answer session.

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Mar-20-13 2:25 PM

Ms Kiyak is technically correct but this is a procedural issue that has been blown out of proportion. I personally would like to know what is involved with the larger issue of the AL Tech clean up? Does it involve more than the Lucas Ave. site and why is the city responsible? One more question - why do we need a DLDC?

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Mar-20-13 2:27 PM

so when and where is the time to hold public officials accountable for the choices that they make,as we see it JM was trying to get an answer to city involvement on the public record, if questions are not going to be accepted and or answered then what is the sense of attending a public meeting?

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Mar-20-13 3:19 PM

Kiyak likes to practice what is known as Obama Transparency.

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Mar-20-13 3:28 PM

I was always taught that if you don't know something ask a question. It is going to be interesting to see how Kiyak handles the speech concerning the fiework given by a Fredonia resident. According to council rules I believe that only residents of the city are allowed to address the council. However, instead of meeting twice month to accomplish basically nothing. Do something. Handle the issues of the people and the city. I mean who really care about people needing a permit to play music at the point.

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Mar-20-13 4:32 PM

Now now children. Isn't this professional.

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Mar-20-13 7:06 PM

Dear James are no longer an elected official, please do the residents of the city of Dunkirk a favor and kindly go away!...You go to the meetings to stir up trouble and attempt to act like your in charge..not because you have the citys best interests in mind.

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Mar-20-13 7:20 PM

Phil, we need a DLDC because you can’t successfully deal 3 card monte with one card.

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Mar-20-13 7:30 PM

Last one out of Dunkirk and don't ask any questions!

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