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Westfield elects new mayor

March 20, 2013

There is a new mayor in Westfield. Following Tuesday’s spring election results, Michael VandeVelde is the new mayor of the village. He defeated incumbent David Carr, who had been mayor since 2005....

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Mar-21-13 11:44 AM

Did he say Change ? Change is what everyone will get if this is indicative of a Democratic way of li(f)e. You do know what has happened to our nation in our change we received from President Obama. You will all be left with change in your pocket . Democrat party politics is spend/spend/spend and conservative/republic politics is status quo and reduce spending. In our world can we spend our way out of a lost economy. Can you really say this agenda is good for westfield ? Drop the politics. Thank Mayor Carr for serving his nation in the Korean War, for protecting our community as a State policeman and for keeping Westfield clean, safe, and place people want to live in. thank you Mayor Carr . time to rest you deserve it.

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Mar-21-13 8:16 AM

To INDEPENDANT, you need to learn to spell.

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Mar-21-13 8:04 AM

If a candidate offers no plans just comments like I want lower taxes, or I want new development, or we need a new direction, you get what you voted for which is a gimmick. It is a deceptive trick used by someone running who has no background and no platform or principles on which to run. It happens alot!

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Mar-21-13 7:17 AM

I would like to know what the new mayor's plans are for development in the community are since he never mentioned a plan prior to the election. Its easy for someone to say they want develpment thats is just a statement. Lets hear your plans Mikey?

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Mar-21-13 7:07 AM

Sorry, my first comment should read: 98% of the black voters voted for Obama because he was black. So are you saying that the majority of that 98% are ignorant because they were not independent enough to vote outside their race/political party?

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Mar-21-13 7:02 AM

And in regards to your math calculation, I would think there are close to 2000 voters of age in Westfield. That being said the winner had less then 25% of the available voting population. That isn't a very good number. The loser had about 11%, even worse.

The clear fact is the voters did not show up for the election, whether they were turned off by the choice or the weather.

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Mar-21-13 6:57 AM

Independent, you either have no creditability or you are cluesless on how politics worked in Westfield and many small town and villages and even in the general election. Do you really think 98% of the black population didn't vote for Obama for the simple reason he was black?

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Mar-20-13 10:41 PM

One last comment on this, the lack of election education is terrible. One true right an individual has and most don't excercise it nor know anything about it. Anyone is able to go to the board of elections. Get a print out of Registered voters in your community. On that list it will show name, address, DOB, address, party affiliation and voting history, meaning did they vote in General elections, village election etc. I dare the commentors to take the time to add up the voters who voted in the Westfield village election. Note their party affiliation, add up the total votes and wow, your going to be amazed!!!! The Republicans did come out and vote, and they voted in who they felt was right!!!! Westfield has 600 + registered republicans and 300 registered Democrats, with 700 plus votes cast yesterday, you do the math!!! True intelects on here!!!

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Mar-20-13 10:35 PM

Pathetic !!! All I can say for the negativity. This day and age if you truly vote based on a party affiliation your a disgrace!! Be an independant thinker and vote for who's right in your own mind. Not your neighbors, wives, friends or party's mind. You vote based on your findings on a candidate. Thinking the new mayor already prior to even being sworn in on April 1st will follow the lead of a past mayor is intelligence at its best, I'd have to say it's a great thing you aren't the one who was elected. You obviously don't think that someone can think for themselves. Don't forget a Mayor has no more power than the four trustee's. So have some faith in the elected trustees. Also don't hide behind your computer screen, get out to a public meeting and get involved. I can bet this isn't the case with the commentors. There's a reason our president can only serve two terms, its not healthy for the citizens future development.

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Mar-20-13 4:24 PM

I demand a recount! The Republicans guaranteed me they would win, and Republicans don't lie! Recount those ballots, and if the Democrats are still ahead, count them again!

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Mar-20-13 2:34 PM

Westfield will get new development when the rest of the county gets new development. THAT WILL ALL TAKE PLACE WHEN WE REDUCE THE SIZE AND COST OF GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!

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Mar-20-13 10:24 AM

Looks like the Republican voters in the Village thought the election was next week. They didn't show up.

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Mar-20-13 9:55 AM

Bill, great point! Everyone thinks development is the issue. I would like to know if the newly elected mayor gave any ideas prior to election on how he planned to get new development or was that just a slogan. Everyone in Dunkirk, Fredonia, Jamestown, ect wants development but after the elections we never see any. Same in Westfield.

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Mar-20-13 9:36 AM

The voters of Westfield got fooled again! Mike's top advisor will be no one other then Ron C. Does anyone recall Ron's actions when he was in office? Do you recall Ron's son's actions with the burned out downtown building? Everyone was asking back then where is the money both with the building and with Ron and the the Village doing business with Jack's welding. Is that the change you wanted Westfield?

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Mar-20-13 9:32 AM

Development in Westfield, did he say Development in Westfield?

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Mar-20-13 8:47 AM

Guess it wasn't a good idea to make enemies of the Fire Dept. or the Police Dept..Congrats. to the new Mayor..

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Mar-20-13 8:23 AM

Good luck with Catalano Jr. Will they reinstate the thievery from his term?

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