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Merger recommended

Consultants present Brocton/Westfield report

March 21, 2013

BROCTON — The consultants from Western New York Educational Service Counsel recommended the merger of the Brocton and Westfield school districts, and the State Education Department accepted their......

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Mar-24-13 1:59 PM

I'm not saying money is not important.I'm saying our children's education is first.We need to step back and say OK what is best for them first and then worry about how to make it cost effective. I have not heard the first thing from anyone yet about this is what is best for the kids.Its all about money first.A merger will cause cut back someplace so how is that not going to save money? Its just where are those cuts backs going to be? It should not be on those things that will effect the point of the merge which is the kids.Sorry if teachers and administration have to lose jobs,but if your into education then you should be thinking of what is best for the children. However that is not the case,everyone is only worried about their own pockets and this is the problem with America these days,greed,and its what we are teaching our children.

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Mar-24-13 1:42 PM

No Sorry Bill,but I do.Everyone does even those who don't own and pay rent as their rent goes up when the taxes do.It just comes down to some of us feel there are more important things in life (our children)other than money,because in the end you can't take it with you.

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Mar-23-13 2:19 PM

You can always tell someone who doesn't pay property taxes or doesn't pay much in property taxes. MOMOF3 fits into the category. We pay anywhere from $18.000 and up per student now. What wrong with asking for a tax decrease if your suppose to be merging to save money???

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Mar-23-13 12:18 PM

Jeez all I see is $$$ talked about here,what about what is best for the kids? I mean that is what this is all about,not our pocket books or pride.I mean this is public schooling and every tax payer is paying for the education of these kids and education should have no price.We are lucky to have it available at all.I can not beilive? how ungrateful Americans are and fighting overwhere a child goes to get there education is selfish.I am a Westfield residant and I will send my kid to any school just to get an education and be grateful for it.Jobs do not look at what high school they came from,they look at what the child has archived.His grades and attendance.Get over yourselves and start thinking about your children and what theyneed to get a job and or into college and what is best for them.They are our future.As for the bus ride or walkers,again unless they are planning on working at your local Mc D's they are going to have to get used to the drive when they get out in the real world.

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Mar-22-13 6:38 PM

It may be only $30 but you are also getting back all the things that have been cut and more services. I like to get value out of my money so I consider getting back everything that Westfield has cut and adding more for $30 less money is a good value.

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Mar-22-13 4:38 PM

I heard today the savings will be about $30 per homeowner, per year. Wow. Big deal. By my own poll its running about 90% no in Westfield.

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Mar-22-13 2:03 PM

In your Mar 22, 13 - 9:44am posting you just happened to mislead people by not addressing Phase 3. Interesting, spin!

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Mar-22-13 2:00 PM

Wilbmeister, you have skipped around the issues. I said all along there would be one school.

Also, they recommended that Brocton house all the students, that the Brocton school was in better shape. That was their recommendation at the meeting.

The point is there will be one school and even the Westfield BOE members at the meeting were disappointed that they picked Brocton. Some saying it is going to be difficult getting this voted for in Westfield.

You clearly did not hear the message or your spinning it.

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Mar-22-13 10:37 AM

Here is the wording from the website where the report is online: Phase 1: In Phase 1 and for a three year period, that the students be organized as follows: Pre - K–3 in Brocton; Pre-K–5 in Westfield and grades 6-12 in Brocton. Phase 2: In Phase 2 and for atwo year period, that all elementary studentsK-5 be housed in Westfield. Phase 3: In Phase 3 there will be created one building, using existing facilities which may require renovations to be educationally more appropriate, OR the construction of a new facility midway between existing facilities.

I don't see any wording here that says which building will close. Also, 45 minutes to drive from the Westfield building to the Brocton building? It's about 9 miles. Quit being so sensational.

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Mar-22-13 10:09 AM

Read the report, says one school in Phase 3.

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Mar-22-13 10:04 AM

I saw the slide show and it went over the 3 phases. It clearly showed Brocton would be the sole school after the 5 year period or maybe sooner. Westfield school would be closed.

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Mar-22-13 9:58 AM

"Better building" means nothing. At 98% aid they could spend $100,000,000 on the Westfield facility and not have to spend any local tax money. Location is key. If the school is located in Brocton the whole district dies. (No one moves to Brocton or Westfield)

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Mar-22-13 9:52 AM

Now wilbmeister, you read the report and post what phase 3 says!!!!!!!

All students in one school and Brocton is the school.

Stop spinning the truth. Its people like you that people from Westfield will vote NO

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Mar-22-13 9:49 AM

Your spinning the findings.

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Mar-22-13 9:49 AM

And they said Phase 3 in five years would HAVE ALL STUDENTS IN BROCTON.

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Mar-22-13 9:48 AM

I also don't hear people talking about their heritage. I wonder about people talking about the fact they just purchased a house in Westfield with the idea their children would walk to school and be home in 5 minutes. Now they have a 30 year payment and their told their children will be sent down the road 45 minutes?

I wonder about the people saying I purchased my home in Westfield because of the Westfield school. If I wanted my kids to go to a Brocton area school I would have purchased a home in Brocton.

I wonder about the Westfield teachers saying I live in Westfield to support the community I work in. Talking my job to Brocton means I work in one community and live in another.

This isn't about heritage or a mascot. Its about people that have roots and a mortgage payment in a community they thought would have a local school 5 minutes from their house?

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Mar-22-13 9:44 AM

teacherteacher, I was at the meeting. It's exactly as I said. You are wrong. They said that Phase 2 had ALL elementary students(K-5) in Westfield. All the 6 -12 students were to be in Brocton. Again, read the report. It's online at the school website.

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Mar-22-13 9:41 AM

DKexpat has it right. Much of the growth in education expense has been in the area of administration. We should start by forming one central school district for the entire county headed by one superintendent. If we just eliminate the fat in our system we might find that education will be much more affordable.

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Mar-22-13 9:38 AM

THEY also clearly stated that the Brocton School is the best and all students should be housed there.

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Mar-22-13 9:35 AM

Wilbmeister, Bizkit, whoever you are you were not at the same meeting as I.

They stated clearly there was a 3 phase plan.

Phase 1 first year would have certain grades at both Westfield and Brocton and the High school at Brocton.

Phase 2 in 3 years would be to pear down the grades going to Westfield and increase grades going to Brocton Keeping the High School at Brocton.

Phase 3 in 5 years would have ALL students going to Brocton.

You can tell the pro-merger people are out and about starting the spin.

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Mar-22-13 9:21 AM

It might be a good idea if you are going to comment on this article you take the time to READ the report. What they said at the meeting was that in 5 years or sooner the new board of education should consolidate into one of the current buildings(decide which one is best) OR build a new building. Both buildings remain open till that time.

Read the report before you make things up.

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Mar-22-13 9:12 AM

I do understand how some people think that saving their school will preserve their heritage. And on that how many of us live in the past? Not a single one, we need to look towards the future and what is best for everyone, and not just the "HERE & NOW". On your way to town today, just take notice to all the NEW HOUSING going up in your area. That will show you that your community is not getting any bigger!!

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Mar-22-13 8:59 AM

Even if the 2 districts did erect a new school building (BAD IDEA), that within another 10 years time they will need to build another, someplace central to CLCS,BCS,WACS,SCS,&RCS districts as the population continues to decline!

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Mar-22-13 8:56 AM

WESTFIELDRES makes at least one good point. Brocton did vote down the merger with Fredonia because Brocton would have lost its school. Westfield might do the same.

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Mar-22-13 8:46 AM

I must point out that what DKexpat says about his county would be almost as true in the wealthier school districts here relative to graduation rates, etc. Money does that, due what the students receive at home.

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