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Workers’ wages

Fredonia pays top dollar among Chautauqua County villages

March 24, 2013

OBSERVER Staff Report When it comes to villages paying employees, Fredonia tops the list in Chautauqua County....

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Mar-24-13 2:22 AM

The observer should do a report next on the top 100 teachers wages in the Dunkirk School District. seethroughny makes these salaries look like peanuts.

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Mar-24-13 3:12 AM

There's something wrong with these numbers Also I don't think you should have print/posted any of the employees names Shows poor taste, and it's their financial business, not ours.

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Mar-24-13 7:02 AM

I agree, listing those few names was unnecessary, even if the salaries & names of ALL public workers are already listed on seethroughny. I also agree w/WishyWashy about school salaries. With a $40M annual budget (to teach approx 2000 kids) for Dunkirk Public Schools, you can bet there are plenty of eye-popping figures being paid to this over-staffed group of public servants.

Keep in mind, these figures are for salaries ONLY!

...and some believe CCH workers are overpaid?...especially one of the biggest complainers who goes by the name: teacherteacher (LOL)

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Mar-24-13 7:11 AM

Class warfare?? This is what you do when you have nothing substantive to say about an issues. These folks are also the biggest taxpayers. Why don't you do an article on the people who get the most Welfare Aid in these communities??

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Mar-24-13 7:12 AM

The difference between a teacher and a general employee is education. You shouldn't be paying a general employee 50-60,000 a year.

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Mar-24-13 7:24 AM

A lot of the employees (especially general employees) are paid way to much. Why? Because they have a union.

And employees at the Chautauqua county home on average are paid to much too. Once again, the union.

As for teachers, the starting pay is just about right for someone with a 4 year degree. The problem with teachers pay is the top end is far too high. Teachers in this area should not be making $80,000 or $90,000 a year. And remember they get about 70% of that when they retire with 35 years or so.

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Mar-24-13 7:50 AM

Its laughable to see the comments on what people think others SHOULD make. Educated people think all manual laborers should make $10 an hour, and teachers may be the worst with that attitude, yet all the while being the biggest complainers about what THEY make with THIER education. Well, if they feel they don't make enough, let them become plumbers and electricians. Those of the right wing especially seem to think $10-12 an hour is about right for just about everybody, yet disparage our economy and "entitlement programs", all of which would be in serious trouble if those were the prevailing wages. What a joke. It's pretty funny to listen to people who tell others their income issues are due to "poor" or "personal" choices, yet have no issue at all with whining about the salaries made due to their own choices. It would seem that everyone thinks the OTHER GUY makes to much, while they're suffering.

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Mar-24-13 8:13 AM

teacherteacher..teachers made junk wages until they unionized. Just a thought.

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Mar-24-13 8:30 AM

I must also point out that relative to the populations of all those communities, Fredonia is more than 10 times larger by population, so the cost per tax payer is less. There are so many other factors involved it's ridiculous. Things like what services are provided, area to cover, so many things are left out. And, I have to say, unless benefits are being included, which is deceptive, many of these salaries HAVE to include overtime, which is also deceptive. But again, in this area, especially from the right wing, everyone is supposed to work for poverty wages. I didn't see anyone on that list making more than they ought to. I'd love to see what the complainers would do without them.

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Mar-24-13 8:36 AM

Carlaw that is an interesting thought, would it be legal to publish the amount of welfare a family gets and how long they have been getting it. its public record right, maybe its already done? how many and the total amount too.

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Mar-24-13 8:56 AM

As for publishing names these salaries are paid by tax dollars and tax payers have a right to know. Too bad taxpayers have no say in setting these salaries.

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Mar-24-13 8:58 AM

This story sums it all -- some of you guys wonder why or are off-put by my accurate description of the OBSERVER as a bunch of church ladies -- old, dried up bitties with nothing better to do with their lives than gossip, spread innuendos and get nosy-as-all-heck in places that is none of their business and then indignantly honk-honk-honk their worthless judgments like a gaggle of nervous geese...

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Mar-24-13 9:05 AM

No question about it, higher ED warrants higher earnings. Even experienced unskilled workers with no college credits are valuable employees. However, despite how much pay one feels he/she "deserves", public employees and their unions have shown little concern for the damage their demands are causing.

We can point fingers at others (compare the "going rate" in the private sector, cite welfare costs, blame too many admins with high pay, etc), and we can keep ignoring what's affordable ($40M per/yr to teach 2000 kids!!!...have we lost our minds?), but there's a reason why property owners (and private employers) are moving to less taxing areas, and why an area can't attract new businesses and home buyers to add and/or replace them.

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Mar-24-13 9:25 AM

I wouldn't say any of these wages were out of line when you consider the national average of a family on welfare receives the equivilant of just under $50,000 per year.

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Mar-24-13 9:33 AM

"The difference between a teacher and a general employee is education. You shouldn't be paying a general employee 50-60,000 a year."

But you forget that the teacher comes in to work for half the hours that the general employee works. And I believe the dollars cited include overtime for these general employees

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Mar-24-13 9:46 AM

You know, the more I think about it, the more I believe that the media around here - with it's constant bombardment of negativity - plays a major factor on why people leave this area. They seem to dwell on nothing but the bad.

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Mar-24-13 9:53 AM

Correction: Typically (higher ED warrants higher pay), however, some positions require a college degree, yet pay very little. Who's to blame; the employer or the person who chose that career?

There's are distinct differences between public & private unions, PERB being one. Yes, in NYS, the Taylor Law prevents public workers from striking, and in return, PERB was established. Private workers can strike but risk losing their jobs and/or force the employer to close their doors if an agreement can't be reached, while most public workers won't lose their jobs (especially if they work in state-mandated positions). They have the unique power to create an impasse, then wait for a ruling from a 3rd party (PERB), which traditionally rules in the union's favor, and with absolutely no concern for how taxpayers and/or munis will pay for its ruling.

...ok Paul, have it ;)

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Mar-24-13 10:11 AM

Christopher - I take issue with the statement "Those of the right wing especially seem to think $10-12 an hour is about right for just about everybody..."

Especially when you go into that rant directly after saying the same about teachers, of whom the majority are democrats.

I think you were closer the first time, keeping the masses impoverished seems to me more of a left wing ideal. Conservatives do not have a problem with people earning their keep and making wages.

On topic - My only observation is that either Fredonia needs more fire/police staff (less OT) or they are paying them much higher than the going rate. Outside of that, the wages for municipal employees don't seem out of line to me, though I would take issue with their benefits & retirement programs that are out of line with what has become the norm in the private sector.

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Mar-24-13 10:17 AM

Once again it goes back and forth. Complaining as to who is overpaid/underpaid. The fact of the matter is that we live in a country where you are paid for your worth and what the market is willing to pay.

You can place blame on the unions, but management had equal representation and agreements were reached, by both sides. It is the world we live in. The complaints and anger are based on the fact that the economy in WNY is in the toilet, the taxes are the highest in the nation, and the "less fortunate" are now being paid more through entitlements that the person who is in debt thousands of dollars for pursuing a college degree and now can't find a job in the entire county that pays a decent wage.

Some speak of personal choices, I have an idea, for those of you with a degree or skill, move out of NY state and on to somewhere that isn't so burdened by entitlements and taxes!! If you choose to stay and tough it out, then deal with it cause there's little hope that it will get

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Mar-24-13 10:19 AM

cont'....any better there. Not making a choice is still a choice!!

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Mar-24-13 10:20 AM

Dcronlg, if you'd get of the gaggle of church ladies thing, your words would have more portent.

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Mar-24-13 10:24 AM

Captain, PERB only works that way for Police and Firemen, the State does not have "binding arbitration", which is what you're describing. The State or any municipality can tell PERB to pound salt, as they say.

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Mar-24-13 10:25 AM

Wow! Whoever mentioned class warfsre was right! Who is anyone to judge weather a cop, protecting a village/town/city, who faces a person, on drugs with a knife, deserves more money than a teacher? Or, does the village/city/town electric lineman (general labor)(who are electricians) deserve to get paid over time, when your power goes out in the middle of winter? What I find amazing, all these salaries, with names are public information. Why was only ONE name mentioned and that name happened to be female? Really? In this day and age??? Shame on you!

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Mar-24-13 10:29 AM

Ripley resident, I said what you said I said, but one doesn't negate the other. Yes, teachers traditionally lean more to the "left", but that doesn't change what most on the "right" are saying on a regular basis on these and other pages as to what local wages should be. Ask Phil Julian, amongst others. As for OT paid, even private industry figured out long ago that it's generally cheaper to pay OT than to hire more staff, unless it's part time staff. the issue there is CONSTANT turnover, nobody stays. The issue of benefits for public employees is only 2, and neither is their fault; OT included in their pension payouts, and a rise in Insurance costs that has been consistently many times the rate of inflation.

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Mar-24-13 10:31 AM

commentor, what people are paid is one thing, their names being public is another and is BS in my opinion.

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