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Only one is the designer

March 25, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: Without regard to the size — no matter how large — our universe might be, even a cursory, shallow or casual observation will quickly yield the obvious; life cannot be from......

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Mar-27-13 10:46 PM

Nobody knows for sure. It is human nature to be curious to want to know why we are here and how it all started. Unfortunately, it is the curiosity of the other x% is to exploit the crap out of it while they can. that is where religion enters the picture. Some of those people want to rule others, other people just want the world to mellow out and coexist. Unfortunately, the coexist party usually devolves into sects that go to one extreme or another and then we have warring factions over the most ridiculous things. Nobody knows, and that, along with mourning those who have passed just fog the mind with what not only what the past held, but what thenfuture means and holds for everyone. The best you can do is to be the best person you can while you're here, because there is no definitive explanation of the who, how, why, where, when, etc. Just be the best being you can be.

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Mar-27-13 10:56 AM

Taking an honest look at this brutal, cruel world filled with every type of omnipresent misery imaginable, a world where all creatures must kill survive and where the designers own children are a species of superstitious, warmongering liars and cheaters…

One certainly has to wonder if said designer received an F in design 101, and never retook the course…

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Mar-26-13 7:22 AM

MikeDavis, I do believe the Captain was referring to the writer of the article. I agree, Steiners brother, perhaps, or at lest a close friend.

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Mar-26-13 3:44 AM

Not even close Captain, legitimate questions. Read about the theories of membranes (branes) and multiple dimensions. I'm a skeptic when it comes to the idea that there is one entity with all that power. For one thng it why would he care what happens to a human being? There are (I'm guessing here) about three to five billion souls already past. Add to that the seven plus billion alive today. The guy is going to be pretty overwhelmed with that amount of people talking all at once, wouldn't you think? And how many of them are contemplating blowing themselves up in his name to futher one of humanitys many ways of worshiping him? And how many others have, or are contemplating, covering up a crime in the name of the church of another? Little people afraid of their own mortality, trying to bargain with the universe for eternal life in paradise. Talk about the ultimate carrot on a stick. What could a human being do to make an entity that powerful mad enough to burn them forever? Think.

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Mar-25-13 7:25 PM

Steiner's brother?

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Mar-25-13 2:20 PM

Then why has the "designer" been an absentee land lord for so many years? Because it gave us free will? And one question? Why does it say in Genesis "We will make man in Our image?" Was there already a Ghost but not a Son yet? Or is schizophrenia a possibility? Maybe the designer has A.D.D. and just lost interest? Maybe the scientist have it right? The branes created the big bang, this plane of existence, and life?

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Mar-25-13 9:48 AM

That is an argument for intelligent design?

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