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POST OFFICE: Rally delivers no options

March 29, 2013

Last week in the Buffalo area, a rally was held promoting the continuation of Saturday postal delivery. One of the distinguished guests of the rally was our former U.S. Rep. Brian Higgin....

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Apr-01-13 3:06 PM

I would like to point out that sometimes when comparing the United States to other countries, it pays to mention that those other countries are the size of some of our smallest states. That is a significant difference.

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Mar-29-13 6:19 PM

I was gonna mail this comment, but given the shakey state of the USPS, thought I'd better do it online.


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Mar-29-13 5:26 PM

Does everyone know that UPS, TOPS ,Wegmans ,Will Poultry ,USFS are fully organized by the TEAMSTERS UNION and make ALOT of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Mar-29-13 5:21 PM

WHY hasn'nt the the PMG pat donahoe in a time of crisis recomended a pay cut for HIMSELF - Talk about KOOLAID !

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Mar-29-13 10:43 AM

Lets hope John D. posts this Sunday the top 100 teacher/administrator salaries of the Dunkirk School System. Since Sunday is easter, it would be a special treat to see how many golden eggs the Dunkirk Taxpayers lay.

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Mar-29-13 10:29 AM

The real problem is that the post office is a unionized monopoly and as always is the case with a monopoly costs go up and quality goes down. When I go to the mailbox there is always a handful of mail that goes directly into the trash unopened. The truth is that computer technology has made the post office obsolete and it's primary function is now private sector advertising. With that in mind I think the solution is to dramatically increase postage rates for advertisers, closing post offices that are unnecessary (like Fredonia), dis-banding the union and privatising all services.

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Mar-29-13 9:53 AM

Dc – incorrect.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution states Congress shall have the power "to establish Post Offices and post Roads." Accordingly, the Constitution allows the government to get involved in postal services, but that doesn’t mean that the government has to be involved, let alone be granted a monopoly over mail.

The USPS could, in fact, be privatized. But given the sway (a) the union has over Democrats, and (b) rural districts have over Republicans, that’ll never happen.

For example, USPS had proposed consolidating 3,200 postal outlets, but following a congressional outcry, the number under consideration was reduced to just 162. That’s no way to run a business.

Privatization works in New Zealand, Sweden, German and the Netherlands. In fact, the European Union plans to eliminate the national postal monopolies of all EU members.

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Mar-29-13 9:20 AM

DK -- you can't privatize the Post Office -- its an actual public welfare service required in the Constitution.

Besides privatization always, always, always, increases costs to end-users -- our health insurance is privatized and every year, without fail, the costs to end-users increase (often into double-digits) without ANY increase in service levels. We're paying more for less.

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Mar-29-13 9:17 AM

Increase third class mail -- junk mail -- rates to almost parity with first class mail but don't give them delivery priority.

Also institute an binding office closing committee similar to a military base closing committee.

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Mar-29-13 9:04 AM

The USPS is the second-largest employer in the US (after Wal-Mart) and, next to public schools, probably the most inefficient monopoly.

The USPS' own estimate is $238B in losses over the next decade, and postage is already rising at 4x the consumer price index.

The solution? American Postal Worker Union president Burrus: “More. More control over activities at work, more money, better benefits – we want more.”

However, the average postal worker already earns $83,000/yr in wages and benefits – about 33% more than comparable work in private industry. And employer-paid healthcare premiums are higher than ANY federal agency.

The USPS is in a financial death spiral. The REAL solution? Privatize the USPS, just as so many European countries have done with great success.

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Mar-29-13 8:21 AM

cruisin, that was wonderful, in its meaninglessness. Brian Higgins is doing what he does best , spend public money. from his goof ups on Rt 5, making part at grade, eliminating Fuhrman inbound off Tifft and making outbound furhmann 30 mph he shows all the qualities of being a dumbocrat.The govt motto in erie county is, when the govt works, us lowly slobs in the private sector can . Only when the govt works, though. The Post office had a good idea of eliminating saturday delivery, but that was nixed. Brian is only doing what he knows how to do. Mess things up.

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Mar-29-13 1:29 AM

Does the Observer mean the faux deficit invented by the neo-cons?

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