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Welfare must assist, but not be ‘trap’

March 31, 2013

By TOM REED In 1996, a Republican Congress and a Democrat President reformed our nation’s welfare system, creating the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to replace the......

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Mar-31-13 8:37 AM

Mr Reed is hoping against hope. the libs want welfare to be the sole source of income, well maybe crime too. Proof ? The inner cities, where welfare , crime and democrats all go together . Cities are always democratic , even though many of the voters go to the jail, suffer from being crime victims or land up in the cemetery. In erie county, the budget is 2/3 for the city at 1/3rd population . welfare and dependency are the prime directive. the libs need a ready pool of voters.

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Mar-31-13 9:12 AM

If you want to discourage welfare take away the luxuries...cell phones, computers, dish tv etc. Cut the amount of money they get. They say over and over why work I can make more on welfare. There is NO incentive to get off of welfare. Good luck to you Tom trying to change this. The freeloaders out number the working and will vote in those who give them the freebies like Obama.

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Mar-31-13 9:33 AM

What Uncle Fester isn't telling you: 1) any one can only receive TANF for only sixty months in their LIFETIME (so how is five years in a lifetime a trap?...unless you were unfortunately married to Steinerdzzz for longer and 2) the entire idea of forcing TANF folks to work sounds really nice, but there are not enough supply of jobs for non-TANF folks, let alone TANF folks.

Real soon, the Carriage House & Perti change their operations, at least 200-300 former employees will be unemployed. In a county with over 11,000 unemployed, where will these folks find work? Where, Uncle fester, where?

So, where exactly, are TANF folks supposed to work????

Uncle Fester, before you pull such "welfare work requirement" platitudes out of one of your orifices, you'd better start creating the work demand in the first place.

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Mar-31-13 6:46 PM

In NYS, anyone coming off TANF after 5 years jumps into the program called "safety net" and can continue to receive benefits indefinitely.

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Mar-31-13 7:04 PM

Dcronig, you can not be for real. You definitely do not have an understanding what is going on. For one, why do you think we have legal and illegal migrant workers is because alot of the people on the system will not do that work and farmers were forced to find help anywhere they can.

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Mar-31-13 8:20 PM

Dcronig-If you are talking the federal system then yes for 5 years however we live in NEW YORK and there is no limit. Do you know this state spends more on medicaid than California and Texas combined? People on welfare have better health coverage including dental and vision than many state and local public workers,did you know that? The reason is that the downstate politicians who dominate depend on those people for their votes. Absolutely sickening!

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Apr-01-13 8:38 AM

dc is at it again. he misses the bigger point, welfare and the dole is a success to a liberal. every few months or less, there is an equivalent sandyhook in shootings in the cities. It is done by degrees, so noone cares. obama did not care till sandyhook. Even Rev jackson told obama that obama was wrong in having a stable family to prevent shootings.Stable families are lacking in the cities. This is why democrats will never eliminate the dole. They need the votes. They called the slavs dumb for less, amazing

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Apr-01-13 6:09 PM

Although Mr. Reeds commentary has value in theory cutting benefits for those who's average income is less than 15, 000 for a family of four is not a solution. A better solution would be to pay employees enough to get them out of poverty and paying middle class worker enough so they have the option to be one income households.

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Apr-01-13 6:30 PM

Daniels, a welfare family makes a whole lot more than that when you include Medicaid, cellphones, etc. According to a report I saw, somewhere around $24.00 an hour nationwide average, more here in New York.

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Apr-01-13 7:17 PM

I had a take a drug test to work and make money for myself. Welfare recipients should have to follow the same rules. Of course there should be a time limit and being on welfare shoudldn't be a luxury. I know people who have tried to sell their food stamps for money, have used and used the welfare system because it is free money. It's sad how I have to work my butt off everyday at work and college and some people recieve money for sitting on theirs. I do not have an iphone but most on welfare have that! Its disgusting.

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Apr-01-13 10:32 PM

Actually the 88th Congress in 1966 was controlled by Democrats in both the Senate and House. To get this legislation through, LBJ had to get Republican help. It was the same exact thing for the Civil Rights Act as Democrats controlled Congress during the 60's. Interesting the people the Republicans helped the most have helped those who tried to keep them oppressed and without help.

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Apr-02-13 9:50 AM

When you consider the "freebies" that come with welfare there is no incentive to get a job and that mentality is passed on from one generation to the next. When our ancestors came here a generation ago their purpose was to find work and a better way of life. All too often many of todays immigrants are satisfied to go on welfare and get a free ride. I blame a government that is far too generous with taxpayer dollars.

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