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Learn from mistakes

April 2, 2013

When U.S....

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Apr-02-13 6:17 AM

If only...

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Apr-02-13 8:29 AM

we should think of the Iraq war as an extension of Churchill and the brits original Iraq venture about a hundred years ago. It lets those mideasteners know who is in charge technically on the world scene. Many leading democrats voted for war and believed there were WMD in Iraq. besides, the world needs the oil and the military is voluntary for now or at least until the libs bring back the draft for choice. Vietnam returnees spit on? that is the usual liberal tolerance in action.

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Apr-02-13 8:55 AM need medical attention for being extremely soft in the head (of course, the liberal medicare will pay for it...).

9/11 happened on Bush's watch; he was expressly warned about an "imminent attack" backed with solid intelligence & brazenly blew it off.

When the 9/11 attack happened, Bush, the CINC, froze -- he froze -- for a documented seven entire minutes.

The Afghan & Iraqi War was all the solid GOP Bush Administration: they sold it through documented lies to this country & world.

GOP led House & Senate didn't even bother to pay for it adding trillions to our debt: "Deficits don't matter", said VP Cheney.

Now the troops are coming home & yet, the GOP budget slashes a/o eliminates most VA benefits and care. There's zero -- zero -- spending for jobs programs to assist our troops back into civilian life, even though the liberals have these all "spit on" troop items in their budgets.

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Apr-02-13 9:03 AM

Also noted, is how conveniently the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER boad cowardly -- cowardly -- is unwilling to mention ANY GOP/conservative responsibility for leading, selling and manufacturing these events but rather, "we need to learn form our mistakes."

"WE", Kemosabe? We need to learn...?

We all are in witness to the gaggle's very weak attempt to brush the real, true, responsibility under the rug, in a chicken-hearted, craven manner to rewrite "mission accomplished".

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Apr-02-13 9:21 AM

History tells us much

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Apr-02-13 9:59 AM

The Iraq war was based on lies and the world is finally finding out. United Nations inspectors told Bush that there were no weapons of mass destruction but he pretended to know better. There were no Iraquis involved in the 9/11 attacks. In fact of the 19 terrorists involved 15 were Saudis and none were from Iraq. The truth may be that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were among the neo-conservatives who, prompted by Israel, always wanted to get involved militarily in the middle east. As a result America lost nearly 5,000 of our best young soldiers along with about $12-15 billion per month in war cost over seven years. As I have said many times Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld all belong in jail for their crimes against humanity.

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Apr-02-13 10:51 AM

" need medical attention for being extremely soft in the head"

I agree completely, although I also think you should go with him since you've basically become a leftist version of him.

One other point, I find it interesting that the left blame Bush for 9/11, which was less than 9 months into his Presidency but here we sit more then 4 years into Obama's Presidency and according to those same people he still isn't responsible for anything bad that happens.

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Apr-02-13 12:02 PM


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Apr-02-13 2:05 PM

And, Darkstar, that was also after 1 previous WTC bombing, the USS Cole bombing, African embassy/hotel bombings (you know, only a few hundred people, total), with NO retaliation aside from a couple token missiles, and 3 turned down chances for OBL on a silver platter by several Mideast countries. But, Bush never blamed Clinton...

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Apr-02-13 10:27 PM

Any one is an expert in hindsight. Who else is there? Call on Spain, France? China? Oh well I have become an expert too.

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Apr-03-13 8:37 AM

Dc , you are confused. All you think of is entitlements. The WTC was bombed under clinton. The posters here no very little history. You people live in a 10 or 15 year time slot of history, no more.Hey posters, Clinton and all the big wig democrats believed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. fact . Think of iraq as an extension of churchill and you are closer.Even Osama said Bush reminded them of alexander the great. Alexanders battles , Churchills and ours are all related. try and think dc. get a grant. It is always better to blow something up over there than here. we have too much expensive infrastructure. the left is unhinged now, always saying lies, lies , etc. You sound like Kin jon eun. Posters try and think. I garantee you the policy makers at some time factored in the long history of conflict between us and them. treaty of tripoli for instance. You posters would make lousy govt people as you do not know anything.

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Apr-03-13 8:45 AM

Dc, do you know anything except gaggles and entitlements ? Even clinton used the military in the mideast. try and think dc if you can . If you knew anything about medical care and you appear not to, you would know oil and gas wells play a big role in quick, sterile care for our troops and the population. Not done by the govt, but by private enterprise. It is hard for you to believe this worshipping at the feet of govt as you do. You make a fool out of yourself to anyone in the know of how things are actually done.Dc please keep making a fool out of yourself.

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