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Our ‘wonderful part’ of America

April 16, 2013

In Gowanda, a few years ago, we experienced a flood of proportions we rarely see. Tragically, two people lost their lives, others lost their homes, and some businesses suffered great financial los....

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Apr-16-13 7:59 AM

Mr Westlund nails it. we have anything you could want here with a lack of the really great disasters we see in other parts of america. But, that wont stop a democrat or an activist from fixing it so it does not work. From an anti business climate to enviro hysteria, the dumbocrats have it all. the thumb of washington has gotten huge with its great, non science knowing democratic leader.You did not build that he says.democrats did ! Speak for yourself obama! The kim jong of the west. All this is viewed as a success by the libs. So all you antifrackers and global warming nuts I ask, when exactly is the end ? Not the end of the planet but the end of the mental illness streaming out of you ?

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Apr-16-13 8:22 AM

"Here's hoping we can avoid getting under the thumbs of the "Washington, lords of our stability" who in their fumbling attempts at more government control, inhibit the natural progress of the human spirit to achieve its assigned place in the cosmos of existence."

Your sentiments would cause me to believe that, throughout your life and even continuing to the end of your days, you and your family have always refused any type of government help, funding, laws protecting your consumer rights, never went to public school or university, never took a Pell grant or student loan, never took any tax deduction, never took any minimum wage jobs, never took any Social Security $s above what you paid into it, never used Medicaid, never took ANY government rebates....and the list goes on.

Of course you never took any of these because, these would "inhibit the natural progress of the human spirit to achieve" being the principled, stand-up guy you are...

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Apr-16-13 8:46 AM

hey dc, how can the govt be the source of prosperity when we have more govt than ever and less prosperity than ever. Your mind is so clouded by big govt. We got many of the things we take for granted in the era of limited govt.oil and electricity are two big ones. Did a grant help here dc ? Can you understand that ? do ya neede a grant to think dc ? The govt invneted next to nothing, teachers could be considered superfluous to an inventor as they were gifted. all that remains is for govt to get the hades out of the way. dc, please continue to make a fool out of yourself. the inner cities ar the recipients of many grants and welfare and are the poorest of all. dc, your writings are foolish.

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Apr-16-13 9:22 AM

While the overreaching arm of the federal government is a cause for concern, the fact of the matter is the oppressive, stifling, wasteful government in Albany should be a more pressing concern for NYS residents. The reach of the federal government is only so far, and although it's turning for worse, that can be corrected. The state is entrenched in liberal ideology and the downstate Democrats basically have carte blanche to enact their own will over the people.

Chautauqua County could and should explore secession from NYS and apply for acceptance into PA. That might sound like crazy talk, but SWNY has far more in common with PA than with NYS. We already share a border. Taxes are lower, government entitlements fewer. Eliminating NYS handouts would de-incentivize certain population from remaining in areas like Dunkirk and Jamestown. let them move to Buffalo and become someone else's problem. If successful, Catt. and Allegany would certainly follow suit.

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Apr-16-13 10:14 AM

Although I agree with the General premise that upstate NY is burdened by downstate (NYC) politicians, I doubt secession is a realistic approach. They have the votes, they always will, and we're getting boned. I do agree 100% that Albany is a MUCH bigger problem for us than the Federal Government.

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Apr-16-13 10:50 AM

"Let deserts be deserts and oceans be oceans." Great line Mr. Westlund. I agree with most of your article. I have lived out of state for the last 22 years and yet every trip home I see our area as more lush, more beautiful, more home (if you will) and much luckier than many and most areas. Not sure about the Washington Lords inhibiting our freedoms. I do think that some of the government regs and controls have kept our area, including Lake Erie, safer and more beautiful than it would be had we left it up to corportae America. I remember as a kid not being able to swim in Lake Erie because it was too polluted. It wasn't our free will or lack of gov't involvement that cleaned it up.

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Apr-16-13 11:00 AM

Just read all of the other posts. Dcron, you crack me up. Really good post, very well said. Keep the faith; keep battling, and onward Christian soldier.

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Apr-18-13 9:35 PM

Yes, PR, let's secede. Then we can behave like Rick Perry, the governor of Texas. He wants Texas to secede--he said so--but now he's fine with getting federal disaster help. Chautauqua Cty. could go with PA and be hypocritical at some point, like Rick Perry, like all blathering secesh idiots.

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