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‘Open and honest’ while under fire

April 28, 2013

“A Church that does not go out of itself, sooner or later, sickens from the stale air of closed rooms....

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Apr-30-13 9:28 PM

Um...what's the name of that product we all bought and the patent number?

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Apr-30-13 8:51 AM

truthteller gives the same stupid argument , which book to teach ? Start with the bible as it has zoroastrianism, buddhism , judaism and christianity in it. These are basic in our civilization. Is that ok truthteller ? It has a certain diversity to it. Without the hebrews, we would not have certain key science inventions. All of this is better than that dumb theory of darwin,darling of the democrats, which was DOA. truthteller, you set unlearned steiner straight. remember , you bought my stuff in the store, thats how dumb I am !My other hobbies, steinertrons, came from reading the bible and zoroastrianism plus other ancient writings. Learned trutheteller, i will genuflect before you and dc ,dk, and all the "learned liberals " who write here if you can tell me with facts, not just meaningless phrases like Foxnews , where I am so unlearned ! lets hear it liberals !

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Apr-29-13 5:27 PM

Oh boy, forever, which book is the right one to show God's rules?

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Apr-29-13 9:34 AM

I don't understand becoming a part of a particular religion when you disagree with its fundamental beliefs. You don't have to be a Catholic. I'm not Catholic, but if it "stepped into the modern world" then it would be hard to have any respect for it at all. Just because society has slipped and more things have become "socially acceptable" that doesn't mean that God's rules are just as malleable.

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Apr-29-13 7:36 AM

hey libs, the same comments about the church could be said about islam. yet we are told to understand it and even press reset buttons in our culture so as not to offend the muslims. So learned posters, can you explain this ?

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Apr-29-13 7:19 AM

hey commentor, if we held the democratic party to the standards you say about the church, it would be illegal to be a democrat. Civil war, jim crow, income tax. great depression, public schools and lives ruined, inner cities, etc Open your eyes commentor.

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Apr-29-13 7:15 AM

truthteller gets it wrong. The state has forced the church on birth control issues. They even had a law suit about firing ministers, thank***ly the state lost.If a woman does not like the church, then dont join it. Is someone forcing these nuns to be catholic? They knew full well the history of the church. Since time began women wee excluded from politicss and state, with very rare exception due to their tendency to conversion disorder and emotion , not logic running their thoughts. They have used this successfuly in lawsuits , claiming time of the month or other such nonsense. Dont like an organization ? Dont join it, Practice the mantra of choice the libs always rant about. Unless of course you disagree with a lib. Then, you are mean spirirted. sarah is like the UConn girl who said the husky logo reminded her of rape. thats how it starts . Some oddball complains and we all must bend. I say no way .

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Apr-28-13 12:53 PM

The Catholic Church needs to step into the modern world. They hide the molestation of little boys but have a problem with waking up and seeing where the world is going.

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Apr-28-13 12:03 PM

Already done, Joew. Can you demonstrate otherwise? In case you haven't noticed, religion and religious groups are flourishing. Hardly evidence of government oppression. Nope, I'm afraid it's slanted the other way.

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Apr-28-13 10:21 AM

Truthteller-can we as well keep the state out of the church?

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Apr-28-13 9:25 AM

Sarah, your excellent column deserves a comment other than Steiner to start the day. You shed a lot of light on a group of people the church needs to listen to. I think your reasoning around all the points you brought up is sensible and straightforward. Great column. My two cents is that the church--any church--can have its own internal policies, but it has no right to legislate. We must keep church out of state, or start making them pay taxes for the right to speak about politics.

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Apr-28-13 8:02 AM

sarah is delightfuly confused. She says she is spiritual , yet ignores pauls saying, suffer not the women in the churches and the lack of women apostles. Social justice is the rallying cry, whatever muddled thinking that is. The nuns join an organization and want a make over of it, like on TV. Gals taking orders from men bad ? Huh ? You have been doing it for years as men rule science and business.So please, the love thing is just a cover for people, mostly women who cannot think. Since when is birth control a mandate, I mean when it is said by modern women, ourbodies, ourselves. Those helpless, hapless women again.Is there anything you need sarah, from your man, the govt. We shall sure try to accomodate the modern liberated women , who cant make a move without some law. Did you ever wonder why you are called the weaker vessel since antiquity ? read your own writings. Constant crying for some law for social justice. never enough it seems, ugly men just keep on going, but not women .

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