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Reed talks with manufacturers on top issues

May 4, 2013

JAMESTOWN — Making tax reform and other issues more accessible to American manufacturers is at the forefront of U.S. Rep. Tom Reed’s mind....

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May-05-13 10:23 PM

Thanks, Marcia. Crescent Tool, Smith Corona, Kodak, Petri's are just a few others.

commentor: the point is that American manufacturers (both union & non) have been forced out of business b/c they can't compete with foreign imports. Wages are only one factor, but remember, America has a higher standard of living than those countries that pay its workers peanuts.

A multitude of gov't regs that aren't imposed upon foreign producers give them a huge competitive advantage. Try shopping for goods, any goods, made in the USA (ie; clothing, tools, electronics, shoes, housewares, sporting goods, etc). We all know you hate unions, commentor, but placing the blame for the loss of millions of US jobs specifically on labor unions is just plain ignorant.

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May-05-13 6:48 PM

If Reed was really concerned with manufacturing he would vote for the President's job bill. I agree with captain that FTA's ruined our business sector. They were supposed to include liveable wages and environmental concerns, but that part went no where. By the way commentator, I would start with Cummins Engine, non-union but good wages.

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May-05-13 6:57 AM

Costs in China are going up, and when you consider the time lag from production to retail sale that along with the cost of shipping. It is starting to happen that manufacturing jobs are slowly returning to the U.S. but primarily in the right to work states. So Reed is really on target. And we have to get out of the union mentality.A friend of mine had a job paying over $15/hr. Got laid off after nearly 2 years of*****on unemployment he got a job paying $9.

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May-04-13 4:19 PM

T e a b a g g e r s

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May-04-13 4:18 PM

Close and go to mexico and do it on the cheap.-

The *********s

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May-04-13 1:04 PM 5 manufacturing business's either still in business or no longer in business that were or are non-union.

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May-04-13 11:15 AM

commentor: you aren't serious? do you really believe that all private US companies have union workers? Can you explain why private non-union companies that pay minimum to low wages still can't compete with foreign imports and are thus forced to shut down?

...btw, if you want to live the same standard of living as the Chinese do, be my guest...hope you like eating LOTS of rice, and don't mind owning next to nothing.

Further, in case you're not aware, wages for private sector workers, regardless of whether they're union or not, are typically based on how much profit an employer earns (or how much it can reasonably pay while still achieving profit goals). If the company is losing money, breaking even, or making a modest profit, where will pay raises come from? You might be confusing public unions w/the private sector.

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May-04-13 8:34 AM

"During the meeting, members spoke at length about topics including energy and energy development, along with the opportunities that are associated with that when it comes to things like the natural gas industry in the U.S" (we all know what this is code for...)

Wonder why alternative forms of energy were not also discussed, like solar and wind? Hmm...maybe because they do not have a lobby that gives much in donations to certain political campaigns?

About time we start to seriously discuss energy..and how we can get RENEWABLE energy sources so we are no longer dependent..and we protect our environment.

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May-04-13 8:33 AM

Like it or not why should a business make it in America when a union worker wants $30 an hour and someone in China is working for 50 cents an hour. Boo and hiss all you like it is part of the problem.

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May-04-13 6:40 AM

"We're trying to figure out how we can get American manufacturing in the spot that we all want it to be," said Reed. Is he kidding, or should we start calling him Rip Van Winkle?

Reed (or any sincere rep) can start by introducing a bill that would rescind ALL free trade agreements (FTAs), or bring back import tariffs. If this issue wasn't so serious, it'd be comical simply b/c it was self-induced.

FTAs have decimated US manufacturing (remember Ross Perot's warning?). NAFTA was first introduced by Bill Clinton, but more importantly, supported by many of the same dinosaurs (life-long pols) who are still in office today. They are now asking themselves how to fix a problem that THEY caused! This problem can be easily resolved if our pols weren't in bed with wealthy businessmen who are making a killing off cheap labor by investing in foreign companies.

This is just another example of why campaign finance reform is desperately needed.

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