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No laughing matter in area

May 5, 2013

A resident’s comments regarding an early proposal on having the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Department take over police protection from the village department made us chuckle....

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May-08-13 1:00 PM

Just so readers can know the whole story, according to auto industry reports and The Heritage foundation, costs of labor in the auto industry are about $75.00 per hour when you include benefit packages. Maybe this explains why we see so many foreign cars on the road.

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May-08-13 10:46 AM

if the cost of an automobile is only 15% in labor, then the cost for the retirement packages of yesteryear is probably in the order of 25%.

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May-07-13 7:59 PM

Phil, your problem is that being a former MANAGEMENT person you fail to see the responsibility of YOUR people for the costs of doing business and the decisions that have buried the middle class. Yes, some unions went too far, but when an American Automobile's cost is 15% labor, you have to look elsewhere to blame for high costs. NYS's taxes are high because of excessive government giveaways such as out Cadillac Medicaid plan, not union wages. Schools taxes are high mostly due to unfunded federal and state mandates. I could go on and on, it's no use.

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May-07-13 9:18 AM

A better source for local tax rates might be the Chautauqua County Office for Real Property services. You will find that dunkirk and Jamestown along with a host of other communities have combined tax rates in the high 30's and low 40's. It is a monumental problem that our leaders refuse to recognize.

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May-06-13 7:48 PM

When I lived down south the KPH rate was ONE THIRD of what it is here and there was zero hydro power.

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May-06-13 12:00 PM

CHRISTOPHER - I respect your opinion but I am amazed that a person of your intelligence could know so little about basic economics. I don't know you personally but based on your comments I would guess that you are a card carrying union member working in the public sector. The Washington Tax foundation identified our county as one of the highest taxed in the entire country. Is it a coincidence that we are losing employers and losing population? Is it a coincidence that our youth must leave the area to find employment opportunities? Is it a coincidence that peoperty values here are a fraction of the national average? Last week I spoke with a lady who is currently building a new home in Georgia. Why Georgia? The total tax burden on her new home will be about $700.00 annually and there is no school tax for those over 62 years of age. The handwriting is on the wall for those who are unbiased and for those who really care about the future of our area.

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May-06-13 10:52 AM


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May-05-13 1:16 PM

Hey, Mr. Bear, my sister and I are still waiting for that coffee date.

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May-05-13 1:14 PM

No, Phil, Chautauqua County is dying because there aren't any jobs!!! The main reason isn't taxes, it's rich and greedy people wanting more and shipping those jobs overseas. That's why worker pay has stayed the same or regressed in the last 20 years while those so-called "job creators" income rose 200%! Taxes don't help, but that is NOT the main nor the only issue. Oh, I forgot, it's those darned Unions too! Can't you ever get an original idea or comment?

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May-05-13 11:22 AM

The paper is right. Chautauqua County would be better served by a County Government than by a bunch of local officials. The population and jobs do not support all of these government layers.

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May-05-13 10:40 AM

You can lead your horse to the water but you can't force it to drink. Chautauqua county is dying as a result of excessive government and excessive taxation. It's really that simple but many people just don't understand. It's not just a matter of tax burden. Excessive taxes also affect your property values. They discourage investment in new business and job development. They destroy any possibility for our children and grandchildren to live here. While the population of our country keeps growing our county keeps losing population. How much more suffering are you willing to endure? The truth is that excessive taxation has been devastating to our area so what is it going to take for people to understand and when will we do something about it?

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May-05-13 9:56 AM

Obviously you don't read very well DC. That's not just Village taxes it's school, etc rolled in. Village taxes typically have gone down in this area not up. With some exceptions. The true problem is DemocRAT minds like yourself giving away more and more of what we don't have.

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May-05-13 8:17 AM

By our respected democratic electoral processes, if a majority of voting residents in each of these villages elected village board members, who in turn voted for budget and tax increases, then its obvious the majority of the village supports tax and budget increases.

The clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board can try to sell, sell, sell their RW-GOP ideology all they want -- but the majority of voters in these villages ARE NOT BUYING. They believe the gaggle's honking is irrelevant.

The gaggle should worry about the relevancy of their own business model: the ads are taking up more page space, the column justifying is being stretched more, the spaces between the column lines is growing and the font size of the type -- esp with the editorial -- is increasing each year.

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