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City senior apparently robbed at gunpoint at home

May 5, 2013

OBSERVER Staff Report Dunkirk police are seeking the public’s assistance in apprehending a man who allegedly robbed a senior citizen at gunpoint at her home Saturday morning....

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May-05-13 11:51 AM

Sure hope he had a permit for that gun oh I'm sure he did he's probably a good boy!

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May-05-13 4:32 PM

If this guy had free health care (medicaid) and free money from the government (welfare, food stamps) he wouldn't have to rob from the elderly woman.........yeah, sarcasm.

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May-05-13 5:04 PM

It has been only a matter of time and it's going to get worse before better. When I first purchased a nice home in this neighborhood it was the weekend parties till all hours. Police called nothing done for 5 yrs. worth. Then came the cars being broken into. 2 yrs. this has been a problem. Then there were the street brawls. Several every year. Police called yet noone has gone to jail. Toddlers wander into the street in the wee hrs. of the morning. Police called. They hid and let the kids go after the cops are gone. There has been attacks by aggressive dogs. Finally after a dog was savagedly attack and killed was something done.......yet there is a pit that runs loose once in awhile still. People knocking on your windows, trying to open your doors even though locked. My biggest mistake was to buy a house here. I lock everything up even during the day. I'd suggest everyone else do the same until you can afford to get out of here.

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May-05-13 5:19 PM

I didn't have room in the first post to finish so here it is. The decent people who live in this area has their air conditioners lifted out of their windows while at work off and on last summer. We have to endure blaring hispanic music to the point things vibrate on wall shelves and you can't listen to television at a reasonable level. They romp on the little rice burners they drive that need mufflers badly. Yet say anything and it's screamed discrimination. Well decent people in this area are being forced to live with this instead of being able to have a decent law abiding neighborhood. We do have a neighborhood watch in effect but imagine that.........nothing gets done about anything. The frustration of decent people in this neighborhood is going to end up with Dunkirk's population decreasing and taxes going elsewhere.

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May-05-13 5:41 PM

This situation hits very close to home. The victim is a very sweet and kind lady that does absolutely no harm to anyone. Dunkirk is getting bad and sadly will just get worse. It is also very sad how SUGARNSPICE once again (surprise, surprise) involves race into this. As some (more educated) people might say violence can come in any color and/or race. Recently having moved to a nice and what was quite place in Fredonia I have noticed how this place has also changed a lot. Last summer I was able to sit at home with the windows open but now thanks to my new neighbors it is close to impossible due to their loud blasting music. Even the cops, which before used to simply drive by for no reason, now come on a weekly basis to respond to complaints about them. Oh! and did I mention they are caucasian? As I said before color/race does not make the individual. Trash comes in every color.

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May-05-13 5:53 PM

Dunkirk has been slowly becoming just like any other city with a large number of blacks and hispanics. Growing Crime, and growing murders. And growing Welfare lice. It is a sign of the times. The elderly are always targets in the larger cities. Even in their own homes. In cities all across the country, black and hispanic crime is off the charts, and police are slow to respond, and News sources are reluctant to mention the suspects names or ethnicity in homicides or violent crimes. All politically motivated so as not to rile the black and hispanic communities for pointing out the racial dis-proportionality of the majority of growing crime in cities. All that is left for potential victims to do, is buy security cameras, and a gun. You are fighting this battle for your own survival, and quality of life, alone.

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May-05-13 6:01 PM

Danita Hispanic music is a type of music not a racial slur. Rice burners are Asian built cars where is the race slur????

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May-05-13 8:15 PM

@Danita, I do have to say I agree with you, and as you hinted racism is not dead. @Concerned the racial slur was in the mention of the type of music (it doesn't take much to understand that was a racial comment)@classof74, were you aware that the majority of hate crimes and/or serial killings were commited by white people? After reading these comments I am ALMOST ashamed to admit I am a "white" person. Skin color or ethnicity DOES NOT commit the crime.

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May-05-13 10:33 PM

allegedly robbed at gun point, really one would think it either happen or not, as for the comments on race ,or color, the fact is this country's in moral decline, and it unfortunately going to get worst ,like all great empire's or culture's there is a rise and in the end always decline and ruin

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May-07-13 8:22 AM

Danita, is it racism or is it the truth. Look at the weekly police reports and pick out all of the hispanic names. The numbers don't lie

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