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Are we headed toward socialism?

May 6, 2013

I see far too many times to count, the accusation that President Obama is a “socialist” and that as a country the United States is heading in that direction....

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May-06-13 7:35 AM

Yes we are-remember during FDR's Presidency we came perilously close to a form of government that we abhor. While progressives believe in slow change,there have been four periods in American history where the change has been significant and troubling. The advent of ObamaCare and the government taking over our healthcare system and ultimately our health is a very frightening solution to the growing costs of medical care in this country. We are inching closer to full blown socialism AND we must keep vigilant and reverse this growing intrusion into our freedoms and our lives!

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May-06-13 7:52 AM

Christophers cognitive skills are pretty much gone. Keynes not a socialist, a failure for sure. thats why the libs think the great depression was great.all of obamas attempts to inflict his socialist will via the gm bailout, make coal obsolete by regulations ,gun control , obamacare etc and christopher says we are not socialist .those libs, you just have to wonder at them. No wonder they think green energy works .

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May-06-13 8:15 AM

Very good simple explanation of two forms of CAPITALISM. This point I hope is not missed on all who read this.

Shock Doctrine is excellent.

Obama a socialist? Take a look at unemployment rate falling. Must be his socialist policies that are helping our economy.

And whatever socialist policies he is implementing that is making the stock market soar..KEEP IT UP. Many of us are making lots of money on that socialist move.

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May-06-13 8:39 AM

Excellent job, Christuufuu, although you probably spoke over the heads of many folks. One point though, we are not a free market economy -- we are a mixed market economy (have been since the 1930s) with a capitalistic ideologies. Our monetary policies are more-or-less free market; our fiscal policies are not.

This cry of "socialism" of the opposition -- one example is the use of '"socialism with Obamacare -- is a desperate attempt RW intelligentsia to whip up the fears of their ignorant base.

Obamacare becomes a player in the health insurance market, nothing more. By being a huge player in the market, its purchasing power forces down prices & costs, it forces efficiencies, much like Medicare does. We are far, far from single payer.

Steinerdzzz...GM bailout started under Bush, & continued with Obama & Eurobanks, lending GM money through bankruptcy proceedings. As Obama promised, the US sold all its GM shares. Socialists don't use bonds, and don't s

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May-06-13 8:42 AM

...and don't sell shares on Wall Street. Using free market institutions and mechanisms to help a major US global corporation back on this feet during a terrible economic crisis isn't socialism.

You're as economically clueless as the church lady gaggle OBSERVER board.

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May-06-13 8:42 AM

I do agree with Joew and Steiner... Judeye... the collapse of Europe is artificially propping up the stock market. Unemployment numbers are being helped by two things... time (which was Obama's whole plan) and people falling off the employment board. Based on the slow down I am seeing, I think we are about to hit another bump.

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May-06-13 9:20 AM

The highest monthly unemployment rate under Bush was 7.3% and Democrats were calling for his head. Obama's lowest unemployment rate was just now in April at 7.5% and those same Democrats are breaking out the champagne.

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May-06-13 11:06 AM

Excellent... even cavemen practiced "socialism".... the lucky hunter who bagged a mastodon shared, knowing that he might not be so lucky next month. A Froma Harrup column in this paper a couple of weeks ago pointed out that the Iron Lady praised the British Health Insurance program, which was entirely government run with no huge profits for the insurance companies, as is the case with Obamacare. She also explained that Milton Friedman considered the threshold of "too much government" at 60 percent.We are now at 35 percent. And the icon of anti-capitalism, Friedrich Hayek, favored a minimum wage and government health care. I might also ask what is more socialistic than "free" police and fire protection, and the elephant in the room, the US military?

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May-06-13 11:16 AM

Apparently the troops didn't read this article because in the survey 69% think we are headed towards socialism. joew, what EXACTLY is socialistic about Obamacare? If we had gotten rid of all insurance companies it would. but adding an exchange so people can get insurance cheaper, no. Now i would prefer a health system like the rest of the entire modern world has, where people get coverage not based on their employment, but I do not see how that will ever happen here.

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May-06-13 11:32 AM

While obamacare may not be totally socialized medicine it is only one step below it. A single payer system like a lot seem to want is totally socialized. Obamcare is just a bastardized version of socialized medicine. And not even a very good one at that.

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May-06-13 2:08 PM

Judeye-unemployment rate falling because many people(the baby boomers)are no longer counted since they are retiring! All the temps at resorts are now coming back on board. The reason the stock market is up is because instead of hiring workers and capitalizing expansion they are investing in the stock market. Do you know why? Now with all the money you are making,how much are you sharing with the less fortunate?

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May-06-13 2:11 PM

Marcia-if you can't answer that question about why ObamaCare is socialistic I doubt seriously any explanation on my part will help you!

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May-06-13 2:20 PM

Military pensions are socialistic. Everyone in the society pays for them, so, by definition, those pensions are a social program. So are police and firemen. So are schools. So why all the fuss about universal health insurance? The only thing wrong with "Obamacare" is, it ISN'T Universal.

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May-06-13 6:36 PM

joew, apparently you can't tell me what is socialistic about it.

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May-06-13 7:19 PM

stangv8..just curious, have you read or watched anything on the economic collapse that was anywhere near objective? What do you think caused our almost...and I emphasize collapse of our economic system? By the way, equally curious on who you thought should pay for the war in Iraq?

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May-06-13 7:23 PM

joew..can YOU explain how Obamacare is socialism?

Good grief..some of us truly want a single payer system. Are you aware of the unfair advantage companies in other countries have over us when they do not have to pay for health insurance for their employees. Do the math...

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May-06-13 7:37 PM

judeye is the woman Steiner talks about. If only the rest of us were so all knowing. If only we had it all figured out. If only we were smart enough to understand what is really happening. We can only wish.

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May-06-13 9:08 PM

Judeye-last time I was in Europe,Germany to be specific,the "sickness fund"(that's what they call it over there)was funded by both employers and employees. Has that changed?

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May-06-13 9:20 PM

Judeye & Marcia-what do you call the government takeover of the healthcare system and our health if not socialism? Would you both be more comfortable with the term nationalism?

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May-06-13 9:25 PM

I often wonder why the people that want cradle to grave care and no guns don't immigrate to a country that already has it?

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May-07-13 7:18 AM

I wonder how many people who hate "socialistic" Obama-care also want to save our "socialist" county home?

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May-07-13 7:32 AM

Dcronig-"As Obama promised","the US sold all it's GM shares". I think you might be on to something about the ignorant base that follows your less than truthful posts. The treasury(that's us taxpayers)still own right at 240 MILLION shares(as of yesterday)and if sold at the current price would mean the Treasury(that's us taxpayers)will lose only about 12 BILLION dollars. Now the Treasury(that's us taxpayers)can't just "dump" 240 million shares into the market without causing a huge amount of stress. The Treasury(that's us taxpayers)will not be able to shed the remaining 240 Million shares until well into 2014.

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May-07-13 2:42 PM

joew, again please explain what is socialistic about the Affordable Care Act. If government had taken over, the insurance companies would be, and everything would be like medicare. Please answer the question.

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May-07-13 5:18 PM

Judeye, the economic collapse started when Democrats took control of Congress. Oh yes, Bush was at fault when he failed to stop Democrats from loosening banking regulations.

Iraqi oil should have paid for the war in Iraq.

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May-07-13 5:40 PM

"what is socialistic about the Affordable Care Act" How about the fact that if you don't pay this new tax then you get fined. Or the fact that they are not giving people a real choice in it. Some of you just buy into everything queen Obama says and think it is gospel.

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