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Being aware of mental illness in youth

May 9, 2013

As parents, grandparents, caregivers, coaches, troop leaders and teachers, we know our children....

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May-10-13 4:53 PM

In my neighborhood mentally ill mother with one of two children, other child with father-drug and alcohol dependency-unemployed, another mentally ill person right next door takes prescription pain meds and drinks beer like a fish and acts out in neighborhood PD always there-unemployed, person one block over, alcoholic, unable to support 2 children grown male 36, physically healthy shows signs of mental illness, too much mental illness unaddressed in youth-our fine schools treat them by expelling them all three of them no HSD one has GED (got it in jail). Although now there are programs in some schools here, finally.

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May-10-13 9:04 AM

Dc, more info for you. A list of things the liberals like yourself are against. CO2, fossil fuels, fracking, tobacco, sugar drinks. energy drinks, free speech via anything other than the 3 networks, (foxnews), religion, choice in schools, right to work laws, lowering taxes, any immigration control, creationism,etc. So the NRA is mentally ill when the libs trumpet daily the end of the world due to any or a combination of the factors I mentioned. Plus, the famous liberal line you did not build that. well who exactly built our world ? liberals , thats a joke for sure. help us out Dc. who is mentally ill, it is the liberals, dc thats who.

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May-10-13 8:47 AM

hey dc, the govt shut down a plastic gun assembly site. apparently jihadist sites are OK, but not how to make a plastic gun. Dc, did ya ever hear of a machine shop ? You could shut those down too ! Dc, give us your learned liberal opinion now. Our wacky govt is at it again. Gun control. Say Dc , who is mentally ill now ? wre need to hear , church lady gaggle, learned nuggets and a host of other descritive terms you have used in place of facts or reasoning. lets hear it for and from Dcronig ! Say dc, machine shops is where my steinertrons were made. i too must be insane by your opinion.

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May-10-13 8:08 AM

dc goofs it again. Gun violence is down and dc wants gun control. Dc is making the law abiding gun owners to be worse than jihadists. But of course dc thinks the boston police did a good job. Dc, try and think, read some facts before you post something. The NRA is sane. It is the liberals again, who are off mentally. Pretend the gun owners are jihadists, you know diversity and the like. we must not judge islam so try and not judge the NRA and millions of legal gun owners. you like numbers, try and understand this. There are over 300 million guns in this country. we should be dying like flies, ooops Ann Bowers, sorry, we must save bugs, and we aint. If we had more guns, the death rate per gun would go down. Understand DC ? Need a grant to understand it ?

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May-09-13 9:15 AM

Gee, where is our latest national champion on mental health awareness, the NRA? Where are all those gun-fringe folks who are clamoring that mental health issues are the sole reason for all our gun violence?

Why, given their singular focus on this issue, one would think both the NRA and the gun fringe would be taking to the streets holding rallies, writing their legislators, gun clubs doing chicken BBQs for fund raising and to build support to increase aid, spending and awareness of mental health -- being the stand-up, civic-minded public service folks they are...

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May-09-13 8:59 AM

Judeye, i almost weep everytime i read your posts.Just kidding, of course. Support groups for the kids? Its called the democratic party, the party of mental illness. The end is near and a host of other mentally ill proclamations prove it. Parents incarcerated ? Whose fault is that ? the democratic party as they control the inner cities where jails and cemeteries are the norm. So please , judeye advocate choice in our schools. It will be better than the democratic run indoctrination centers we have now.The problem of the youth can be traced directly to the democratic party with their break up of the traditional family. You know, if it feels good it is OK.witness the high and rising out of wedlock births by our liberated gals. even obama said he wished he had a father when he was growing up.

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May-09-13 7:19 AM

I so agree. Treating our young if they have problems is so much more effective than waiting until those issues escalate due to a lack of treatment. The children deserve to receive the help they need to live more normal, happier childhoods.

Where are the support groups for children whose parents have alcohol or drug problems or whose parents may be incarcerated? Why does the drug court not mandate that any parent in that treatment program must take parenting classes?

We must focus on our children and their needs. After all they are our future.

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