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Drug busts in city lead to eight arrests

May 10, 2013

Two drug raids in the city of Dunkirk Thursday have led to the arrest of eight individuals....

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May-10-13 5:57 AM

THC Testing at accidents and road checks would be more impressive news - Just like your boss does at work !

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May-10-13 7:01 AM

Good job DPD!

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May-10-13 7:06 AM

Good job,more human garbage off the streets!

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May-10-13 8:47 AM

All cities across the USA are addressing the drug problem aggressively. So this is nothing new. Except to show that Dunkirk has bigger problems than the sea wall that take priority.

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May-10-13 8:57 AM

I believe that brings the count to 10-12 busted in the last six months. Good job DPD and STRDTF

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May-10-13 8:57 AM

I believe that brings the count to 10-12 busted in the last six months. Good job DPD and STRDTF

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May-10-13 10:18 AM

Like it or not until you legalize drugs you will never stop it. It's just like prohibition. When booze was illegal they found ways to make and sell it illegally. I'm not saying I like legalizing drugs but I think it's the only solution.

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May-10-13 12:04 PM

Hurrah..some more trash swept off the streets. I just hope they will serve looooong jail sentences. It does no good to make arrests if they don't get locked up for a good long time. Taking away a person's personal feedoms is sometimes the only way to get through to these people. Great job Dunkirk Police Dept. Keep it going !!!!!!!!!!!!

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May-10-13 1:09 PM

Everyone says Hurrah , more scum off the streets etc. ; Well I believe in the second raid on Gazelle that Santiago guy was just arrested a few months ago and made front page news for ****** possession w/ that orazio guy ..... well the 2 of them were out in LESS than 2 weeks and nothing happened ??? whats up w/ that ; calling it time served for front page news ? That got the wrong guy on that one , wasn't the driver but got Santiago the second time , lets just see if he actually does anytime ! I agree get the scum off the streets but the reality is there is 20 people next in line. Maybe we need to offer HELP to the ones who need it ? DPD didnt do anything here except arrest lower level users and rolled them over to snitch..... in my book, that isn't police work... And out of these 8 arrest , I bet maybe 2-3 will see jail time.......

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May-10-13 2:03 PM

Have drug laws reduced the use/sale of illegal drugs? Absolutely not. For every dealer you lock up, there are 10 others waiting in line.

Cigarettes & booze are more harmful than weed, yet they're legal, and still not everyone chooses to consume them. If non-smokers and anti-smoking groups in general got their way, and cigarettes became illegal, just think of the huge boost it'd give to the construction trades. We wouldn't be able to build prisons fast enough to incarcerate the "newest" dregs of society.

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May-10-13 3:00 PM

No doubt, Captain, you got that right. In the meantime, certain drugs are worthy of police pursuit. I'd put crack on that list, among others. Pot on the other hand is a joke and not worth the bother and expense.

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May-10-13 4:33 PM

I truly believe not ALL people who do drugs (recreationally or on a daily basis) commit other crimes, yet they can be arrested and risk going to jail if they are caught under the influence or possessing them.

No question, drugs are bad news, but IMO, it's that person's problem, not mine. I really don't believe our govt should be dictating what we can or can't put into our bodies. If that's the case, when will red meat, deep-fried foods, alfredo sauce, biscuits w/sausage gravy, etc be outlawed?

Nanny state pol Bloomberg recently got his law prohibiting the sale of 32oz soft drinks in NYC overturned.

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May-10-13 6:50 PM

All you people are so clueless. You act like these were big time drug dealers dealing in ******, coke, crack or stuff that should really be the focus of the "drug war" this was stupid prescription drugs BS...I'm so glad we spend millions each year on this...I really feel safe and protected...actually I feel ****** we spend anything to punish people who in many instances aren't harming anyone else but themselves.

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May-10-13 7:26 PM

Captain I'm w/ you on just about everything your saying , We as Americans should have the right to say what goes in our bodies and what doesnt!The only problem w/ that is with harder drugs you'll get all the extra non sense,robbery,homicide,ADDICTION.If the Local PD or other agencies wants to do some real policing and make arrests that count,go after Doctors;"The Legal"Drug dealers ! Prescription medication is the MOST or HIGHEST abused drugs out there! But see they wont crack down on them cause doctors have MONEY to hire top notch attorney and these attorneys can and will find a loop hole or simply poke holes thru the shady police work and then what ever agency will have to worry about law suits....Ever since the mid 80's when War was declared on drugs to present;there has been no decrease at all on Trafficking & has spent over a trillion dollars w/ no actual positive results.Statistically the only thing that has changed on these stats of this war is the rise in Homicid

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May-10-13 7:36 PM

Deloniak ~~~ Exactly;face it folks the war on drugs hasnt worked from GO. Stop wasting our tax dollars and if your going to go after drug dealers ; please go after actual dealers, not users. It's politics, the police get their front page new like their actually working and the fact is they got a few very low level dealers and a handful of addicts ! GET them HELP to be productive citizens. Sticking them in a little cell for a period of time isnt helping them or us for that matter.

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May-10-13 9:53 PM

This seems to be a never ending battle that's been going on for decades. As with all crime I think the solution is much tougher punishment.

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May-11-13 11:35 AM

The po0lice can't win here. They don't make the laws, they enforce them, so the busts some are complaining about aren't for show, it's the police doing their jobs which is to enforce the laws of the land. Making penalties harsher does nothing, look at the Rockefeller Drug Laws. They filled prisons, cost BILLIONS of dollars, and drug sales never slowed down one bit. Including Marijuana with drugs like PCP, Crack and ****** may be the stupidest issue in all drug discussions. Not that it's totally harmless, but you have to deal with reality and relativity.

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May-11-13 11:36 AM

H E R O I N doesn't pass the Observer "smell" test, apparently, lol!

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May-11-13 11:38 AM

As for going after Dealers, the best and most proven way to do that is to bust lower level users and dealers and get them to "roll over" on the next guy up the food chain, etc., etc. I mean, how do you get to that guy without doing that? Think a bit.

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May-11-13 11:54 AM

These two places were known big time "crack houses". Im surprised that it took this long for the police to bust them. And im pretty sure that they were selling ************* not prescription meds. The law may read Criminal Sale of a Controlled Substance but that is also what the police charge when they are selling crack.

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May-11-13 3:17 PM

@PhilJulian...Phil there was a post on topix of if you should run for office..I was someone who said yes you should becuase I believe you will be fiscally conservative and cut city govt and employees to save tax payers money (I may be wrong) but it's stupid comments like the solution is tougher punishment shows that you are just as clueless on how to address social ills in our community as the National Republicans are. I would have to think twice about voting for you now.

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May-11-13 10:17 PM

That Santiago dude is already out!!! I saw him approx. 445 pm Sat 5/11/13 on a bike across from Washington Park on 5th Street..I was in a car with my daughter & grandchildren when I saw him..OMG he looked stoned on something..He has 2 prior NYS Dept of Corrections Sentences, 1999 & 2004..He has an alias last name RODRIGUEZ OR VERY CLOSE TO THAT.Checked under took his name/ his age deducted it from 2013 & put that in the search section & his info came up..It was there it shows his alias>>look at birthdays. WONDER HOW THE HEL- HE GOT OUT?? HE prob is the snitch but he had to get arrested with the rest of them to make it look good & not blow his cover.He is probably working off his previous drug charges from a few months ago!!

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May-12-13 7:21 PM

Hey Keepinitreal ... He was just on the front page a couple of months ago w/ that Orazio kid for the same thing and he was also released w/in a week or so ; as well as Orazio !

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May-14-13 10:12 PM

orazio was out in weeks,after he made front page news for bringing H-E-R-O-I-N into the city but last week he was in the paper again for aggravated unlicensed operation.. makes you wonder why he was out so soon.these guys aren't going to"Narc" on their supplier bcuz they know they'll end up dead...Buffalo&Rochester guys don't mess around...the only way the strike force gets anybody is scaring street level dealers or users is to get the next guy up.. I still know a dude who's bringing at least an OZ.of coke a week into town& the cops haven't touched him.but yet he drives a BMW & a Hummer I believe.The Strike force isn't going to get anybody "big" til they stop using the end user to catch their next fish..........

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May-14-13 10:25 PM

I'm sure that orazio(scum)and his buddy rolled on these other dudes ,why else were they out so quick? Orazio been bringing crack& h-e-r-o-i-n & coke into the city for yrs.I wonder what happen to his wife? last I knew she was working 2nd St,..... hopefully she got help....

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