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Forestville in a ‘state’

May 15, 2013

FORESTVILLE — Mayor Linda Aures delivered a “state of the village of Forestville” address Tuesday. The message was in writing and Aures read it at the beginning of the village board meeting....

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May-15-13 5:54 AM

Where to start! First of all Linda always said we put the cart before the horse well I think she has. She fired the clerk (Sam) hired Jim White gave him a five dollar raise because he was so qualified for the job and he would not have to spend so much time in the office and that would save the tax payers money. Now she has increased his hours to 40 and wants to hire two more to help out!!! Maybe he is not as qualified as she thought and what has he been doing these few months that he has been in. Seems to me she should have kept Sam and she could have helped him. She also wants to pay these two new ones more money than Sam was getting! The audit says Forestville needed some changes and I haven't seen any changes that were recommended yet! The first thing the audit said was to shut these people's water off if they didn't pay and needed to be done soon. Well! How long does that take. The money you will get for turning them off maybe can go towards the clerks big pay raise and 40 hours

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May-15-13 6:06 AM

And the new Board and new Mayor have a hard time figuring out its cheaper to buy a lawn mower and have the streets I mean "utility" workers mow the lawn. The Board acted like they didnt have a clue what lawn needs to be mowed,what to buy for a lawn mower. If they can't figure this out what is the village in for. They cut the wages,changed the job title, cut insurance,and cut there hours on the "Utility" workers but lets give the clerk a five dollar raise and hire two more at 9-12 dollars an hour and fire the old lawyer and pay the new one more also. They lowered the budget and left out a ton of stuff that should have been in it and lowered the taxes and how is the village going to pay back the ambulance, fire truck and water project by doing this. Remember the audit said we just needed some changes to keep up with the times. If the old board would have hired two clerks to help out and gave Sam a five dollar raise you people would have had a fit. But none of you are

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May-15-13 6:08 AM

Saying a word now! I hope in ten months the village tax payers vote in a mayor that is really for us and can fix what is going to happen in these next ten months

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May-15-13 8:17 AM

Poor Kimberly - did they not give you enough time to ramble at the meeting ? We have a much better outlook with our new board. Big changes were needed and Mayor Aures is doing just that! Way to go Mayor!

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May-15-13 8:57 AM

I would like to think that every person who serves Forestville tries their very best to make it a better place. Kim did and the new board will. Linda is trying her very best to better our village. We need to stop the bickering and join together to make this a better place to live and raise families. Stop the fighting and help each other. We can agree to disagree on certain issues but if we work together, more will get accomplished and its our kids we are looking out for-- the next generation. So please think of the kids and how you can make this village a better place to live. Call each other up and say "I know we have our differences in opinion, but I would like to work together to make this village better. How can I help?"

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May-15-13 10:10 AM

Were the current Board and highly paid clerk concerning themselves with the more critical and necessary day to day business of the Village instead of reconstructing the entire workforce and job duties of the Village, we might have some degree of optimism that the VIllage condition will improve. However, here are some numbers the Village taxpayers should be aware of. The reduced tax rate from about 5.193 per thousand to about 5.123 per thousand will decrease Village annual revenues by approximately $15,800. Yet, the Board last night passed a resolution to increase the clerk's hours from about 25 hours per week to 40 hours per week, adding costs of about $20,000, or about $1.00 per thousand increase per tax payer. Where's the math here folks? On top of that, the Board wants to hire 2 additional assistants, including wages and benefits, to help the clerk!! Are they competing with the Town of Hanover in the size of the clerk's office?

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May-15-13 12:51 PM

Typical example of ill qualified people running the show. Why is this just coming to light now. This couldn't have happened overnight. I have said it before qualified people do not want to put up with the unqualified ones to do the job that should be done. More and more the idiots are running the asylums.

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May-15-13 3:19 PM

There goes Kim again, running her mouth, under the false pretense that everyone adores her. Shut-up Kim, you sound stupid, and yet you continue to ramble on. You were not listening very well at the meeting. On the bright side, you are a form of entertainment. Keep up the good work!!

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May-15-13 10:01 PM

Sad state of affairs for this and many former fine communities. The whole region has many problems that pop up in a tight economy. These same services seemed like a good idea in the late 50's and 60's.

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May-16-13 4:20 AM

Mayor Aures said: "I want to make it clear that the problems facing the village are multifaceted...and should not be laid solely upon the back of any one official or employee."

She goes on to note: "The lack of sound financial record keeping..."

So much for not blaming one official (ex-clerk MARCIA PETERSEN)

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May-16-13 10:30 AM

Seems to me not many people like KimStott. Seems she only has a few deadbeats that agree with her. Oh and Captain, Marcia isn't the only clerk that the village has had. But then again, one was only hired to handle the water and slid into the position. But she was perfect, just ask her board that backed her. They were all perfect, from Chuck, to Beth, to Marcia and Sam. Betty where are you when the village needs you the most. Talk about inept people. For the last 7 or 8 years the board has been totally inept and suffered from the lack of realism that they were clueless and screwing everything up. Ignorance is no excuse.

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May-16-13 12:12 PM

I`ve been wondering why the Linemans and Bishoff's haven't been posting on here. Glad to know you guys are ok. Wyatt and Captain, do you really think you are all that? I think most would beg to differ. I think Ms. Stott brings some real valid points to the table, its just the fact that you personally don't like her. In politics there is no room for your own feelings, but hey, I think you already know that.

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May-16-13 12:37 PM

Roughneck,they have to make this about Kim to hide the very serious issues the new board is creating! Has anyone thought that the new clerk may need more hours so he can receive a good retirement from us in a couple years? They need to STOP bashing the many good people who have done their best for our village in the past.

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May-16-13 1:13 PM

Talk about deadbeats, have you looked in the mirror? Who works there backside off and has brought much to the village? We pay our bills and take care of our family and serve residents of the village between my business and Sherm's. Try and get a job and take care of your family and stop bashing people. I think you were both put on the board! Maybe scared you couldn't win so you waited to be put on by your friend. Why is the clerk wasting time and going back nine years. Maybe to create more problems so he can get more hours and pad his retirement. If it was so bad wouldn't the audit have shown it. I think you should read it again! Truth hurts and I'm only telling it how it is! Stop blaming people. Who are you going to blame in ten months from now? I don't think the new mayor should point fingers at other people just to make themselves look good. Maybe it is time for the Town of Hanover to take over if this is how the new board is going to run things!

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May-16-13 4:54 PM

Apparently, lot's of people haven't read the findings of the audit which pointed out the monumental failures in the book/record keeping department in this village. I don't think the new clerk was hired to "clean-up" the mess that was left him, but to do a more efficient and accurate job than his predecessors. Maybe I'm misinformed. These positions to assist him are to be temporary/part time positions as clearly stated by the mayor at last night's meeting. 90 days if I recall correctly. NO BENEFITS. Sounds easy enough to understand to me. If the record keeping is OBVIOUSLY the problem, why do people have a problem hiring a professional at a slightly higher rate to keep us out of these situations in the future? Sounds like a wise investment. Hopefully, people will be able to follow the dialog at next meeting if they're not constantly distracted by the cowardly mud slingers in the back row.

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May-16-13 5:40 PM

It is no secret that there is no love loss between Kim and myself. But I have better things to do than to sit and bash someone who does not a meaning in my life of this website. I am sorry that you people think that I hide under a fake name just to say what is on my mind. Have a great day...thanks for thinking that some of these comments were from me. And I do believe my father hasn't posted on here either...but nice try on that one too. Keep your chins up you will figure out who it makes things brighter.

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May-16-13 5:52 PM

Mike, or plumcrazee70. I don't think your neighbors like Sherm would appreciate anything you have to say. You don't like whats being said or what others think in the Village go back to where you came from. Here's a thought, maybe you and your buddies on the board should read the audit again, if you are able. Oh maybe they will finally hire you for supervisor of streets and water, isn't that what you wanted and why you sound bitter?

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May-16-13 5:58 PM

I would like to clean up my latest post. I wrote it from my phone and obviously didn't read what I wrote before I posted...It is no secret that there is no love loss between Kim and myself. But I have better things to do than to sit and bash someone who does not HAVE a meaning in my life ON this website. I am sorry that you people think that I hide under a fake name just to say what is on my mind. Have a great day...thanks for thinking that some of these comments were from me. And I do believe my father hasn't posted on here either...but nice try on that one too. Keep your chins up you will figure out who it makes things brighter.

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May-16-13 7:21 PM

Is this the same Jen that bashes everyone and has the record for the most bashing on the observer???? Who are you trying to kid. Ms Stott seems to tell it like it is. If I were you people I would think about relocating.

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May-17-13 6:22 AM

My Dearest "roughneck", I did apply for the position of supervisor, but there would have been no way i would have accepted a position that would have cut my current pay by 20%. Plus no union, no thank you. If you could research my resume, you could have seen that i could have helped out tremendously. As for what Sherm and Kimberly think?? They're both adults and can understand that people have different views. I think they will have no problem my comment, seeing as how I'm adult enough to not attack anyone directly in this forum. Our issues could be discussed personally. What ever issues you may think there are. May God bless Forestville.

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May-17-13 6:27 AM

I'm not exactly clear why you think I'm coming off as "bitter". As for my "buddies", you can check my voting record and see that my choices aren't party strong, as i felt i voted and supported with my conscience.

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May-17-13 9:44 AM

I think that was the point Ms Stott was trying to get through the board from what the paper says. You wouldnt take the job Mike because it was a 20% cut well how would you like to be working and have your hours, pay,and health ins cut . The mayor wouldnt like it to happen to her. If jim was so good why has he had no job and filed bankrupt! Like roughneck said forestville can pay his retirement and hire people to help him so he can sit and do nothing like he always has and then blame others. The board didnt check into his background and I'm sure there were other that were a better choice! You think the books were a mess you wait till he is done! I feel sorry for all the resident's in Forestville. I have dealt with Mr White and you better watch it.

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May-17-13 11:39 AM

Simply and KimStott write in the same style. Coincidence? I think not.

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May-17-13 5:58 PM

Craken- thanks for thinking simply was me. Simply does seem to know what they are talking about! So maybe you think roughneck and instructor are also me. Try again, I use my real name not hide behind a fake one like you!

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May-19-13 11:16 AM

I think what cracks me up the most about these coments is 1) jennkohler with a "smart" phone and 2) her claim that she has something better to do than bash people on here.

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