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IRS?PROBE: Taxing time in Washington

May 17, 2013

Last week, Internal Revenue Service officials insisted high-ranking leaders at the agency were not aware some conservative political groups were being harassed over tax matters....

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May-22-13 12:30 PM

Head of IRS took the 5th today...Obama said he'd oversee the "most transparent administration ever". If you leave out this deal along with the Benghazi coverup and AP wire tapping I guess he's right on! Blame Congress....Blame Bush!

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May-20-13 4:35 PM

Stang-as you well know the State Department themselves said that security funding was NOT a issue during testimony on the hill.

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May-20-13 12:49 PM

Benghazi, AP wire taping and IRS scandals are indefensible. HOWEVER... The wire taping will go to the waste side as the press will only be side tracked for a bit. I just wish the AG wouldn't be so proud about not knowing something. The IRS troubles are scary considering that the they will soon have oversight on each individual and healthcare. The cover up shows how fallible this administration really is and I will wonder on the timing. Benghazi... that one is of gravest concern. It shows what great lengths this President will go to secure his own reelection. I really hope he is impeached over that one... and as I type this, I wonder if the the White House secretly wire tapped this comment thread and will turn these records over to the IRS so I can be intimidated into conformance and compliance.

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May-19-13 9:46 PM

Judeye, I’m not taking about security. I’m talking about what took place once the consulate came under attack. I’m talking about a US Consulate under sustained attack and an American Ambassador missing for seven hours while those with the “need to know” clearances watched in real time. This wasn’t a hit and run attack; this was sustained. Where was the CINC during this attack? The US came under attack and the CINC delegated his Constitutional Responsibilities to underlings who didn’t have the authority to deploy forces to repel the attack. Blaming Republicans for cutting funding is nothing but smoke and mirrors and you know it. Just because budgets aren’t increased doesn’t mean they’re cut; even you know that.

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May-18-13 6:27 PM

I really cannot wait to hear the screams from the Obama fans when the true cost of his moronic policies and pet projects hits their wallets/purses. Think there is a struggle now to make ends meet for the working poor Judeye? Wait until their hours are cut or they have to take out a loan to pay the new income taxes on the employer paid portion of their health care. I'm laughing the whole time you and your buddies defend this pos...eveyone said Quayle didn't have the experience to be president. But this yahoo, with way less political experience, is perfectly capable? The inept leading the gullible is more like it. I have to give him credit for one thing, he found the weak minded fools to follow him over the cliff....enjoy the view.

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May-18-13 1:22 PM

Judeye,Judeye-do you have a direct line to Barbara Boxer. Security funding was increased,not decreased! Not only that but the Benghazi facility was mostly within the CIA budget. Who are you getting your talking points from,Dcronig? PS,nope never saw a darn thing about Bush,Cheney,or Rumsfeld(correct spelling) being subjected to a witch hunt! Yikes!

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May-18-13 12:50 PM

Neo cons are big fans of fishing expeditions except when they are the targets. Boo hoo.

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May-18-13 11:46 AM

"We live in the UNITED States of America. I wished more people would act like it." I agree with this statement. That is why I am opposed to ANY and all gun controls. Why I am opposed to the government telling us what we can eat or drink and how much. Why I am opposed to forcing us to pay a tax as has been instituted by our government for this atrocity they call healthcare. Why I am against granting by executive order to allow illegals to stay here.

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May-18-13 10:46 AM

stangv8..for some reason I thought you were in the military, so might understand this better.

Did you read the emails that were released? Do you know the HOUSE, GOP dominated, voted DOWN more funding for security? Did you read the email where he was OFFERED him more security just one month prior to his death..and he turned it down.

Now I am all for looking into ways to provide better security for all of our government officials no matter where they are stationed. However, to use this to divide, point fingers, and make accusations, to me is just plain ignorant..and against most of our American principles.

By the way, did we see such a witch hunt for Bush, Cheney, Rumsford over 9/11 or the invasion of Iraq?

We live in the UNITED States of America. I wished more people would act like it.

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May-17-13 10:26 PM

For some reason, I get this sneaking suspicion that the IRS and AP spying scandal is nothing but cover fire for Benghazi. Although bad and the IRS harassment demonstrates all that is wrong with a government drunk on power, I believe Obama can weather that one. He can always back peddle and leave the IRS leadership out to dry while he, himself, remains virtually unscathed. But, Benghazi goes to him and nobody else but him. He is the CINC, the only one who has the authority to deploy the needed forces to rescue the ambassador and others; a 4-star general was relived of command because he was about to deploy forces. An American Consulate was under sustained attack for seven hours and our ambassador unaccounted for while he told the SecDef and SecState to handle it while he got ready for a campaign fund raiser the next day. The IRS harassment and spying on the AP being released as Benghazi is now finally getting the attention of the MSM is just too coincidental to me.

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May-17-13 9:17 PM

Obama fired a career bureaucrat. One that is loyal to the party in power at the time. Makes no difference who appointed him to the post, he just isn't going to bite the hand that feeds him.

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May-17-13 8:45 PM

Dcronig, you did it again. It is amusing to read your tirades, you can not really be that naive. The whole Obama administration suffers from the Sgt. Schultz syndrome, I KNOW NOTHING.

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May-17-13 7:01 PM

3 of 2:

P.S. In other news, the IRS could not be reached for comment - - it was too busy auditing the two judges who ruled against Obama's recess appointments.


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May-17-13 2:59 PM

2 of 2:

...the Constitution states “the Recess” – not “a Recess” – meaning the court decisions limit the president’s recess power to the period after the final adjournment for the Senate for the year (usually in mid-December) before it reconvenes in January.

Good time to be a lawyer – if hundreds of appointments and thousands of policy decisions or rulings are thrown out, federal courts will be tied up for the next 50 years.

The Supreme Court has not indicated if it will grant cert, i.e., hear the appeal which the Obama administration filed in April.

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May-17-13 2:58 PM

1 of 2:

The Third Circuit’s 2-1 ruling mirrors the DC Circuit Court’s in January. The NLRB ruling tosses all 32 Obama recess appointments into question, as well as 1,200 NLRB decisions.

But there’s a MUCH, MUCH broader impact - - GW Bush made 141 such appointments, so tens of thousands of decisions might be called into question!

Heck, Eisenhower even appointed a Supreme Court Justice this way (Brennan in 1956) and GW appointed John Bolton to UN ambassador this way in 2005.

They made the appointments while the Senate was in pro forma sessions – meeting every few days for a few minutes precisely to prevent recess appointments. The courts overturned 100 years of “accepted practice” by saying recess appointments apply only when the Senate has adjourned sine die, i.e. without setting a date for returning to session...

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May-17-13 10:28 AM

Oh and one other thing,Obama violated the Constitution with his NLRB appointments and continues to ignore the Federal court rulings(there are two now)as to those violations. Whats the excuses for that one,he didn't know I suppose huh?

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May-17-13 10:03 AM

Dcronig-who did Obama fire? You as usual are being less than truthful,again! Obama is a disgrace to the office. I might point out that not one person was murdered as a result of watergate. The President will not come clean on who sent Rice out there with the video baloney,nor will he as CinC say who stopped the reaction teams that were in Tripoli from deploying to Benghazi! So yes I stand by my statement that this President makes Nixon look like a mere shoplifter in comparison.

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May-17-13 9:47 AM

Judeye, you are spot on.

I see in the news Obama has been firing some of these high officials and he has admitted he isn't finished -- but somehow this clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board fails to read its own news wires...

They also fail to tell anyone that the IRS is, by law, insulated within the executive branch to prohibit any type of west-wing partisan executive meddling, from any party, into the IRS affairs and operations.

Jo-eeeeew: Obama worse than Nixon??? Wow, now you've removed any doubt as to your moronic opinion.

PhilJ: You must be under a rock, because each and every day by virtue of you living in this country, you are trusting the government to work and operate properly daily -- as it is and has been doing for a long, long time.

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May-17-13 9:01 AM

President Reagan had it right. "Government is too big, too expensive and too intrusive in our lives". If you still trust government you must be living under a rock!

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May-17-13 8:39 AM

judeye, did global warming figure in the IRS scandal also ? Libs, we need your analysis quick !

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May-17-13 8:34 AM

Judeye-I would have never thought you would blame Bush,what a surprise!!!News flash-Obama is the President! There must be some way to blame Bush for the AP scandal as well right. Obama fires the IRS comish who was retiring anyway! What a courageous example of leadership that was. How about the lady who was head of the tax exempt section of the IRS now taking over as the Obamacare administrator? Talk about the fox guarding the chicken coop! This administration makes Nixon look like mere shoplifter.

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May-17-13 8:12 AM

Of course obama thinks americans are stupid. That is the basic tenet of the democratic party. from you did not build that to blaming a video for benghazi, stupididty is at the heart of the democratic party. judeye is in love.She is defending her man , Obama , he is taking this seriously ! Things like this happen from edicts from the top, obama. This was denied for a long time so the libs could call the tea partiers paranoid, stupid and even blaming Bush etc. This way here the libs go there merry way, wrecking everything they touch.

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May-17-13 7:46 AM

I want to make it clear..the increased scrutiny to conservative groups with Tea or Patriot in their name is WRONG. Just as all profiling which targets certain groups wrong.

The IRS must remain completely non partisan and without any political implications. We all will know more after the complete investigation is completed. President Obama is taking this very seriously, calling for the resignation of a top IRS official already.

However, to try to make this more political than what is in reality a huge mistake. It seems to me people at the IRS were just trying to do their job, with little guidance. The guidelines for this type of status need to be better defined. What is "social welfare" and how much "political activity" is too much?

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May-17-13 7:33 AM

"Why would only conservative groups be harassed by the IRS if there were no "partisan reasons" involved?"

Just might want to ask the IRS commissioner at the time, Doug Shulman. You know the one appointed by the President...President Bush that is.

I am not so sure if I would characterize this as harassment so much as profiling, which we all know is wrong, right?

For a group to can get 501 (c) tax exempt status the primary purpose must be enhancing the social welfare. They can engage in political activity, but this may not be its primary purpose.

Now the number of groups seeking this status doubled from 2010- 2012 from 1,700 to 3,400. Some in the IRS then began to increase scrutiny to some conservative groups, requesting additional information and delays in approval. Note NOT ONE had been DENIED the tax exempt status.

In fact the only group that was DENIED such status is a PROGRESSIVE group the Maine chapter of Emerge America.

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May-17-13 7:21 AM

Indeed, while one can find no shortage of stupidity within our media educated culture, this really has little to do with Americans being stupid, and more about the fact there nothing the Americans (stupid or otherwise) can do about it…

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