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National Grid to PSC: We won’t need NRG Dunkirk

May 21, 2013

The future of a repowering project for NRG Energy’s Dunkirk plant will have a major hurdle to overcome — the buyer for the electricity the plant would produce says it won’t be neede....

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May-21-13 6:30 AM

There you have it folks. NRG days are numbered and with it the payment in lieu of taxes money. Now what does this mean? Well to a politician not much. But to you Joe taxpayer higher tax rates to make up the deficit. If you think for one minute that the city will decrease spending forget it. It also means that this will sound the death knell for businesses located in the city limits. So you might as well enjoy the large spending projects. the high wages the city pays because shortly all this will be gone and I kinda doubt any business will be lining up to relocate in the city. And that's a fact, Jack.

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May-21-13 6:34 AM

Interesting. A while back I heard that almost every National Grid employee ran out and purchased a generator for home because they had reliability concerns about their own company. Hmmmmm.

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May-21-13 6:36 AM

hadenough hit upon the real reason taxes have gone up so much around here - because businesses have left, eroding our tax base, leaving the rest of us to pick up the tab.

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May-21-13 7:49 AM

This is wonderful news if you are a democrat or global warming nut. Our economy has contracted so much we do not need 580 MW . Higher taxes ? Cronig says they lead to prosperity by the govt money multiplier thing. We all know that is false, but the libs keep trying. Just drive around the area. The power company has put up a lot of extra lines and other equipment.Word is southern erie county can now be fed off the tonawanda coal plant. School supporters take note. If we do not need the power plant how do you think we need all these school districts ? We dont.

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May-21-13 8:04 AM

As expected the focus is on COST, efficiency and demand for the product. It makes me think of the 62 years that the power company was financially raped by public officials to the tune of $8 million per year in property taxes. What did the company get for all that money? They had to generate $8 million in profit just to pay their taxes. If and when their doors are closed forever there will be a lot of finger pointing as to who is to blame. It may be a classic example of how public sector spending can be a devastating force. So, how will government react if NRG bites the dust? It's a good bet that everyone on the public payroll will get a juicy raise and the remaining taxpayers will be handed the tab.

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May-21-13 10:59 AM

If and when? No question bye bye. That decision was made a long time ago. Anyone that thought differently is just in denial.

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May-21-13 1:35 PM

And yet National Grid charges as much to deliver our electricity as the fuel costs. I've often wondered why their part of the bill is so high.

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May-21-13 2:23 PM

Dunkirk School taxes will hit the moon if NRG pulls out!

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May-21-13 5:02 PM

What people fail to realize is that National Grid has neglected their transmission lines for decades, now they can do what they should have been doing all along under the guise of reliability becuase NRG cant be counted. And do it at YOUR expense without having to fight one bit with the PSC to pass that cost on to the rate payers. NRG isnt run by idiots, they came into tough times with low gas prices and jumped in head first in an effort to get national grid to bite on a new plant allowing them to have gas and coal on the same site, knowing full well gas prices will rise again putting coal back in the game. Dont expect NRG to put a padlick on the gate folks, its just another hand in a poker game.

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May-21-13 5:22 PM

I guess its time to press Fat Uncle Fester Tom Reed to make sure his constituents are receiving their fair share of federal spending($1 spending for $1 federal tax paid), instead of us receiving only 74 cents, while the remaining 26 cents goes to his fellow GOP states in the South & MW.

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May-21-13 5:51 PM

when asked if they would have to import electricity from out of state the answer "not necessarily" and he's right they will get it from Canada. in the future when a brown out scenario happens what area of the state do you think will be low guy on the totem pole. are county should be in full crisis mode for all that has gone on. is their any large area company's that haven't been bought by bigger out of state company's with only market share in mind. what is going to be hear in twenty years? whom is going to buy homes in the future? will a few own a large number of houses and rent them to the only thing left to produce welfare recipients

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May-21-13 6:22 PM

I'll bet the city and county havent even considered putting a spending reduction plan in place to help offset the loss in tax revenue. They think the goose that laid the golden egg is going to live forever. In a letter posted on the PSC website, the Dunkirk school board president stated that without the tax revenue from NRG, Dunkirk school taxes will need to rise by 42% to make up the shortcoming.

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May-21-13 7:22 PM

It's funny how 40 years ago the PSC had NiMo doing the environmental impact study for a big new plant just down the lake (Portland?) in preparation for a huge projected increase in demand for future electric power needs in the region.

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May-22-13 6:23 AM

National Grid did what most American corporations do, and that is they took care of themselves at someone else's expense. They don't make power, they deliver it, so where is going to come from? Canada!!! And NYS is going to allow this!? I want to follow the money trail to Canada, see which government officials and their contributors and supporters are going to get rich off of building power lines to Canada.

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May-22-13 8:35 PM

Obviously NRG is not greasing the palms of the right politicians or the amount they are paying is too low.

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