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Prayer was proper at Roberts’ visit

May 25, 2013

Editor, OBSERVER: I congratulate the organizers at the Robert H....

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May-30-13 5:22 AM

Yes, Robert H. Jackson is among the greats! John Roberts, not so much.  Take the Constitution of the United States of America --  It was very well written and thought out.  Yet, we have Chief Justice Roberts saying that Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is Constitutional as a tax when the Constitution clearly states that all taxes must originate in the House of Representatives notwithstanding that the Obamacre bill originated in the Senate!  Never mind that President Barack Obama and his minions stated repeatedly that Obamacare was not a tax!  Need I say more?

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May-29-13 6:34 AM

On the 8th Day

And after he rested He sat for a while Then looked down on the earth With a cruel hateful smile

An omnipotent being Always was, always will With endless millennia To slaughter and kill

These creations he’s made The creatures called man Are flawed, imperfect All part of his plan

Twill be entertaining Watching them grow Into vile worthless beings As he already knows

Then kill them with pestilence Firestorms and plague Hurricanes, tornadoes And smile as they beg

“Just calling up angels” The mindless will say When death and destruction Have taken the day

A kind loving, Father? No! Not on your life! A world filled with war Violence and strife

For actions you see Speak louder than words Written in holy books Full of absurd

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May-28-13 11:07 AM

Marcia. Do you know why people came to this country? To escape religious persecution. Did Justice Roberts tell all of those in attendance that they needed to convert to christianity? No he didn't. So it basically boils down to this. You don't like hearing a prayer. So what. I do like hearing a prayer and so did the people that came to this country 300 years ago. Why don't you move to Europe and NOT worship. Liberals, you can't live with can't .....oh forget it.

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May-27-13 12:29 PM

No not all of the allies were Christians. But if the left wants us to accept all their little "quirks" like homosexual marriage, abortion, trans genders using the bathrooms of those with shall we say different parts then you da*n well should accept prayer in any place that we want it.

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May-27-13 9:07 AM

Not all of the allies were Christians.

If you were an American, but not a Christian, how would you feel about a Christian prayer being read? That is the point. We are ALL Americans...but not all Christians.

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May-26-13 9:19 PM

And your humanity is lacking except for those who agree with your anti-Christ rhetoric Marcia. And I think HaveANiceDay was talking about the good guys that died. You know the allies. The ones fighting for rights and freedom not the other side. Germany and Italy were not the good guys back then. Nor was Japan and the following sent troops to help the axis powers. Remember the axis powers were the "bad guys" in this. Hungary Romania Bulgaria Co-belligerents Thailand Finland San Marino Iraq

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May-26-13 4:43 PM

And since most of the Chinese and Japanese aren't Christians, but the Nazi's were, most were Christians.

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May-26-13 4:41 PM

The vast majority of soldiers that died in WW2 were christians from the United States. Really? number 14. World War 2 Total Deaths (Approximate):

COUNTRY CASUALTIES Soviet Union 23,954,000 China 15,000,000 Germany 7,728,000 Poland 5,720,000 Japan 2,700,000 India 2,087,000 Yugoslavia 1,027,000 Rumania 833,000 Hungary 580,000 France 567,600 Greece 560,000 Italy 456,000 Great Britain 449,800 United States 418,500

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May-26-13 4:40 PM

Have a nice day, I agree we should get rid of that on our currency. I don't like baseball and never go to games so I don't care what they sing, and since they are not government organizations, it doesn't matter.

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May-26-13 1:57 PM

American, Thank you for setting Marcia straight. The vast majority of soldiers that died in WW2 were christians from the United States. Marcia, I guess we should change all of our currency. Get rid of "under god" from the pledge and stop singing "God Bless America" at baseball games. Do you wish people a Merry Winter and a happy sunday in April?

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May-26-13 1:02 PM

American, my statement was the exact opposite of what you said. I showed good and bad. Your analytical skills are lacking.

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May-26-13 12:37 PM

I have no problem with prayer from and organized religious body. Nor do I have a problem with prayer at any political function. Lord knows this nation needs more of it.

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May-26-13 12:35 PM

The KKK were also mostly democrats so does that mean all democrats are like that? Of course it must according to your lack of logic.

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May-26-13 11:51 AM

Yes American, I think that's pretty much how it works. Priests who molest kids are Christians. Martin Luther King Jr was a Christian. The KKK were Christians. Mother Theresa was a Christian. For good or bad, if you say you are, you are. Or do you know about a governing body that makes these decisions around the world?

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May-26-13 8:35 AM

Not ALL of us are Christians.

Will they take turns so on his next speech no matter where it takes place they might cite something from Buddhism...or Confucianism....or Hinduism...or Judaism...or heaven forbid...Islam? How will they accommodate those who do not have a religion? Maybe even those who do not believe in any higher power other than nature.

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May-25-13 7:50 PM

So you think because he said he was one that actually made him one? And millions of Christians did oppose him and fought a war with Germany to depose him. They were called soldiers, sailors, airmen etc.

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May-25-13 7:05 PM

"This sounds a lot like the reasoning Hitler gave Germany to justify its immoral treatment of Jews it's evolving values following philosopher Nietzsche's Ubermensch concept, departing from Judeo-Christian moral values and the creation of one's own values." You seem to forget that Hitler was a Christian, and millions of Christians did nothing to oppose or stop him. Including the Roman Catholic Church.

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