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Really showing the love

May 26, 2013

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) voted Thursday to lift a century-old ban on openly gay scouts....

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May-27-13 9:12 AM

I’ll put my two MS’s – in science – up against a steinermirage any I’ll simply summarize your position:

Millions use the product(s), countless lives of been saved, the steintertron (when revealed to mortals) will change the world - - all secretly produced in secret labs with secret components with unpatented processes and sold in unnamed products. here’s a “science quote” for you - -“It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” ~ Dr. Carl Sagan

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May-27-13 6:39 AM

hey dk, if the steinertons are in my dreams, then quantum physics is a dream too ! You dont understand what i am saying do you ?we need more unlearned posters like you . Unless of course as Obama would say, einstein and Bohr did not build that. What say you , learned Dk, got any quotes ? Do you even know what union of opposites mean ? Do you have any science background ?

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May-27-13 6:34 AM

We have the learned marcia and dk chiming in. Notice how they carefully avoid any science thing. Hey marcia, when aids surfaced, many hemophiliacs got it from tainted, donated blood from the same sex community. Hardly not hurting anyone. same sex guys die much sooner than straights. if the govt is against smoking how can it promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Dk, the union of opposites is what einstein and Bohr talked about many times. How could an ordered world arise from a probabilistic world in the wave complex ? Dk, do you understand any science, any really great ideas instead of mocking ? I think not. The libs with their sloppy thinking are making everyone dumb. dk and marcia, science and logic never enters their minds.polygamy and polyandry must follow same sex stuff . How dare we deny other people their rights to happiness , right, learned liberals ?

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May-26-13 10:22 PM

I was getting worried --- hadn't read the about the steinertron in a while...glad to see it's still working just fine in your steinerdreams.


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May-26-13 9:20 PM

Someone who is so committed to not allowing others to live their lives the way they want, when it will no effect on you, that you will kill yourself in from of 1500 complete strangers at the Notre Dame is obviously an extremist. He was a member of the Parti Populaire Français, French nationalist and socialist political party led by Jacques Doriot before and during World War II. It is generally regarded as the most collaborationist party of France. It was founded by former members of the French Communist Party who opposed the Jews and retained their opposition towards freemasonry. Yes, a collaborator with the Nazi's. That probably means he was a bigot.

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May-26-13 2:24 PM

Judeye-other adults??

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May-26-13 12:43 PM

Here we go with the word bigot. According to the all righteous left you are a bigot if you don't agree with any of their agendas. Or a racist if you don't like Obama's policies or lack of them. They believe they are superior to everyone else because being PC is more important then seeing things as they really are. I call BS on anyone who uses those terms without knowing the person on a personal level. Otherwise you have no clue about them.

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May-26-13 12:34 PM

As seen by the article, marriage equality is happening all over the world, as it should. Whatever some people claim, homosexuality has always been around, and is also present in other species. The man who committed suicide on the steps of Notre Dame is an extremely selfish individual. He gave no thought to strangers, including children, who may have been affected by his act. So he accomplished nothing, and we are rid of a bigot.

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May-26-13 9:03 AM

For the blatantly ignorant libs , here is an explanation of the union of opposites, that would include sex, libs.Heraclitus and hegel would grasp this right away. the libs would scoff and call names. They need funding ! the wave/ particle duality, from which the entire universe is created operates on this principle. Judeye , do you understand that or not ?Love she says . i think not then. hey dk and the other unlearned posters, my steinertrons use this principle to yield up their magical effects. especially for Dk, any advanced science would appear to be near magic. The libs, hopelessly mired in equality nonsense cannot and will never grasp this concept.So who is the idiot now libs ? equality , that is nonsense. No good philosopher would ever admit that, just a liberal, mentally ill to boot.

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May-26-13 8:54 AM

judeye, you got it wrong like Sarah did. equality for all, a liberal dream as we are not all created equal. You missed again any reference to science.Do you know anything about science, history or philosophy judeye or just this love nonsense. The union of opposites is the biggest thing that operates in the world of nature. the libs say all you need is love. The libs just cannot grasp any deep thoughts at all, well except for stealing other peoples money. Judeye, try and come up with something concrete, if you can. it looks like you cannot. A good liberal in action.

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May-26-13 8:39 AM

I applaud the Boy Scouts in this decision.

I am outraged that they did not include scout leaders and other adults.

Equality for ALL.

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May-26-13 7:23 AM

Sarah, so disagreeing with same sex marriage is hatred now ? wow, thats what the libs do, spout responses, like hatred, foxnews, rush limbaugh,etc. there is no deep thought in your article. The union of opposites is a deep scientific and philosophic concept, one which all of science , creation, nature etc operates on. Gay people have a mental delusion, fostered by the sloppy thinkers in the democratic party that all you need is love. That alone is enough to ban same sex marriages, sanctioned by the govt from happening. the democrats are slipping into the area of mass mental illnesss, which is great, but they want all of society to be mentally ill, which must be stopped. So Sarah, as i say to the libs over and over, try and learn some science and philosophy before you go off on such tangents. You really look ignorant, unless that is what you want to be remembered for, ignorance.

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