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IRS: Government at its worst

May 29, 2013

Rest assured that if liberal political organizations had been harassed last year by the Internal Revenue Service, heads would have rolled, on President Barack Obama’s orders....

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May-29-13 3:32 AM

neo-cons love to initiate fishing expeditions against others but get their bottoms in a twist when the practice is turned on them. boo hoo.

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May-29-13 6:24 AM

It's even more amazing that the "abuses" took place under the leadership of a BUSH appointee!!

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May-29-13 6:39 AM

This is George Bush's fault too? interesting.

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May-29-13 7:16 AM

Well Paul using that analogy I guess we can blame the Iraq war on Clinton right?

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May-29-13 7:44 AM

Christopher chimes in again with liberal drivel. Just imagine if islamic organizations had been targeted, the libs would be in the stratosphere with profiling charges. Christopher, seeing failing liberalism everywhere can only blame bush. Its mental illness folks. Now the libs actually prevented the right from voting , all the while claiming the tea partiers wanted to disenfranchise the poor.Liberal groups were given their tax status quickly. The IRS takes its view from the top and Obama made clear his dislike of Citizens united decision. hence restrict the right and free speech. You can have all the free speech you want as long as you say what a liberal wants.

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May-29-13 8:12 AM

"It is known liberal groups were not subjected to such harassment."

Yes, they did not harass liberal groups...they DENIED them the tax exempt status. UNLIKE ANY of the conservative groups..not one of them denied, look it up.

We need to fix the law which allows groups that engage in political activities tax exempt status. Have you looked at any of the groups that were seeking tax exempt status? Like these reported in the NY Times..."a conservative veterans’ group that only backed one candidate, a Republican, for Congress; an Alabama Tea Party group that took part in a “defeat Barack Obama” voter-turnout drive, and the “Ohio Liberty Coalition” led by a Republican activist who sent his members information on Mitt Romney campaign events and recruited them to volunteer for the GOP nominee."

Yep they sound NON POLITICAL dont they?

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May-29-13 8:19 AM

Instead of concentrating on the so called scandal...and make NO mistake I am against profiling in all cases, including this one...maybe we should concentrate on FIXING IT.

Yet it seems these days it is better for our Congress to concentrate on scandal than to actually legislate. Oh..never mind forgot, that was exactly the directive they received from Heritage Foundation wasn't it.

Do any of us really want the IRS to determine what is political activity and what is not? Why not just eliminate political groups from having tax exempt status, or at least from that part of their group that engages in such activity.

JoeW..have no idea what you are saying to Paul. The COMMISSIONER OF THE IRS when the scrutiny occurred was an appointee by Pres Bush. Now if Pres Clinton was the president when our troops were sent into Iraq you might have a point. But he was NOT.

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May-29-13 8:38 AM

The "so called scandal" Judeye,really? Does the money that was spent on last years Presidential election by the Labor unions and the NEA bother you as well? How do you propose candidates pay for their campaigns such as newspaper and TV ads,tax money? Now as far as my answer to Paul. George Tenet was the CIA director(appointed by Clinton)who told President Bush-"it's a slam dunk that Iraq has WMD"s". To use your own words,if President Bush was the President when the scandal occured you might have a point,but he was NOT!

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May-29-13 9:01 AM

I see this as politics as usual. Politics is dirty and government is corrupt but I agree that the I.R.S. should not be involved. Whether it is the Democrats crucifying Nixon or the Republicans crucifying Obama in the final analysis it's just one political party trying to destroy the other in a divided country that doesn't need further division. Personally, I think the IRS sould be completely eliminated in favor of a value added or national sales tax.

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May-29-13 9:34 AM

Bush appointed Douglas Shulman in 08'. It was known that Shulman was a practicing Democrat, having donated $500 to the DNC in 04'. Nonetheless, he was appointed based on his qualifications. Somehow, aspects of the lesson learned in the fable of, "The Scorpion & the Frog" seem to apply here.

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May-29-13 9:45 AM

Judeye, what liberal groups were harassed and denied?

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May-29-13 9:48 AM

Bottom line is the IRS admitted to targeting and harassing conservative groups...They Admitted It!

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May-29-13 10:06 AM

I'm surprised that the clueless church lady gaggle OBSERVER board didn't throw in a shovelful of "BENGHAZI!!" while they were fluffing up their composting manure pile of opinion.

Judeye is on-target, in the usual brilliant analysis, with a sniper's lethalness -- causing all you other partisans to twitching in the dust with half your heads blow off.

Rogue IRS staffers in the Cincinnati office erroneously did the targeting/profiling -- yet, despite the profiling all but a handful did not get approved. A h-a-n-d-f-u-l. This was not a pogrom (look it up, GOP guys...). The IG looked into it, as required, reported it as required, & resignations were accepted & the resolution process is still ongoing. The system worked & the Chief Executive is staying out of the way.

The Scorpion & the Frog? Try Chicken Little.

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May-29-13 11:03 AM

stangv8.."the only group actually denied tax-exempt status was the Maine chapter of a Democratic women’s group, Emerge America. "

Oh..but I do agree...this was profiling. The IRS targeted groups that had Tea or Party or Patriots in their name. Profiling is WRONG

Try to understand where this targeting came was NOT for political reasons. (The IRS commissioner AT THE TIME THIS HAPPENED was appointed by Pres Bush). It is the vagueness in the law that state that a group can be granted tax exempt status (and do not have to disclose their donors) if their primary purpose is to enhance the social welfare. The group can engage in SOME political activity but this may not be its primary purpose.

So workers at the IRS are left to try to determine how much of the group activity is for the social welfare and how much is political? How would you suggest they do this?

change the law


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May-29-13 11:41 AM

"(The IRS commissioner AT THE TIME THIS HAPPENED was appointed by Pres Bush)." Who just happened to donate money to the DNC. I don't think that qualifies him as a republican. But it does show that President Bush was bi-partisan in his appointments.

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May-29-13 12:34 PM

NOTICE TO ALL POSTERS: Fair Warning Act of 2013

This is the Internal Revenue Service. Under Section 1, Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 3 of the Patriot Act, we have just subpoenaed your ISPs to ascertain your identities.

Each person who agrees with the Observer and this article will be audited for every year since Barack Obama was elected to the presidency. Please form a line on the left at the nearest IRS office.

Thank you, [signed] Wait, I can’t – I’m on administrative leave with pay!

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May-29-13 1:04 PM

Hello Judeye,come in over. Why was it you could not reply to my statement? Suddenly realize you made a fool of yourself?

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May-29-13 3:55 PM

The worst thing about this is the IRS being used by either party to exact revenge on their enemies. Both sides of the aisle are guilty of abuses, and it ought to scare all of us. My other question is, why is ANY group of tax exempt organizations, including religions, being allowed to use that status for political gain? That is NOT supposed to be legal. I have no doubt that politically appointed Democrats knew what was going on. To say otherwise is just stupid.

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May-30-13 8:22 AM

judeye and cronig wrong again. Cronig and his great use of flowery language, means nothing cronig. The IRS wanted facebook postings, books read, jobs of people, and even prayers said etc.Too bad they did noit give this much scrutiny to the boston bombers. Per the WSJ, it is legal for these groups to lobby in support of candidates as long as that is not there primary concern.Libs just do not like being disagreed with. That is the root cause of this. Obama has been unfriendly to the press too, but that is OK. If he was a republican, can you imagine the outcry. Judeye wants this liberal thing swept under the rug. It flies in the face of tolerant liberals. judeye, how many genuflects to liberals from tea partiers will you require ?

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May-30-13 8:46 AM

Public funding of campaigns, that is how I would suggest paying for political campaigns.

Get this money out of our ballot boxes.

When a candidate receives large donations from an industry or company or individual you really think they do not expect something in return?

Now with the Citizens United ruling...we can have auctions rather than elections.

Just look up the increase in money that flooded into campaigns following this decision. Then tell me you think that is democracy in action.

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May-30-13 8:54 AM

While you are stopping "big business" from donating to campaigns how about we stop "big union" from doing it also? They are just as bad as those that you on the left side of right seem to hate so bad.

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May-30-13 9:34 AM

"By an overwhelming 4-1 margin, Americans say they want a special prosecutor to look into charges that the Internal Revenue Service improperly targeted conservative groups, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday. Among all voters, support for an independent probe runs 76-17 percent. The figure drops slightly among Democrats, to 63-30 percent. At the same time, voters say by a lopsided 73-22 percent margin that boosting the economic recovery and creating jobs is more important than investigating the controversies over the IRS, the administration’s handling of the deadly Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, and the Justice Department surveillance of reporters. The survey is packed with bad news for President Barack Obama: Just 45 percent of respondents say they approve of the job he’s doing, compared to 49 percent who say they disapprove" I say appoint one. And not one working for Holder.

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May-30-13 11:22 AM

American, 90% of people wanted universal gun background checks, and look what your party did to that.

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May-30-13 11:38 AM

My party what are you talking about. I am a registered demoncrat who votes Independently. I registered as one in 1970 when I was released from active duty and both parties seemed to stand for something a lot better then they do today. It isn't the party of JFK any longer.

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May-30-13 11:53 AM

Judeye, way too many facts for the radical right. they get all dizzy and confused when given too many facts. Like American that wants a "special prosecutor" just like the fast and furious conspiracy eh american? how much did rep. Issa spend on that and what was achieved? Nothing was achieved and I don't want to know what it cost. this all boils down to the never ending conspiracy theories put out ther by non partisan FOX jazeera....LOL

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