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Schools: Clarence plan worth watching

May 30, 2013

While the latest chapter in school budget votes has concluded locally, other Western New York districts are struggling to put another plan up for approval by district residents....

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Jun-01-13 9:58 PM

higher taxes does not mean better education

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Jun-01-13 8:37 AM

hey libs, imagine if the budget was approved with such a record turnout.You would be saying, tea partiers look at this ? you are in the wrong ! people want to tax themselves to prosperity as children our are future. instead it does not go that way and you blame foxnews heads. great minds libs, great minds.

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Jun-01-13 8:31 AM

Cronigs confused as usual, the local taxpayer does not pay for the school budget, someone else does. huh ? Cronig , can you even think ? that someone else is the taxpayer. How stupid can you be?where does the tax money arise from, govt itself or private enterprise. you always use such flowery language to cover your lack of analytical skills.bob is suffering the same affliction, 8000 people, a record, voted to turn down the budget and bob says no way , foxnews! Bob, your skills are lacking too. Local resident, you sure about what you said ? parents not property owners, the people who foot the bill ? why am I responsible for other peoples kids too ? Compassion ?, judeye and the libs we need you . I have not seen such ignorant comments here, you liberals, prove always how unlearned you are.

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May-31-13 11:29 AM


Using your numbres shows that roughly 3% of NYS residents are drawing a state pension, which to me seems high, sadly considering how many positions have been added over the last 20-30 years that number is only going to get larger.

I've love the see a breakdown of just how many people the taypayers in NYS support be it those working for the state/counties/local governments, those drawing pensions, or even those on welfare, medicaid, etc...

And then take that number and compare it to the number of people working in private industry in the state.

Although I don't ever expect to see this as it would require a reporter to actually do some work digging up all these numbers.

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May-30-13 9:56 PM

DK -- good question -- local districts contribute 14% of teachers' salaries towards pensions. It comes from their budgets, which is inclusive of the state and federal portions.

There are over 135,000 teachers, staff and administrators receiving pensions -- a big number? Not really, less than 1% of NYS population. Also, the pension fund is 46% invested in equities -- doing quite well as is the S&P 500.

As far as the rest of the NYS pensioners -- approx 435K are collecting.

The biggest driver in all of these costs going forward??? Healthcare -- privately insured health care costs.

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May-30-13 5:23 PM

Just curious, not startin' any fires, jes' wonderin' - -

NYS teachers, municipal workers, etc. - their pensions:

Does the "75-85% rule" hold true for that as well? Or is the local contribution higher?

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May-30-13 3:23 PM

When any Chautauqua County school system budget is researched, the district's property owners pay only 15 - 25% of he overall school budget. That's a documented fact. The rest is paid for by state and federal taxes -- of which the downstaters pay for almost all -- 98% worth.

Folks in this county have got to get their collective heads of out the warm orifices and realize what a steal they are getting for school funding -- somebody else, AND NOT YOU pays for almost 75%.

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May-30-13 1:12 PM

Lets look at the real facts, these FOX News hounds have left out. There were 8,232 votes cast on the budget 58% voted no, that's 4775 not 8,00 voting against the budget-FACT! The original budget percentage increase was 9.8% with 24 positions eliminated, now the budget will have another $2.4 million in reductions with an additional 37 positions eliminated in addition to the 24, totaling 61 positions in one year with a budget increase of 3.79%. This is Clarence not Dumkirk or any other dumpa** school here, it is a premier educational system in WNY. Of which, most here know VERY little about. I laugh at you sad sad comments, it all devolves to the taxpayer dollar oh praise the taxpayer. It is 2013 time to improve education but, not with you attitudes, no wonder this county is in the condition it is in. Here is a fine example.

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May-30-13 9:10 AM

"...a nearly 10 percent tax rate increase..."

And this is exactly why parents should be responsible for the school budget, NOT property owners.

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May-30-13 9:01 AM

The system is fundamentally flawed in that it was designed at a time when property ownership indicated wealth. Today's property owner has a mortgage and often times the taxes exceed the mortgage payment. The state has huge revenue sources with income and sales tax revenue. Maybe the state should assume complete responsibility for funding education. One thing is clear - homeowners have reached the breaking point and many are voting with their feet.

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May-30-13 7:33 AM

Great editorial. we need to hear from the govt lovers and especially those teachers as to why what happened happened. I say it was arrogance on the school board part that did it. without our great govt and teachers we would have nothing say the liberals. It is fun to watch the smitten people pushing to restore the cuts, even after a record 8000 voters turned out and defeated the budget. Ripley voters take note here, you are suffering the same afliction too. i guess the tax our way to prosperity with govt jobs has met a limit in a wealthy town. Maybe the libs with an eric holder prosecution could force the high tax budget thru, for the children.

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