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Harsh criticism

Repowering opposition draws fire

May 30, 2013

A release Wednesday from opponents of repowering the Dunkirk NRG plant, and a plant in Cayuga County, was met with harsh criticism from three state senators....

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May-31-13 3:17 PM

Where are we going to get the electricity to power all the hybrid automobiles currently produced and sold? Just imagine the power that will be needed if we ever turn the local economy around. It appears that NRG is replenishing it's supply of coal in Dunkirk. Anyone know why?

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May-31-13 10:41 AM

Shouldn't our energy groups receive subsidies? Think of how much they need to invest to find new resources? Think of how many people are directly impacted? Also, think about this... it is known that most investors in Oil and Gas are government pensions, including teachers. You don't want the teachers investments to lose money do you?

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May-31-13 8:20 AM

It is called tax breaks...HUGE ones.

"An April 14 report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) titled, "Energy Tax Policy: Issues in the 112th Congress," details seven federal tax breaks explicitly targeted to the oil and gas industry that cost the federal government billions of dollars".....and "The federal government provided substantially larger subsidies to fossil fuels than to renewables. Subsidies to fossil fuels -- a mature, developed industry that has enjoyed government support for many years -- totaled approximately $72 billion over the study period, representing a direct cost to taxpayers.

Subsidies for renewable fuels, a relatively young and developing industry, totaled $29 billion over the same period. [Environmental Law Institute, September 2009]"

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May-30-13 8:26 PM

And many of you morons continue to vote for the liberal Democratic base. ****! Thats why WNY *****, open your eyes!

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May-30-13 6:26 PM

Judeye-we have been giving money(Tax payer money) to solar and wind companies. How many took the money and then closed their doors? Have any idea? What about the wind companies that are allowed to kill eagles without penalty(There is a federal law you know) but God forbid they get some oil on themselves. Please explain to me or show me the subsidies we give to the oil and gas companies,you can't because we flat out do not!

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May-30-13 5:42 PM

PR24601...why do we still give subsidies to oil and gas? Now can we at least trying to give the same subsidies to the solar and wind and other alternative energy sources for a few years..then decide?

By the way, what happened to the boom when we fracked this area during the eighties? where are all those good paying jobs with good benefits?

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May-30-13 5:39 PM

Eastwood...I am open to new went to that site..

Are you aware..."Marc Morano is not a scientist and has no scientific education. He is paid by an oil-industry funded organization to confuse the public about climate change, and has compared climate science to the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, and medieval witchcraft"

NO Thanks...will not listen to some journalist on the payroll of the oil industry over REAL scientists on the issue of climate change. Seriously why would you think his VIEWS are better than SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE?

Facts vs opinion again...

there is DIFFERENCE.

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May-30-13 5:31 PM

225522...just had to look it up as I have a close friend who just retired there..

Look at the site..Tenneseans for Fair Taxation... 41st in children living above the national poverty line 41st in percent of 4th graders who read at a 4th grade level 46th in percent of 4th graders who can do 4th grade math 41st in percent of population who graduated from college 42ndin high school graduation rates 42nd in citizens living above the national poverty line 44th in higher education enrollment 46th in seniors living above the national poverty line 6th in children living in extreme poverty 10th in young adults not attending school. not working, and with no degree beyond high school 3rd in meth lab incidents 5th in percent of adults overweight or obese 8th in grandchildren in the care of grandparents


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May-30-13 4:35 PM

Hydro power is the only answer, the most reliable with the LEAST environmental impact. (Notice I said LEAST) Yes, it impacts fish. Yes, things can be done to lessen that impact. It effects streams, but builds Lakes. What's the problem? Easy answer, it's very hard to make a lot of money from an energy source that has no end to it.

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May-30-13 4:24 PM

Quite frankly, the US has the technology to remedy any potential concerns with water quality. To not proceed with fracking and power plant conversion would be a travesty for the region. NYS, where one percenters... those that do not have a majority voice... control what everyone else should do.

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May-30-13 4:22 PM

Ask yourself this question? What percentage of Global warming gasses are coming from the United States? If it weren't for the forest fires and cows belching our percentage would be lower than it is now. NRG is not going to invest half a billion dollars in a plant due to the fact it would be generations before a return on investment is realized. What would you do?

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May-30-13 2:42 PM

Marcia, ding dong compare the tax subsidies that the renewable energy sector gets verses the amount that oil companies get. Also, look at the billions of dollars the gas and oil industry pays to fund kooky renewable ideas. Also, NIKATNIGHT if drilling for gas and fracking have done the damage to the water supply that you imply come on up and take a look at my well. The unfortunate thing alot of people on the anti drilling side confuse facts with reality.

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May-30-13 1:38 PM

“...the concrete casing to support the well...”

Um, no. The pipe/casing is manufactured at a stell mill to certain API standards of yield and tensile strengths. There are multiple “strings” of casing in every – every – oil or gas well being drilled in this country. The cement (not concrete) is pumped down the casing and fills the annular space on the outside of the pipe in each successive string and is mixed to meet certain compressive-strength API and ASTM standards.

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May-30-13 12:42 PM

This is the same bunch of wackos who killed the logging industry in the NW and a lady called 911 to report a intruder but the the dispatcher told her we have no one to send,no money to fund the law folks because the people moved out who paid the taxes,the logging community! The lady was raped but the spotted owl is doing just fine!

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May-30-13 12:01 PM

Hey PR, When are all you wackos going to realize that 300,000 gallons of potable drinking water is a steep price to pay for nat.gas. The fact that we need water to sustain life is always overlooked,but we can always liquify and drink the gas!Also the concrete casing to support the well will fail in a matter of time. Water is becomming more and more scarce as the world population grows,so to waste hundreds of thousands of gallons on a rescource that is so abundant now is ludicris!

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May-30-13 11:11 AM

PR24601, oil and gas still get tax breaks, and they make billions of dollars.

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May-30-13 9:40 AM

Unfortunately, wind and solar are not efficient, or cost effective. That's why they need government money to prop them up. If there was money to be made in wind/solar, you'd have the wind/solar equivalent of XOM out there. We don't. That tells you all you need to know.

We are sitting on a gold mine of natural gas in Chautauqua County. I wish the enviro-whackos would stop freaking out about fracking, and NRG would convert the plant. It would be a boon for the area. But per usual, something will get in the way of common sense.

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May-30-13 9:09 AM

taxes and utilities in NY State thats why we lose JOBS. How about GO GREEN, it is always windy here,WIND energy!!!! or solar. you still get energy if the sun isnt shining. and on that note WOMEN ARE SMART to the guy who thinks not, get over you male self

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May-30-13 9:00 AM

people get informed go to climatedepot dot com. better yet get on youtube and watch videos of Marc Morano(climatedepot) debate Sierra Clubs' Michael Brune

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May-30-13 8:43 AM

hey libs, in times past, say 50 years ago we would have seen natural gas to gasoline plants from the few rich tinkerers in the area. can you imagine the outcry from the libs ! hydrocarbons kill ! Life is carbon based and for shofu, we are exporting increasing amounts of coal overseas. better tell them its old fashioned. Turn the coal intio liquids too. Hydrocarbons again. those activists, mentally afraid of carbon, the carrier of life. I just dont understand it.

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May-30-13 8:39 AM

judeye, so what is going to power our cars judeye ? Do you understand what makes life go ? Hey shofu, mfg is done overseas now because of lower costs. where do ya think the box stores get the cheap stuff. Who cares if a building collapses or burns to the ground . Noone does really. there are so many of them . hey judeye, the grass roots people have always been wrong, it is the few learned people that make the world go. keep on worrying judeye, it is fun to read all your worries. remember, you have said in your previous posts, where are the jobs ? in the oil patch thats where. Judeye, when is the end ? All of your posts show a lack of science ya missed the obvious, does the sun shine and winds blow 24/7 ? Do you understand the question ? The sierra club is a bunch of fanatics.

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May-30-13 8:32 AM

New York State died a death of a thousand small cuts..not one fatal blow. We just drove through TN. Purchased gas for our car at 3.249 per gallon, rode on smooth roads without any tolls. I believe Tn has no state income tax. University of Tn is a major university. Paid 3.719 in NY State for gas and toll on the Thruway. Do not live there so paid no income tax. But hey, there is hope is open for business.

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May-30-13 8:17 AM

One billion dollars to upgrade the Cayuga and Dunkirk plants to produce clean energy. Wow. I am sure that the decision to close the two plants in question was not made overnight. Where was Young and the others years ago? Fact NRG is not going to invest a half billion dollars to bring the Dunkirk plant to burn natural gas. How long will it take to get back that investment? As for cheaper energy costs. What planet is Young living on? NYS is not a business friendly state. Taxes and utility costs are forcing business and people to move out of the state. While it is unfortunate that people will lose their jobs or offered jobs at other plants the bottom line is money. And that being said its bye bye power plant.

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May-30-13 8:15 AM

Did I ever say manufacturing wasnt needed? No I said its not the future. Manufacturing is not coming back to one of the highest taxed counties, in one of the highest taxed states in a country which has seen much of its manufacturing already leave. Manufacturing isnt coming back, just like how the coal (or even gas) power plant is not coming back. Our leaders better develop an alternative plan or this is all going to become a state forest.

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May-30-13 8:11 AM

"is working with leftwing New York City environmental interests "

I take issue with this statement. How uninformed are our Senators? Many of us belong to the Sierra Club and live right here in Western New York. It is one of the oldest most influential GRASSROOTS environmental group in the USA. It was founded by John Muir..wonder if that name rings a bell with the senator?

Just checked with the Am Lung Association in which CC got an F grade for ozone levels. "the essential raw ingredients for ozone come from nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons, also called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and carbon monoxide (CO). They are produced primarily when fossil fuels like gasoline, oil or coal are burned or when some chemicals, like solvents, evaporate...Who is at risk from breathing ozone? Anyone who spends time outdoors where ozone pollution levels are high may be at risk. "

Yes we need jobs here but at what cost?

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