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Repeal ‘poorly crafted’ SAFE Act

June 1, 2013

I would like to make some comments regarding “gun control.” First of all, I am not a member of the National Rifle Association and I am opposed to many of the comments originating from that group....

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Jun-10-13 8:27 PM

Anyone with an IQ above a rock knows the "Safe" act is nothing but a knee jerk reaction for political points. But because it's your "turn" Dc that's a good thing? You poor, pathetic little man. Blindly following the emasculated party group think seems to be the only thing your feeble mind can comprehend.

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Jun-02-13 1:19 PM

Mr. Carr mentions how a the addition of an extended pistol grip to a Turkey shotgun somehow earns that gun the label of "assault weapon". The same thing for the little Ruger 1022 rifle , probably the most popular semi auto 22 rifle in the world. So popular in fact that there're hundreds of aftermarket modifications now available for it. But under the NY SAFE Act, if you replace the factory semi-pistol grip stock with one of the beautiful extended grip or thumbhole stocks it's suddenly a dangerous "assault weapon"!? How on earth does a stock differentiation make such a firearm more or less dangerous? Most of this legislation reeks with an "arbitrary & capricious" stench.

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Jun-01-13 7:23 PM

Good article that touches on many points that have been brought up by Christopher,Judeye,Marcia.Mr. Carr doesn't mention what statements he disagrees with from the NRA but being as he has "done the job" let's hear where he's misguided from the "usual suspects".PLEASE read the commentary before you start trying to tweak it.

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Jun-01-13 3:51 PM

"Poorly crafted?" Do you think so? How about the section that allows you have a convicted felon, or person convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, living with you as long as you secure your guns and ammo in an approved manner whenever that person is left unsupervised in the house. That seems to make good sense, except that it violates long standing Federal law! No felon or person convicted of such a misdemeanor can knowingly take up residence in a place where guns and ammo are present! Likewise the "owner" of a domicile cannot possess guns and ammo in his home if he is going to allow a known felon to live there! I've made written several inquiries to Prince Andy about this situation, but he hasn't yet responded. Maybe he's out buying a gun safe for that Remington 1100 shotgun he talks about so he can then legally entertain those Albany crooks at his home?

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Jun-01-13 9:37 AM

Not. Going. To. Happen. Period.

I guess my only question is: how doe it feel? For decades, voters, even gun owners, who wanted some sort of gun-control has to endure both all sorts of asinine and ludicrous claims, threats and posturing by the gun lobby, and it spineless legislators who cowered to such bullying.

Now, it switch sides time. The gun lobby as to endure gun-control laws which surely they believe make all sorts of asinine and ludicrous claims and rules.

So, how does it feel? And how does it feel to know that It. Will. Not. Be. Repealed.?

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Jun-01-13 9:01 AM

Another example of democratic stupidity would be the suspension of a kid for chewing aa pop tart into a gun shaped object. One can hear it now , pop tarts kill.. All brought to you by the democratic or dumbocratic stronghold, our public schools.cronig says we should support this, as it is paid for by some mysterious, unknown, other taxpayer. A bargain he says.

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Jun-01-13 7:56 AM

Mr Carr, democrats do believe in fairy tales. Look at the inner cities, hot beds of gun control, murders and democrats. The democrats pay no mind to that. Concealed weapon carry laws reduce crime.Libs disregard that too. So that is why the govt is after the law abiding citizen. The Boston Bomber fiasco, where the cops, unionized public employees(there to protect us they say) shot off hundreds of round and missed shows the govt need to restrict ammo loads on guns for citizens. Point blank, the cops appear to be incompetent and need protection themselves. thats why we have these laws. Its all part of the every day mindset of a democrat.

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