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‘Grey-area programs’

HUD?seeks answers from city but may be part of the problem

June 13, 2013

The city of Dunkirk has been in the proverbial hot water over its use of Community Development Block Grant funds prior to 2012....

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Jun-14-13 10:22 PM

this just in, all the chickens will come home to roost, the only question is when and by the looks of it that time is fast approching

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Jun-14-13 7:24 AM

just another episode of the never ending saga " Bring in the Clowns" we will never be surprised by what mismanagement issue pops up next, stay tuned more sad news and finger pointing is on the horizon, spoiler alert, it was Col. Mustard with a candle stick in the library.....

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Jun-13-13 3:45 PM

Dan Newman to 4th and Central. Bring a big dump truck. Take your time. The city is not dead YET..But it's not responding very well. You don't have to give a bid...just send a bill.

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Jun-13-13 2:12 PM

Maybe tis is Dunkirk's version of "Fifty Shades of Grey" only in this version it's the taxpayers that are getting "S******".

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Jun-13-13 1:42 PM

Most of the money spent during the last administration was spent on projects that the previous mayor wanted. Money was no object because most of his cronies backed him. Look at the Memorial park project. The work was done in house by individuals whose job description did not include and of the landscaping work done. Yet, no grievance was filed by the union, overtime was paid, also mileage was paid for the use of his POV. Why? There is no provision for checks and balances. Perhaps a Federal investigation as to the misuse of Federal funds is in order?

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Jun-13-13 11:39 AM

‘Grey-area programs’

Sound like they need more "gray matter" to get this straightened out...

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Jun-13-13 9:35 AM

(con't) Can you imagine the money spent on just salaries and benefits over the past 35 years? I think it's time to ask why we need a Department of Development for a city of only 12,000 residents. It may have been the glitter of CDBG money that enticed the city to accept the 100 units of low income housing in the 1980's and we all know what a great success that idea turned out to be. The city needs to downsize and getting rid of that useless department might be a good place to start. In the mean time cross your fingers and hold your breath until we hear what HUD is going to do to remedy the current situation.

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Jun-13-13 9:29 AM

"Grey areas" is putting it mildly! Let's talk about the over $500,000 spent on two properties that may not have been eligible for CDBG funding. Who approved that? How about the $41,000 alleged to be spent on ineligible equipment, $15,000 on unauthorized travel expense and $6,600 on bonus payments to the DLDC chairman and treasurer? The money extended to the hiotel outside of development goals was $76,000. Poor management has led this city into deep trouble and when you add the NRG problem to the mix it may be time to turn off the lights. The Department of Development was formed as a provision of the 1977 chrter for the purpose of planning, development of the physical, economic and cultural development of the city. Taxpayers have spent a small fortune to operate that department and what have we gotten in return? Stagnation, deterioration, loss of industry, rapidly declining population and a lck of progress in both commercial and industrial development. Can you imagine the mo

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Jun-13-13 9:11 AM

Exactly right commentor

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Jun-13-13 8:41 AM

The word they blanked out is b i t c h y.

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Jun-13-13 8:40 AM

Perfect example of people in charge that are not qualified to manage. Usually they get elected because they tell voters what they want to hear. When someone qualified tells voters how it is they are viewed as not knowing what they are talking about or trouble makers. A couple of the women one in particular tells it like it is and she isn't very popular. She is singled out often making her look *****y in this paper. Dunkirk is in a boatload of trouble. I think bankruptcy is in the future.

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Jun-13-13 8:03 AM

Well. well,well. The problems of the past administration continue to haunt the city. What a surprise. Now the city that reads taxpayers might be on the hook to repay these monies. Now during this time the city was audited. In fact every year. Why did the auditor not find these descrepencies? Why was the previous mayor allowed to spend these funds as he saw fit? Where was the city council? The finance committee? This shows that council is not all knowing. Does the council even know its duties as described in the city code? Most likely not. The elections in the city are popularity contests. Fact is all council members are elected at large. Let each ward elect their own representative. Yes Frey has put the city in a serious hole. But the large percentage od voters could care less. And this people is the result.

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Jun-13-13 7:58 AM

What idiots would deal for these large amounts of money without anything in writing. Come on people, we need someone with some small amount of brains running this city. The days of back alley deals should be over.

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Jun-13-13 7:00 AM

HUD has always been one of the biggest and messiest of Washington's programs. Funny thing, out illustrious Governor got into a bit of a mess while he worked there. Maybe Dunkirk's elected leaders should ask him for some help!

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