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LABOR BOARD: Will Senate uphold ruling?

June 14, 2013

Hundreds of rulings handed down by the National Labor Relations Board since January 2012 are, in effect, null and void....

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Jun-19-13 11:13 AM

Try real history not Glenn Beck

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Jun-19-13 11:12 AM

Steiner, GWB created and or save slightly greater than 2,000,000 jobs over eight many for Obama?? I know the answer, lets see if you do

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Jun-19-13 11:09 AM

"I even think oil was started by a repub, the libs thought we were gonna run out of oil.Who is dumb now liberals ?" what the!!!??? nope sorry, no help for you when you spout nonsense like that.

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Jun-19-13 11:08 AM

Steiner, you are correct those darn libs don't know history!!! they aren't aware that like crazy sara and insane Michelle you can just make stuff up and no one will question it. In fact FOX news will endorse it along with the other talking heads on that propaganda station.

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Jun-19-13 11:03 AM

Nathan, spoken like a true "I only listen to FOX as they are the only news org. in the world that tells the truth" gosh, listen to something besides the radical right propaganda arm of the republican party. The entire world news organization is not "liberal media". Great talking point for FOX though, is someone disagrees with them then "see, liberal media"

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Jun-17-13 9:49 AM

The Third Circuit, like the DC District Court, broke with 100+ years of tradition in a split running. A Petition for Writ of Certiorari has already been filed by the Administration, and this is bound to end up before the Supreme Court.

The Third District – and we all know judges are apolitical, right? – spit 2-1 along “appointee” lines - - The two appointed by GW Bush ruled against Obama, the one appointed by Obama ruled in his favor.

Why are we not surprised...? I, personally, welcome some clarity on this - we need "presidential consistency" (if that's ever possible) - and presidents should be able to get an up/down vote on appointees without having to try to "recess everything."

Just another example of the polarity and disconnect in Washington...

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Jun-17-13 9:42 AM

1 of 2:

The Congressional Research Service has several reports on intrasession appointments by presidents from both parties.

And both sides are guilty of ‘pro forma’ sessions every three or four days to prevent presidents of both parties from making intrasession appointments.

Attorneys General and Office of Legal Counsel opinions dating back to 1921 have never pinned down how long a recess must be or if that applies to ‘a’ recess or ‘the’ annual recess of Congress. (Until Obama’s appointments, the shortest recess-interval appointment was by Reagan while Congress was out 10 days.)

Do I think Obama was trying to game the system and set a new precedent? Sure. But I also think any president deserves an up/down vote on appointees and no president should need to try to “back door” the process.

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Jun-17-13 7:36 AM

DKexpat-I know about the intrasession appointments,however the appointments made by President Obama were not of that. They were made during proforma sessions,the same as during 2007 when President Bush would not and did not make appointments because the congress was technically in session.

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Jun-16-13 9:59 PM

joew - go back to my earlier post. Regardless of one's politics or political leaning, the fact remains that going back to Reagan his predecessors made 303 "intrasession" appointments.

Why neither party challenged them then, who knows...but they all the the same thing.

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Jun-16-13 9:02 PM

Judeye-I know why they were not in recess! Same reason they were not in recess in 2007. The difference was that in 2007 President Bush did not make the appointments because he believed the constitution of the United States and the constraints placed in this instance were not to be ignored. To put it in other words,he did not put himself above the law of the land. President Obama has demonstrated that he thinks EO's trump the law as evidenced by his "do not arrest illegal invaders" EO!! Think about that Judeye,that is dictatorial behavior!

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Jun-16-13 7:37 PM

And jud I have no liking nor do I hold any respect for Obama at all. And what I had for Bush went down with the non Patriot Act. I also have no liking nor respect for the other want to be in Albany that you far left wing kooks think so highly of.

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Jun-16-13 7:34 PM

Nope doesn't bother me and even if all those appointments were invalid so what. Maybe then some of the things that are blocking job creation would fly out the window. And between Bush and the Patriot Act and Obama renewing and increasing it along with his non healthcare tax they will all be invalidated. Something good there if those 2 esp. were. And who said anything about occupy Fredonia. That was just a speck compared to what the rest of the domestic terrorist of OWS did.

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Jun-16-13 5:25 PM many arrests at the Occupy Fredonia??

Oh yes, that is right NONE.

Good grief..

I have been to many protests over decades..yes some stir up trouble..but the overwhelming majority in an protest are peaceful.

I just hope they get the message. Some of us...many of us...think that protection of our water and air and lands is worth more than MONEY.

Funny NO one answered when I asked where all the high paying jobs are in this county after we drilled well after well in the late seventies and eighties.

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Jun-16-13 5:21 PM

Nathan..make NO mistake I do NOT agree with the PRISM program.

If we give away our rights and protections...we surrender to our enemies.

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Jun-16-13 5:19 PM

it doesn't matter who has done them before because up until now they were never declared unconstitutional as far as I know.


this does not bother you?

Are now then all the appointments done by previous presidents invalid?

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Jun-16-13 2:08 PM

It's funny that Gudeye wants to blame Bush for the economic failures of large major private institutions, but won't let Obama take any blame for illegal government surveillance, IRS bullying, and White House incompetencies over Benghazi.

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Jun-16-13 10:10 AM

So I have to wonder if that protest you are going to will be as civilized as the ones against the unSAFE ACT or will it be like the other ones left wingers have done. Like OWS was.

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Jun-16-13 10:08 AM

Obama and Carter. Who else could it be? Clinton was somewhat better then all three but couldn't keep his pants zipped. Kennedy was much better. Nixon was on a par with Bush and Johnson was also. As for the recess appointments it doesn't matter who has done them before because up until now they were never declared unconstitutional as far as I know. And it also doesn't matter why Congress was in recess, they are still illegal and should not be allowed to be reappointed. Any more questions jud?

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Jun-16-13 9:21 AM

Steiner...$70,000 a year?

So where are those jobs in our area? You know they 'fracked' here drilling wells all over here in the seventies and eighties. So where are all those top paying jobs? Do you have any idea how much they pay here?

Yes...I am against "fracking"..really unconventional drilling. I think keeping our waters safe to drink Priceless.

So, off I go to Albany tomorrow to rally with others, against Fracking. Some of us think that our water supplies, our land, our air is more important than money.

I wonder if this paper will do a story on the rally? lol

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Jun-16-13 9:16 AM who then are the two worse presidents that Bush is better than?

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Jun-16-13 9:13 AM

joew...why were they not in recess?

look it up

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Jun-16-13 12:13 AM

Dc you are a troll of the nth degree. Congratulations on reaching the seventh level of liberal parroting. The court said the appointments were illegal. Not undocumented, like your favorite non tax paying workers, illegal. Look the word up, maybe you will actually take your foot out of your mouth and learn something.

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Jun-15-13 2:28 PM

Hello Captain,come in please! The appointments WERE IN VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION,THE SENATE WAS NOT IN RECESS!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW????NOTHING TO DO WITH EXPERTISE OR QUALIFICATIONS,EVERYTHING TO DO WITH WITH OUR CONSTITUTION!Good lord man read,inquire,and don't just adhere to what the pundits tell you! Do your own research!!!!!!!!!

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Jun-15-13 9:54 AM

joew, I like your response. That is a thumbnail sketch of what happened. The libs try and squirm their way out of it.

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Jun-15-13 9:51 AM

hey libs, did any court say Bush recess appts wrong ?that is the issue here, not who did how many. the libs ranted against Bushs appointments , but are silent on Obama. Polarity again libs.And especially for Judeye. see pg A10, todays observer. Jobs in petrol industry, safe even after plant explodes in Louisiana. judeye, note the pay, average salary 70 grand a judeye, jobs ! jobs , jobs !I know they are not teaching jobs, but who cares ? Learn on the job. yet you are against fracking and hydrocarbons in general. Petrochem is big business and money and they do pay taxes .You miss that always judeye. Learned libs, lets hear how weird repub states are and those terrible energy companies. lets hear it from cronig and christopher too.

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