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Defining a ‘public employee’

June 17, 2013

What exactly is a “public employee” and when and why did that get to such a negative thing to so many people? In my youth, a so-called “Civil Service Job” was a real plum, something to be proud of....

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Jun-17-13 2:59 AM

Well done, Christopher. Your logical flow and appeals to everyone's reason are superb. Let's see if posters are up to these tasks or will continue to fall right into the traps of selective wrath and non-reasoning finger-pointing that you so ably have described.

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Jun-17-13 7:56 AM

Where to begin with such slop from Christopher ? He used the word hate too. Hey christopher who pays the bulk of the taxes for you beloved public employees to collect ? private enterprise . Who invented the world we take for granted ? private enterprise Paul. His response is , you did not build that. Oh really Paul. thats hate. Who fights choice in our schools ? The wonderful teachers. Who recalls executive branch people who disagreee with our beloved public employees ? the public employee union again. Paul says love them, the world could not exist without them ! really? it sure did before the public employees came to power.Paul, you got it backwards as usual, its a std thing for a liberal to do.To public employees and Paul , did you want me wash your feet with my hair ? we cant live without you in your own eyes. I am genuflecting public employees !

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Jun-17-13 8:07 AM

hey public employee ? Who invented electricity , radio and the electronic world so the public employee could spy on us ? private minds, rich people as the unlearned libs would say here. Who invented petro chem that keeps those wonderful cops on the highway , to give us tickets, private enterprise.The airplane and car came before the airports and road. The public employee thinks they did it. Is that mental illness or what wonderful public employee. Who keeps darwinism in our public schools to keep people ignorant and dumb of their rich heritage ? Those wonderful public employees ! Paul says we should love them ! love them for what ? keeping us dumb democratic and union, public employee ?

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Jun-17-13 8:19 AM

Hey Paul , who enacts laws restricting carbon based fuel use ?The dumb public employee in their irrational and hysterical fear of CO2. Who put ethanol in our tanks and dropped the mileage 15 % ? The dumb public employee.Who restricts fracking in NY , depriving land owners, who pay the taxes to keep those wonderful public employee in power ? Why its the very same dumb public employee . Who started the war on our income via the income tax ? Woodrow wilson , a dumb public employee. Who says we have to get permission to be tax exempt , in the very same system started by those beloved public employee ? why its the public employee ! Who nearly destroyed private enterprise in the 30's ? Why the greatest, dumbest public employee of all, FDR , thats who.Paul says the world cannot run without out them. I say fire them. we can live and have done great without the dumb public employee.

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Jun-17-13 8:27 AM

More twisted logic from the left. Cadillac Insurance Health Plans are NOT offered to any Gov't employees that I know except for our law makers in Washington DC.

Paying $300 every 2 weeks for health and dental insurance as a federal employee is certainly not any better or worse than others in the work force, private or public. And those amounts are positioned to increase, some say up to 40% in 2014 because of the beloved Obamacare that the left so dearly loves.

Once again, hate those that have, and give to those that don't. Typical Liberal trash!!

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Jun-17-13 9:21 AM

"Public employee - when and why did that get to be such a negative thing?" Where do I start? The writer intentionally fails to show any comparison between public sector benefits and private sector benefits. How many retired people in the private sector get pensions up to 75% of their full pay? How many get to retire after only 20 years of service? A 62 year old member of congress can retire after only five yars of service - is that fair? What we are hearing from Mr. christopher is pure greed and a lack of appreciation for the people who knock themselves out every day to feed the public sector. How did things get so far out of whack? That's easy. They formed unions and in New Yiork State the unions have the support of the Public Employee Relations Board that gives them everything they want. It is now at te point where public sector wages and benefits far exceed those in the private sector. People in the pubblic sector are OUR EMPLOYEES. Should your employees have greater sala

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Jun-17-13 9:27 AM

greater salaries and benefits than the people who pay the taxes? When the private sector got greedy their jobs were shipped overseas. Why would any straight thinking businessman want to support a bloated government? There was a time when the public sector hmade a modest living with great job security and they had the respect of everyone in the community. It has now reached the point where they are a major part of our economic problems and the respect factor has greatly diminished.

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Jun-17-13 10:33 AM

At one time, Civil Service was more of a lower paying job but with good benefits and job security. Today, Civil Service is some of the highest paying jobs with the best benefits.

Not all military personnel can stay 20 years and retire. Every branch of service has its High Year Tenure points. In the Air Force, if an enlisted member doesn’t make E-5 by 8 years service, they will be forced to separate; E-6 by 15 years; E-7 by 20. You seem to have a strong distaste for clerks. I to has a strong distaste for clerks until I because a Senior NCO and realized a good clerk is worth his/her weight in gold. Clerks nowadays just don’t sit in offices; many are tasked for base security duties on deployments and drive convoy trucks in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of those dead and injured in convoys are clerks and rear echelon folks.

Bottom line is we all need these public servants whether they’re in the DMV, Social Services, Police, Teachers, or even military clerks.

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Jun-17-13 11:29 AM

Paul are you ever high when you write some of your articles? there is shades of genius in some of them.

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Jun-17-13 11:53 AM

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) studied public-private jobs for 2005-2010. Following are the results for federal (civilian) employees vs. similar private-sector jobs:

WAGES HS diploma - 21% higher BA/BS - about the same PhD - 23% less

BENEFITS HS diploma - 72% higher BA/BS - 46% higher PhD - about the same

TOTAL COMPENSATION HS diploma - 36% higher BA/BS - 15% higher PhD - 18% lower

The less you go to school, the more you make if a federal employee.

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Jun-17-13 3:01 PM

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Jun-17-13 6:44 PM

When did being a public employee become a negative. That time came when instead of public employees working for the public, the public now works for public employees. There was a time when a public employees pay was on the lower end of the wage scale, but the trade off was the security that job provided. That does not exist anymore as many of the public jobs pay more and have better benefits, along with security than the private sector. In fact the public sector is becoming a class onto to themselves. Again Christopher without a doubt is or was a public employee, so his opinion is definitely a biased one.

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Jun-17-13 8:30 PM

Paul are you just playing dumb or are you really that naïve. The glory day of being a respected public employee died when our economy tanked and the public employee unions just kept demanding more and more without any concern about the struggles of the people who pay your wages and benefits. My advice to change your ways or get use to it!!!!!

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Jun-18-13 7:34 AM

We did not hear from the usual public employee or govt parrots here , judeye and cronig.The rise of the public employee started under JFK, by then it was seen private union membership would decline and it did. What to do if a dumbocrat ? make public employees seem godlike. Hey christopoher, you neglected to mention the many cities and towns on the verge of insolvency because of public employee contract benefits. Detroit and stockton for example. Should the private sector pay more in taxes to support the alleged indispensable public employee ? They already voted with their feet. The businesses and people moved out of the area. Perhaps as a public employee you could ban that. Stopping sprawl or some such nonsense or fighting global warming ! All of this for the sacred, indispensable, life giving public employee ! how did I do christopher and the libs ?

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Jun-18-13 8:02 AM

Hey Paul, before the rise of the public employee two science things happened by private enterprise, which you say, like all modern democrats , you did not build that. Before telegraphy was done for miles on poles, it was decided to find a large barn and wrap the inside with miles and miles of wire to see if the signal would actually travel with the wire of the day and not die out. It did. then it was said, people could have a telegraph and order their stuff on line ! This was pre civil war.The roads were poor and hardly any govt employees to make sure everyone lived. Then c1900, private radio experimenters set up the largest DC system ever known, 1000's of batteries in series for radio work. the crackling could be heard for miles. The govt worker was clueless again. So, Paul, they did build it and it was used. The telegraph was used by bootleggers and the telcompany would not divulge the telegraphs to the govt, unlike today, when the companies gush it to the sacred govt employe

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Jun-18-13 8:11 AM

DKexpat...note the PHD, the researchers, the scientists, etc..are all paid LOWER than in private enterprises.

I also wonder, those in the private field who only have a HS diploma, you left out how we are paying their benefits...via medicaid, food stamps, etc.

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Jun-18-13 8:15 AM

We did not hear from the usual public employee or govt parrots here , judeye

I am NOT nor have I ever been a public employee.

After spending the day with my grandchildren's school on a field trip to the zoo...upon returning I reflected..we do not pay our teachers near enough!

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Jun-18-13 9:10 AM

joew -I agree the stats are interesting for professional degrees and PhDs. I have friends in federal jobs who oversee programs in the billion-dollar range, and they complain about being underpaid versus private-sector jobs handling similar sums.

But when I ask, "Why don't you jump the fence and join us?" they hem and haw... :-)

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Jun-18-13 10:16 AM

judeye, you parrot the indispensible govt employee. teachers not paid enough ? You must be kidding. Once again, the great judeye misses the fact that choice is only for women and health care, not public schools. Judeye, you amaze me with the ability to escape the obvious, bowing down to the sacred govt employee. I guess facts do mean nothing to a liberal. all the things i wrote and judeye says pay the teachers more ! I knew several people in private enterprise with GED or 2 yr degree making over 100 grand. No govt benefits collected.Juddeye, you are confused.

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Jun-18-13 10:21 AM

Christuufuu -- good column, seriously. Food for thought for many folks.

But clearly, you struck a serious raw nerve with Steinerdzzz...all those public employees servicing his Social Security and handling his Medicare claims.

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Jun-18-13 10:21 AM

judeye, you missed the low wages in the parochial schools. A good education can be obtained there. I guess they have not learned from the liberals like you. Pay them more. Judeye, do you think money in govt solves all things ? especialy now with the govt taking a huge chunk out of the private sector.Gracious me, liberals get it backwards everytime.

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Jun-18-13 10:27 AM

hey cronig chimed in. say cronig, where does the govt money come from. for the unmpteenth time,i am not collecting anything. All the facts i wrote and cronig comes up with the shopworn answer, the govt employee. Learning challenged cronig ?Hey libs, look at what the dumb govt employee did in schools . they are gun free zones. Now that has worked quite well lately, eh liberals? Judeye and cronig, we need some more of your so called facts ! More govt program answers,eh cronig. all these learned liberal answers i read here. how did i grow up without the sacred govt employee ?

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Jun-18-13 10:33 AM

In simplest terms for judeye and cronig. Who pays the taxes for your sacred programs. Who invented the world we use and take for granted . Cronig we need your answer here. Why it was private enterprise. I can imagine what the early settlers said when they arrived . where is the govt employee ? Liberals, you got it backwards. The govt did not invent anything. It was the other way around. what else could clueless liberals say though ? The govt did it. Nope, private enterprise did.

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Jun-18-13 2:30 PM

Wait I have the answer to all the Worlds problems wait for it.... Lets turn it all over to stweeney ! ! ! ¥

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Jun-18-13 2:52 PM

DKexpat-That was Judeye making the comment my friend. How could you,I mean how could you do that to me? LOL

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